Jamaica Coffee – Premium Coffee

Jamaica Coffee – Premium Coffee About Jamaica Coffee?


  • The Famous Blue Mountain Coffee shipped grow in an island in the middle of Caribbean Sea
  • The Beans are normally packaged in wooden or burlap bags.


History of Jamaica Coffee ?


  • On the Year of 1728 to 1730 , Nicholas Lawes, a former governor of Jamaica, brought the first coffee plants to Kingston and planted them in St. Andrews Parish. The first trees were descendant from the French at Martinique. All the coffee trees in Martinique (and eventually the rest of the Caribbean) descended from a single sapling brought from France. And courts and cafés of France is where this story begins.


Jamaica Coffee


Where it is grown?


  • Blue Mountain ( 2256m above sea level) / Corder of Trelawny / Manchester / Clarendon / Saint Ann .


Species Of Jamaica Coffee?


  • Arabica /Blue Mountain / Catuai
  • Grown above 3000ft  to 7000 ft above sea level.


How does the Coffee taste Like?


  •  Nutty , Sweet , Mellow and smooth taste.


How much is cost for a Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee ?


  • It will cost you around 60 to 100 dollar per pound.


Jamaica Coffee


Harvest Season for Jamaica Coffee?


  • September to March


World Ranking?


  • 44th Largest Coffee Producer in the World


Natural Habitat for Jamaica Coffee?


  • The natural environment with ample rainfall ,provide a good biodiversity for Jamaica Coffee plant to grow.
  • Majorities are grow naturally without  using  chemical pesticides ,herbicides, fertilizers .
  • Jamaica Coffee Plant, grow under the protection of its vast rain forest .
  • Jamaica Coffee Blue Mountain has its own board  to certified the agriculture product before being exported .
  • The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (CIB), the regulatory board is established to protect the quality of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.
  • The Organization will provide an official certification mark for the tested final product.
  •  Coffee offers many local farmers an opportunity to increase their income.

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