How to Program Cuisinart Coffee Maker 14 Cups?

With Cuisinart Programmable coffee maker 14 cups, you will be able to change the coffee game forever! No matter you like to go for a bold taste or you want a regular cup of coffee, this maker can provide you that.

With permanent filter, water filter, programming, proper control of brew strength, and auto-shutoff, this one is leading the marker. But learning how to program it can be complicated!

As this one is a programmable coffee maker, you surely have questions regarding how to program the Cuisinart coffee maker 12 or 14 cups. So, here we will describe it in steps. Take a look!

program Cuisinart Coffee Maker 14 Cups

Cuisinart Coffee Makeup Programming

Setting the Clock

The first step of programming the coffee maker by Cuisinart is to go through the clock and set it. How to do it? Let’s learn!

Step 1: Press the Power Icon

If you take the coffee maker and plug it in, the on/off switch will illuminate. Along with this, the time 12:00 will illuminate too. First of all, you have to press the on/off switch or the power icon. With this, you will be able to see several options and then choose among them according to your preferences.

Step 2: The Hour and the Minute

Now that you are seeing various options after pressing the power icon, it is time for you to set the minutes or hours. There, you will see two options called HR and MIN. HR refers to hours and MIN refers to MINUTE here. All you have to do is press any of them that you desire. In this case, while pressing, you have to hold the button for 2 seconds. After holding it for a few seconds, the clock of the device will start flashing.

If you want to scroll down faster, you have to hold the icon down. In this way, you can go through the digits quickly and select the one you want. Here, you can also decide to go for the touch and release method. This is for the one-digit at a time method. After a while, you will see the desired number there. If you are planning to set a PM time, you must certify that the PM indicator is set properly.

Step 3: The Clock Display

At times, the unit remains idle. What should you do then? In that case, you have the power to see the display of the clock. You can keep it on or you can switch it off. In that case, you have to hold the MIN or HR button for 3 seconds. When you go through this method, the clock display will be switched off.

And repeat the process if you are planning to turn on the clock display. Press it again for about 3 seconds. Programming this device is easy but if you want some additional features, you can also go for the Black & Decker coffee makers.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Programmable Coffee maker

Auto Time of Cuisinart Coffee Maker

If you have used this fully automatic espresso machine before, you already know that it has automatic time-setting options. Now, we will describe how you can turn on the Auto On and how you can switch it off. Roll your eyes now!

Auto-On Time

If you want to switch Auto On, you have to go through the icon of Auto On and press it. Here, certify that you have held it for a while. After pressing, holding it for about 2 seconds will do the work. The digital display of the coffee maker will show you at 12:00 time. This is the default time here. If you have gone through the Auto On already, it will show you the time you selected before.

Now, you have to set the clock the way we mentioned earlier. First, you have to start the brew-start time. Wait for about 10 seconds. After this period, the unit will stop the Auto On facility. If you want to stop this immediately, you can also go through Auto On to make the work swift. When the Auto On icon is illuminated, you have to understand that it is activated.

Now that you are ready, you can activate the Auto On facility with the default time settings or the previously set time. For the previously selected time, you have to get your fingers on the Auto On icon. Keep it there for about 2 seconds and release. The time will be displayed and it will be illuminated.

If you are done having the fun of the Auto-On facility, for a while or the next day, you can deactivate the Auto O. For this, you have to hold the Auto-On icon when it is illuminated. After just a bit, the light will go off. And the Auto On will be deactivated.

Auto-Off Timer

We have talked enough about the automatic switch of this direct water line coffee maker. Now, we will discuss one of the most important features, the Auto-Off facility.

To run this, you have to search for the Brew/Auto-Off icon on your device. In this case, you have to press it but keep the finger there for about some time. For this, 5 seconds will do the work for you. The default programmed Auto-Off will get stuck at 2:00. Or if you have added any previous Auto-Off before, the time will show that on the display. Now, go through the first step of the clock setting part and program the Cuisinart for shutting down. In this case, you can shut it off for about 0-4 hours. The time will be counted after the brew cycle is completely accomplished.

After you have set the auto switch-off feature, you might any day decide to switch off the Auto Time. For this, you have to keep your fingers to yourself and not touch any icon. Wait for about 5 seconds now. The Auto-Off Time will automatically be switched off after this period!

The Ready Tone

When the Cuisinart coffee maker is done with making you the perfect cup of coffee, how would you know that it is done if you are in another room? Yes, you guessed right! We are talking about an alarm. With this coffee machine, you will hear 5 beeps after the maker is done brewing your caffeine. It is called the Ready Tone icon.

But you can also decide to turn the alarm off. For this, go through the Ready Tone icon and then tap it. After this, an icon will appear on your device’s screen. There will be another icon right beside the time. And with this, there will be an X. This lets you know that the Ready Tone is switched off. And if you want to get it back, just press the same button again; it’s easy!

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Wrap Up

Learning to program this device is not as complicated as it seems. They say practice makes a man perfect. So, all you need is to not skip your coffee cup a day and start using the Cuisinart coffee maker! No matter how much you drink coffee, a Cuisinart maker will bring all the positive changes assuredly. Go through the blog to learn more!

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