Coffee Grows Where On Earth

Coffee grows Where ?

Coffee Grows Where On EarthCoffee  !!! awesome beverage that keep us awaking and going everyday, believed it ? do you know where coffee grows? How coffee plants look alike? . Truth is coffee are actually berry and cherries  seeds processed into coffee bean by roasting into Black roasted seed….. . Any Idea where Coffee grows ? they are grow on the equatorial region , some geologist or botanist what ever call it the coffee Belt zone.There are over 70 country located in these zone ( North America / Latin America / Africa/Asia / Oceania / Australia etc ) growing coffee plant, the 2 most commonly grow coffee plant are Arabica and Robusta . Believed it or not Coffee is the second largest commodity  heavily traded after crude oil …So For coffee Lover like you and me , before taking a good sip, knowing where coffee grows is important.

World of Coffee

  • Coffee grows in Africa :                                     Ethiopia / Kenya / Tanzania / Rwanda /Burundi /Uganda /Malawi
  • Coffee grows in Asia / South East Asia:      India /Sumatra /Sulawesi /Java /Papua New Guinea / Australia /Thailand/Vietnam /China
  • Coffee grows in South America:                  Brazil / Columbia /Bolivia /Peru /Ecuador /Guatemala /El Savador /Costa Rica/ Panama
  • Coffee grows in North America                       Mexico/Puerto Rico / Hawaii /Jamaica/ Dominican Republic/Cuba

How do Coffee grows?

There are 2 major species of coffee grow around the World ,( Arabica) and  (Robusta )

Mainly Coffee are grown in mountainous area,due to its growing nature habitat , human labor are used to hand pick and harvest every single cherry fruit produced by the Coffee Plant , as it will be impossible for machine to access the route.


The Features of Arabica:

  • Originated in the Southwestern of Ethiopia.
  • Can grow either in bushes or grow as tall as 9 to 12 m in the wild.
  • Glossy Dark Leaves.
  • Seeds contain in drupe ( cherry by means), when matured turn into bright red or purple .
  • Ideal average temperatures range between 15 to 24ºC for Arabica
  • Mature Period  : 7 Years to fully matured
  • 1.0–1.5 meters (about 40–59 inches) of rain yearly
  •  75% of the total for world coffee production.

Arabica Plant

Usage Of Arabica Seeds

  1. Making and brewing Coffeee.
  2. Create into Supplement for Weight Lost
  3. For Cosmetic Industry to protect and repair burn  or damage skin
  4. Reduce aging and wrinkle of Skin
  5. Nourish and protect Hair and Hair Scalp
  6. Produce into Arabica Oil


Feature Of Robusta:

  • Originated from upland forests in Ethiopia, robusta grows indigenously in Western and Central Africa from Liberia to Tanzania and south to Angola.
  •  The Robusta plant can grow from 5m/16ft . In order to controlit from growing farmer need to clip and prune its branches routinely.
  •  Seeds and outllook appearance of Arabica and Robusta are almost the same only differ by taste and aroma .
  •  Robusta , requires a warmer temperatures of 18°-36°C and  more rainfall (2200-3000 mm/yr) than Arabica.
  • 25% to 30% of the World Coffee production are Robusta.

 Usage Of Robusta :

  • Robusta Usages are same as Arabica seeds.

Robusta  Seed Hair Loss Prevention.

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