Mexican Coffee

Mexican CoffeeAbout the Coffee ?

  • Mexican Coffee have grown popularity over the years since the 90th.
  • First introduce by Spanish Settler.
  • World Fifth Arabica Producer.
  • She is an emerging coffee Export Player in the Global Market, due to demand on premium coffee.
  • Though Mexican Coffee Industries export are one the major player in the world but its importance in the country was under develop.

Where it is grown?

  • Chiapas  35% of total production.
  • Oxaca     13% of total production.
  • Veracus
  • Puebla    15% of Total production
  • San Luis Potosi

There are approximately half a million small size coffee farmer which have lands less than 10 hectares of land.Among 80% of them are small coffee farm grower.

Species Of Mexican Coffee ?

  • Typica ,Novo, Mundo
  • Catuai, Bourbon , Arabica  , Robusta,
  • Catimur, Ganica

How does the Coffee taste Like?

  • Mild , Sweet , Soft and smoth

How much is the cost for a Mexican Coffee ?

  • It will cost you around 10 dollar per pound

mexican coffee

Harvest Season for Mexican Coffee?

  • August to March

World Ranking?

  • 30 th Largest Coffee Producer in the World

Mexican Coffee Coffee Facts?

  • Produce 4.5 million pounds of coffee per annum .
  • The Coffee Supply Chain Systems are under developed due to lack of investment and consolidation
  • Increase demand from the States for premium speciality Mexican coffee bean
  • Grow on the Mountains 5000 ft above sea level.
  • Coffee Berry with low acidity normally being processed using the washed method and Light roast.

Mexico have a large deposit of gold and silver. Mining is the main contributor to the Mexican Economy, later when oil is discovered there was a boom of labor moving toward the industries. During the Spanish Colonization  , the governor distribute the land ownership to wealthy influence people forcing small farmer going to the mountain this had impeded the cultivation of coffee plantation. After the Spanish left Mexico , the country was plague by political revolution , border dispute, and a collapse of economies during the 80th. Various scenario throughout the history have impeded the growth of the mexican coffee industies compare to her near by neighbour Brazil which is the largest coffee bean producer in the World.

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