Step By Step Milk Texturing And Pouring

Step By Step Milk Texturing And PouringThere are lots of baristas out there who are having a hard time when doing latte art. There are many good reasons why latte art should always be perfect so that every customer would have the chance to experience one of a kind latte that would make them decide to try another one. This is also one of the ways for attracting great number of customers to try what they offer. In addition to that, latte art would also make customers have fun while they are tasting the delicious latte. Most baristas think that pouring pretty with poorly textured milk would make the job a successful one. Below are the step by step milk texturing and pouring.

A kick off start

Good environment is one of the factors that affect the process that is why it is a must that you should choose a place where all the things are in your control:

  • Make sure that you should always have the materials needed like cold and clean pitchers.
  • Put in mind that the colder is better but make sure that it is not frozen and use cold milk that is fresh from 4 to 7 degrees Celsius.
  • There is a need to invest for milk thermometer because this will help you control the needed temperature. Milk must be aerated or stretched that ranges from 35 to 40 degrees then when steamed not greater than the temperature that ranges from 65 to 70 degrees then you just only use thermometer until the time when you can now control the temperature by your touch.
  • The next thing to do is, after using the jug for texturing the milk, make sure to wash, rinse, then chill that again.
    There is also a need for the steam to purge before using it in order to prevent water amount going into the milk.
    Pressure of the steam wand should always be consisted and has little amount of moisture knowing that too much amount of water can affect the textured milk’s quality.

Make sure that you will work an area that is conducive for doing the job to avoid waste of time and effort when the task is not successfully done. There is always a need that the machine quality should be monitored and choose the one that you are comfortable with. Familiarizing with the environment is the best way to become comfortable in doing the work and it is also needed to find your style and rhythm for the work to become successful. Consistency is a must because this is the main ingredient for producing a great coffee.

The best technique for pouring

Before trying to do the latte art, there is a need to master first the texturing of your milk. This would be the sign that you are now ready to do the next step. In order to have a textured, silky, and smooth foam, you should not rush the way you pour the milk, you should let the milk have the time that is needed then ensure that the milk’s surface is polished beautifully. In the process of pouring, you should pay attention to the cup’s tilt as well as the jug and ensure that the two are always straight and most of all there should be a milk’s stream that is steady. It is important to consider that the angle and speed of pouring wherein the way you hold your cup is one of the best way to determine whether you have a bad or good pour. Begin in a height which is 5cm then end up above or against the cup. Start pouring slower and speed a little bit and jug should be dropped halfway the pour and this would merely depend pattern that you are going to pour.
When you are learning the pouring process, put in mind that there is no need to wiggle it at all. Just give attention on speed controlling, heights, and angle where you pour. This would give you an assurance that you would perfect the best technique for pouring for a perfect result.

The last stage

Baristas have their potential for creating the best tasting and one of a kind latte art that they can be proud of. On the other hand, it is very much important to consider that this needs great skill as well as energy that would merely come from experience, patience, and time. But, if you are passionate enough on what you are doing there is an assurance that would have the perfect latte art that you are dreaming to achieve. This would give you a feeling of sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue doing what you have started.
When you are just beginning always remember rule “less is more” as well as stick on what the basics are. Baristas have the chance to pour little of their own personality on surfaces of coffee that they make. It is also needed to consider that every person is unique from one another that is why you should always understand that they also have their own taste when it comes to coffee and have their own expectations on what great coffee is.
Perfect latte art comes from baristas passion, dedication, and willingness in making it. This is not an easy task knowing that there are lots of things to be considered such as the materials, ingredients, environment, and the proper mind set of the one doing it. If all of these things are given much attention, there is assurance that you would produce a very delicious and unique kind of coffee that would make you satisfied and complete.
Coffee tasting would become fun and exciting if art is included when it comes to its preparation, process, and presentation. This would let you to know what the essence of real coffee is and at the same time taste not only a delicious coffee but also a kind of coffee that is worth the next try.

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