How To Make Coffee Without Electricity? Top 3 Methods

How To Make Coffee Without Electricity

Coffee without electricity? Is it even possible? Many will give this expression on this discussion. Though it sounds quite impossible, it’s not that tough in actuality. In fact, by changing some of the steps, we follow with the electric process a non-electric coffee can be easily prepared.

Moreover, the non-electrical process is more comfortable comparing to many electronic methods. Want to know how to make coffee without electricity?

Here are some easy procedures for you. Choose the one you like and try it out for your beloved coffee.

Learn How To Make Coffee Without Electricity?

Among all the alternative ways three easiest remedies are provided below that works superbly in any kind of power outage situation. Just by having some necessary instruments your reviving cup of coffee with no electric power can be prepared anytime.

Check out the 3 methods below.

  1. French Press Coffee 
  2. Cowboy Coffee
  3. Instant Coffee

So, these are basically the 3 processes. Let’s get started with the full process along with the list of your necessary stuff.

1. Coffee With French Press

You don’t need many helping stuff in this methods. Here what you need to start this procedure.

make coffee with French Press

What You Needs!

A. French press Maker

This is the primary instrument in this process. If you already have the best french press maker that’s great and if you don’t get one from any nearby store or purchase online from here.

B. Measuring spoon

Measuring spoon helps to ensure the perfect quantity of coffee ground.

C. Measuring mug

You have to take water for coffee using a ceramic coffee mug or normal mug and also to serve the coffee.

D. Hot water pot

Get a hot water pot to store hot water and use later while there is no electricity to turn on your stove again.

Making Process

Once you got all the stuff suggested up you are ready to start. Here is the step by step process for you.

Step #1 

Put some hot water into the french press to warm it up. Now, remove the warm water. Put 2 tbsp of coffee grounds for each cup in the French press.

Step #2

Add some hot water, stir it and keep it for 30 seconds. It releases extra carbon dioxide and helps the flavor to be bold.

Step #3 

Pour the french press with rest of the hot water and put the plunger on it and keep it for 2 minutes.

Step #4 

After 2-3 minutes press the plunger slowly. It’s better to do it smoothly and not fast to get the extracting flavor.

Step #5 

Pour the coffee into the mug and you are done it.

2. Cowboy Coffee Method


This one is the most famous, comfortable and easy process as well. Especially, because of having no stomach upsetting acid it’s preferable the most. Here what you need to go for it.

What You Needs

A. Wood/Solar stove

Take a wood or solar stove to boil the water. You can use any one by yourself.

B. Kettle

This will help you warm up the water and brewing your coffee.

C. Measuring spoon

It measures the coffee you need.

Making Process

Here is the process of preparing your cowboy coffee without electricity.

Step #1 

Turn on the stove and keep the kettle on it to boil the water. Keep the kettle for 3 minutes on the hot stove.

Step #2

Now, add the coffee grounds into the water and keep it for 3 minutes. Cover with a lid and set the heat medium.

Step #3

Serve in a mug and put some cold water. Your cowboy coffee is almost ready.

3. Instant Coffee​ Method


To prepare the coffee, you need these three elements below.

What You Needs!

A. Instant coffee

There are many instant coffees available in shops. Just get it from there you like.

B. Mug

The mug you select will be the container to make the coffee.

C. Spoon ​​​

It helps to stir the coffee and mix well. Also measures out the quantity of the coffee powder.

Making Process

Here is the simple process of making instant coffee anywhere anytime without electricity. Check it below.

Step #1 

Take a cup of hot water in your coffee mug. Now, unpack the instant coffee and mix with the water.

Step #2

Stir very well with a spoon and give it a good finish.

Step #3 

you can add some milk powder to it for the better taste. You have done.

Wrapping It Up

Making coffee without electricity can be a fun experiment for anyone who is trying for the very first time. Besides, learning the process of how to make coffee without electricity works great in places having no electric power. No matter if you are on hiking, campaign or on a tour coffee mug is always ready.

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