Puerto Rico Coffee

About the Coffee ?Puerto Rico Coffee

  • Puerto Rico first coffee plant was brought in by French.
  • The second stories version told that coffee was introduced by Spanish dating back to Columbus expedition to South America.
  • Puerto Rico Was once the Largest Coffee Exporter in the World to Europe during the 19th centuries.
  • Now coffee lovers can barely found any Puerto Rican coffee in the world market , as domestic demand out strip production.
  • The Fall of Puerto Rican Coffee is due to few factors  (1) Lack of Coffee Picker (2) Brutal Hurricane and Climate (3) Over protected Coffee Market

Puerto Rico Coffee

Where it is grown?

  • Adjuntas / Jayuya / Las Marias
  • Cordillera

Species Of Puerto Rico Coffee ?

  • Arabica / Robusta / Pacas
  • Bourbon / Catuai/ Sarchimor Limani / Catimor Pediment

How does the Coffee taste Like?

  •  Nutty , Sweet , cedar and mild acidity  taste.

How much is the cost for a Puerto Rico Coffee ?

  • It will cost you around 11 dollar per pound

Puerto Rico Coffee

Harvest Season for Cuba Coffee?

  • August to March

World Ranking?

  • 50 th Largest Coffee Producer in the World

Puerto Rico Coffee Coffee Facts?

  • The Country only export 4 million pounds of coffee per annum a fraction of 60 million pound during its peak at 1800s
  • Inmate and migrant worker are brought in to substitute the lack of coffee picker man power.
  • Due to Labour Shortage  and political instability nearaly half of the crop produce are unharvested .
  • Majority of the Coffee Farm ae located at the central mountains from Rincon to Orocovis .
  • The Puerto Rican Coffee are the most expensive coffee just behind Blue mountain Coffee and Kona Coffee due to its high production cost.
  • The taste can be determined by the medium of roasting time full bodied, roundly sweet, with low but vibrant acidity.

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