Side Effects in Coffee

Side Effects in CoffeeSide Effect In Coffee? Coffee is the beverage preferred by so many people worldwide. Many of us do not start the day without a cup of coffee. Still, too much of anything is harmful, and coffee does not make an exception. And not very many people are aware of the side effects coffee can have, in case it is abused. Since coffee contains a stimulative substance, named caffeine, it can also become addictive. The more coffee you are used to consuming, the more you will need to drink to feel any effects. It is like the body becomes immune to the caffeine’s effects, requiring more to feel that particular twitch. So starting to consume it in very large quantities will lead to a series of unwanted side effects. Also, a person that is dependent on coffee and suddenly decides to stop drinking will feel the side effects in Coffee, it will experience withdrawal symptoms, just like the case of any drug.

Side Effect In Coffee and its effect to your health

So, what can happen if one exceeds the daily dosage when side effects in coffee kick in? Too much coffee will almost immediately make you feel restless and anxious. Your heart rhythm will accelerate, and you will feel like not finding your place anywhere. And such a sensation can be exhausting. Also, it can cause stomach issues, like pains in the abdomen and indigestions. In case the side effects in coffee when consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, repeatedly, it can be the cause leading to ulcers. In some instances, when the stomach can become very irritated, it can lead to nausea and even vomiting. High amounts of coffee will also increase blood pressure, leading to headaches, ringing sounds in the ears, fast breathing, rapid heartbeats, and a state of agitation.
But there is even more than just feeling restless when drinking coffee. For instance, coffee that is unfiltered had the property of rising the bad cholesterol levels in the body. The LDL, or low-density lipoprotein and triglycerides, other types of fats found in the blood, can record an increase in quantity. Thus, the risk of developing heart-related issues and illnesses is higher, especially when you have a family history of heart diseases. and side effects in coffee will kick in for frequent drinker The usage of a coffee filter will reduce the side effects in Coffee , as it will retain a part of those unhealthy fats contained by coffee. Also, people suffering from heart diseases or a high predisposition to such diseases, should be careful in consuming coffee. Large quantities of coffee, for instance reaching 5 cups per day, may have severe adverse consequences. Since too much coffee increases the heart rate, it may be overworked, and complications may appear due to side effects in coffee.

Side Effect In Coffee and its Risk Factors

Still, even if a person does not exaggerate with the consumption of coffee, there might exist the risk of suffering from a heart attack. This may happen in the case of people that are occasional coffee drinkers, not exceeding one cup per day. Due to their high predisposition to developing heart issues and of the fact that their body is not used to coffee, being more easily agitated by the beverage, the risk is increased within the next hour after consuming coffee. In case you heard about coffee enemas, you should know that they are not safe at all. Coffee should never be administrated that way, as the high absorption of the substances contained by the beverage, with the help of the intestines, will lead to severe side effects. In the worst cases, even death occurred.
In the case of pregnant women, or the mothers that breastfeed, caution must be taken when consuming coffee. The Side Effects in Coffee can be avoided , if only  maximum number of 2 cups should not be exceeded, in the case of coffee with caffeine content. It would be recommended a lower dose, though, to avoid any unwanted effects. To have an idea about the limit dosage a mother can ingest, you should know that an amount of 200 mg of caffeine per day is more than enough. If this daily dosage is exceeded, consequences like miscarriages, premature births, or birth with a low weight of the baby can occur. Thus, expecting mothers should always be careful not to consume too much coffee, as the previous risks grow together with the amount of coffee they introduce in their bodies. In the case of breastfeeding mothers must understand the side effects in coffee, 1 or 2 cups, at most, of coffee, may remain in the safe zone. Still, let us remember that everything the mother consumes will be transmitted to the baby through her milk. Thus, a large quantity of caffeine may cause problems of the baby’s digestive system and create sleeping disorders and irritability.
Coffee, combined with several health disorders, may aggravate them or even create new unwanted complications. For instance, in the case of people suffering from anxiety, it may enhance this illness’s symptoms. The same happens in the event of bleeding disorders, as coffee may, due to the increase of blood pressure, will make the condition even worse. In the case of people suffering from diabetes, it was proven that caffeine from coffee may change the way these people process sugars. It also may influence the quantities of sugar found in the bloodstream, so it is highly advisable to monitor closely your sugar levels if you have diabetes and need to know the side effects in coffee towards your health. In those situations when, from various cases, you have diarrhea, it is not advisable to drink coffee. The caffeine content of the beverage will only worsen your condition and will lead to a more severe dehydration.For people who chronic medical treatment should be educated with knowledge about side effect in coffee.

Side Effect In Coffee related to Bowel Movement

For people with the irritable bowel syndrome, coffee should be consumed with precaution, and never on an empty stomach, as it may worsen the symptoms related to this disorder. It is not advisable to drink coffee if you have glaucoma. Due to the increase in blood pressure after drinking the beverage, the pressure inside the eye will also grow. You will be able to feel changes in the next 30 minutes after having caffeine, and the discomfort may last up to one hour and a half. Coffee is also not recommended for people with fragile bone structure or osteoporosis. The drink will eat the calcium necessary to maintain the bones strong, making them more prone to fractures. In this case, coffee should be consumed in small quantities, and calcium supplements should be taken, to replace any unwanted loss of the mineral.

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