What is Red Eye Coffee? Red Eye vs. Black Eye vs. Dead Eye

Nobody said no to coffee in the morning. But what about the nights! What if you need to keep your eyes open for the whole night? What if you had a sleepless night and you have to keep awake the next day too?

This is when we recommend you go a little extra on the espresso shots. More than a regular hot cup of coffee, a cup of Red Eye coffee can be your savior! If you still don’t know what it is, we will tell you!

So what is red-eye coffee and how many shots of espresso are there? Learn more about it and the other similar types of coffee!

What is Red Eye Coffee

Red Eye Coffee Described

Not all coffee is made with only one sort of combination. And this is where the Red Eye coffee comes in. Appropriately, Espresso is added to normal drip coffee to make a new sort of coffee named Red Eye coffee. If you have tasted a lot of coffee yet you don’t know the name of this one, you might have known it by a different name.

Yes, in different areas, this is known differently. But the mixture is done almost in the same way. If you compare this one with the fancy Italian coffee, you can easily understand that the Red Eye coffee doesn’t require any sort of milk frother. Before you learn about this coffee, you have to check out the French Roast vs. Italian Roast so that you can understand how dark each of them is compared to this one.

Number of Shots in Red Eye Coffee

There is confusion regarding the Red Eye coffee because of the number of shots. In some cases, if you order Red Eye coffee, they will add a double shot. And it is called Red Eye coffee there. In a few restaurants, it is named Black Eye coffee too.

However, if you talk about the traditional Red Eye coffee, there’s not double shot there. Only one shot of espresso is added there. Along with this, drip-brewed coffee is added. But mostly, these days, the coffee shops will serve you double shots and not a single shot. No matter what, it is going to keep you awake the whole night!

Caffeine in Red Eye

If you have ever had the Starbucks Red Eye caffeine, you know the kick it gives you from the inside. In short, Red Eye coffee refers to something stronger than the regular ones. When you order it, you will see the classic Espresso drink but it will contain drip-brew coffee.

Whenever you go to a cafe and order a Red Eye coffee, it refers to more caffeine than usual. The barista will come with a drink that includes more caffeine to reduce your weariness. Here, we will give you an easy idea of how much caffeine and other ingredients are in a cup of Red Eye coffee.

Caffeine Measurement

A cup of 8 ounces of Regular Coffee which is 95 mg of caffeine is added to one shot of Espresso containing 64 mg of caffeine. So, in total, you get an amount of 159 mg of caffeine. On the other hand, if you are relying on another shot of espresso that includes 64 mg of extra caffeine added to the regular coffee, you will get 223 mg of caffeine in total.

And finally, for the third shot, and added 64 mg of caffeine will be extra here. So, the eventual result will be 287 mg of caffeine. While making the Red Eye coffee, coffee beans with high caffeine is more recommended because it needs to keep you walking!

Not only this, it can keep you awake the whole night! This will be a great answer to – does coffee make you sexually active? Thank us later!

The Confusion: Red Eye vs. Black Eye vs. Dead Eye

Now that you have learned that Red Eye is the mixture of one shot of espresso and drip-brewed coffee there will be confusion because there are two other ones available by similar names. Yes. We are talking about the Black Eye coffee and the Dead Eye coffee.

Black Eye Coffee

Let’s start with the Black Eye one. In short, Black Eye is the combination of drip-brewed coffee with two shots of espresso. The name was given by the face of the coffee. When you add two shots of espresso to the coffee with cream, you will see a black circle on top of your coffee. This is how the black Eye coffee was named!

Black Eye Coffee

Dead Eye Coffee

On the contrary, there is the Dead Eye coffee that can create confusion too. Let’s be precise here, all you need is three shots of espresso. So, Red Eye coffee is for one shot, the Black Eye coffee for two shots, and the Dead Eye coffee for three shots-it’s simple! First of all, before you order this, you must know that this is a deadly combination of coffee.

The amount of caffeine is too much here. In short, this much caffeine will sort of shut all your primary organs. And this is where the name came from-as your organs are almost shut down, you are almost dead! However, if you are okay with the high concentration of espresso shots, you can go for it! If you haven’t slept the night and you have to work the whole next day, you can rely on this one undoubtedly.

Dead Eye Coffee

Names of Red Eye

As we have already told you, this coffee is popular by different names. Let’s learn about the other names of this coffee and know if you have had it before or not!

  • For a single shot or a double shot, it is very common in the Pacific Northwest to call the Red Eye coffee “shot in the dark or “double shot in the dark.”
  • It is also common as hammerhead! Yes, HAMMERHEAD!
  • You might have heard about it as Sludge Cup. It’s common by this name in Alaska.
  • Most people know it as Wellard Coffee. This name is popular in Whitemoor Mine.
  • Another name of this Red Eye coffee is Mondo. The name is given by the USA’s Northeast Coast people.
  • Just like the Pacific Northwest, the Red Eye Coffee is also named in the name manner in Southwest. It is Shot in the Dark as we told you before.
  • In Canada’s Vancouver, it is called Double Drip too!
  • In Northern California, people call it Train Wreck.
  • The Red Eye coffee is named Oil Spill in the Ulysses, Kansas.
  • Stick Eye is too the name of the Red Eye coffee in Portland’s Horse Brass.

Wrap Up

Keeping awake for the work the next day or the exam is not tough anymore! All you need is a shot of espresso in your coffee to make it a Red Eye coffee and pass the day! Or else, you can double the shot, making it Black Eye or a third shot transferring it into Dead Eye to ensure that you don’t sleep no matter what! Before you go for it, make sure you are measuring the amount of caffeine so that you do not feel bad. These are not the coffee you should drink every day. So, make sure you go for it only when you need it!

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