Ivory Coffee – Premium Coffee

Ivory Coffee – Premium CoffeeIvory Coffee , produce from the excrete dung of elephant, believe it or not this coffee will cost you around  US$1000 to US$1500 per kilogram .Produce in the northern region of Thailand Chiang Saen and around the golden triangle area notorious for producing drug plantation. The final product are serve in 5 star hotel and Café like Dubai , Abu Dhabi ,and some private café Parties in Europe and America.

In order to produce these Café , Selected coffee bean mainly Arabica harvested from mountainous area at a height around 4500ft above sea level. These Beans will be fed to the Tusk  ( elephant ) by Manout . Once the elephant feasted the Coffee cherry bean and excreted. The Manout will handpick and select the bean from the elephant Dung to be dried out and roasted later. There are only approximately 1kg of ivory Coffee produce out of 35Kg of Coffee Cherry Feed to the Elephant. Thus this makes it expensive for ivory Coffee.

According to expert , when the elephant consumed the cherry , while inside its stomach the Coffee cherry protein are  broken down thus removing the bitterness inside the Bean. The Final product produces a Smooth and less bitterness coffee which claim to be exquisite and possess elegant taste. But  the number of Coffee Bean which are able to be collected in the Coffee Bean are very less as most Coffee Cherry are being broken down during chewing and digestion.

Does Consuming Ivory Coffee ethical ?. Yes it does , unlike Farm Civet Coffee, which are captivated just for the means to produce poo coffee . Some part of  the revenue earned selling ivory coffee are given back for the welfare and upkeep of the Elephant. For Centuries Elephant play the main back bone of the Golden Triangle Economy for transporting timber logs. But due to deforestation, their function in these transportation economy became obsolete. Thus this cause majority of the elephant owner migrate their elephant herd to the city for entertainment demonstration purpose or be sold as pet to wealthy owners. Thus there are seriously lacks of funds for some owner or animal welfare organization to up keep the herd. The Ivory Coffee industry has opened an alternative to collect some fund from the earning to upkeep the herd.

The taste of the Ivory Coffee is described as smooth, earthy and less bitterness compare to conventional coffee. But the access to this coffee does not come in handy easily, only selected and limited 5 star hotel has the access to the source. As for in Singapore , the Ivory coffee can only be found in the club at marina bay sands, and that will cost you S$70 to S$90 SGD for a demitasse for the beverage.

What is the economic  impact of the ivory Coffee to the Local?. As for the area is notorious growing drug vegetation. The Ivory Coffee have bring an alternative income source to local native predominantly woman to increase their earnings and living standard by participating in these industries.


Consuming these Coffee does have lots of benefits. 1st its provide fund to upkeep the endangered elephant, 2nd it provide economic benefits to the poor. Lastly the sip taste good.

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