How to Use Tea Infuser Bottle for A Perfect Brew!

How to Use Tea Infuser BottleA tea infuser bottle is one of many types available today for imparting taste from tea leaves into the water. People often confuses it with a diffuser. However, these are completely different tools.

Using a tea infuser bottle is nothing hard. But for a perfect brew, there are a few matters to take care of. You need to know about time factor for infusing as well as the number of tea leaves to use. And to make all those facts a bit clearer, let’s know how to use tea infuser bottle for making a cup of delight.

Here’s How to Use Tea Infuser Bottle the Right Way.

You need to be choosey with the leaf that you’re going to use in this process. Usually, loose tea leaf works best along with an infuser bottle, so try to use that. Keep on Reading…

Start with The Right Amount of Tea Leaf.

First, you need to take the infuser out from bottle. The short strainer that comes along needs to cover your infuser. Now based on how you like your tea to taste, the measurement of leaf will vary. Usually, it should be one to three teaspoons.

If you are making green tea, then use one or two teaspoons. For white tea, it’s best to go with two to three teaspoons of loose leaf. And for a nice black tea, one to two teaspoons should be good to go. You should never try to overstuff the infuser. This can later lead to spilling your tea out. You can also have a look at the instructions on recommended measurements provided by your loose tea leaf brand.

Boil Water to Appropriate Temperature.

The next thing you need to do is boil water for making it reach a specific temperature. This is important if you want to have the tea leaf to properly infuse. Also make sure you’re using freshly drawn, cold water for this. Those who have filtered water will find even better results. For one cup of tea, you’ll need 8 oz. of water.

Wait for the water to reach its boiling point. Then remove it from the stovetop and bring a kitchen thermometer to see temperature. You should not go for overly hot water to brew tea. Give it a few minutes to cool down.

The general guideline for water temperature is something like this. To make white tea, you should have the water of 80 to 85 degrees Celsius. In the case of Japanese green tea, best temperature for water is between 70 to 80 degrees Celsius. While the Chinese green tea tastes better with water of 80 to 85-degrees Celsius. Black tea needs even hot temperatures for water, around 95 degrees Celsius.

Fill the Infuser Bottle with Water.

Now you need to pour the water into infuser bottle. Make sure it is not soaking the strainer handle but tea leaf. Use its lid cover for closing the bottle. Then you need to give it some time for infusing.

Depending on the tea you are making, time required will vary here. For white tea preparation, give it 3 minutes for infusing nicely. Wait for 1 or 2 minutes to make Japanese green tea taste fabulous. In the case of Chinese green tea, you’ll need to let it soak a bit more, somewhere between 2 to 3 minutes. And black tea will require the same time too. To make the process work faster, you can flip your bottle upside down.

Enjoy Your Tea.

Once you wait for the required time period, your tea should get a desirable color. Get the infuser and strainer out from bottle. And now you have delicious hot tea to enjoy. You can pour it in a fancy cup to serve yourself. Or simply sip it from the bottle.

Wrap up

And that was all about how to use tea infuser bottle. The world of loose-leaf teas is full of variety in taste and a lot to explore for. And getting a nice bottle infuser will make that exploration a bit easier for you. The brewing becomes simple and you get to enjoy appetizing hot drink no matter what preference you’re rooting for.

Just make sure you allow the infuser to not get drown in hugely sized leaves. And it has enough power to swell those leaves properly. So that a bad cup of tea is never the outcome of all your hard work. Also, it does not only depend on the width and size of tea leaf. The quality of infuser bottle will also matter in ending up a with a perfect taste.

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