How to Use Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrate in Different Ways!

If you want that signature taste of cold brew that’s been served at Starbucks at your home, then getting a concentrate is definitely a great idea. These are usually pretty easy to work with and offer that super-smooth taste without failing.

During the hot mornings in summer or perhaps throughout the entire week, some of us are able to keep things going thanks to our caffeine friend. And the wonderful thing about this concentrate is that you can choose any one day from whole week (for example Sunday) and make a big batch for remaining six days.

Today I’ll tell exactly how you can use Starbucks cold brew concentrate and try several recipes. Yes, you can try not just one but multiple recipes and get the daily dose of caffeine without getting bored any time sooner.

how to use Starbucks cold brew concentrate

There are Several Ways to Use Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrate!

When you have a cold brew concentrate, the number of recipes you can try is endless actually. It’s a very versatile thing that can go with your choice of ingredients. And yes, you can be quite adventurous while making those choices.

Some even love to use the concentrate for a wonderful cup of nitro cold brew drink. If you don’t have a machine for that, consider checking out the Royal nitro cold brew coffee maker. Pretty good at doing the job and also easy to use!

Now no matter how you want to use it, just make sure there’s no heating step involved with this concentrate ever. This is a terrible idea because it will drastically affect chemical make-up of the concentrate. And result in a too bitter and an astringent-like disaster.

From simply adding ice to going with rich milk and even adding other ingredients to this base for turning it into mocktails and cocktails, next I’ll be taking you to my discoveries that were basically a result of my fascination with caffeine.  Hope You Enjoy it!

Use It for a Refreshing Cup of Iced Coffee.

Now iced coffee is the most basic yet refreshing one to try with Starbucks cold brew concentrate. Just a few ounces should be enough. And you also need cold water. Not to forget the ice. And that’s it! Basic and delicious!

Some will tell you that iced coffee is their ultimate bias and putting a splash of cream is a big no. While a few actually love the addition of cream. You can choose to go, either way, it’s all about preference. If you prefer the cream, maybe add some Choco syrup as well. Skip it if even a little bit of sweet is not your thing.

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Or Maybe Go for a Warm Cup.

You might be living somewhere with a cold climate most of the time. And in that case, a hot coffee using Starbucks cold brew concentrate is the way to go. Just get a few ounces of the product into some boiling hot water. It’s simply going to add worth to the concentrate without making it scalding.

Also, you can play with the concentrate and water ratio to customize your heat preference. And by that, I mean, if you are someone who likes a pretty hot cup of coffee, then use more hot water than cold concentrate. You can use 6 ounces of boiling water with 2 ounces of concentrate.

If you are used to warming beverages, that are not too hot, then use 4 ounces of concentrate and a similar quantity of boiling water.

Also, the hot-cold brew coffee is quite consequent to make a large batch and use for entire week. It simply needs you to warm water and mix the brew.

Invite The Bubbles to Your Cup with Soda.

Another alternative to the regular iced coffee could be adding bubbly refreshment to your coffee. And that’s called cold brew soda basically. For the most basic form, you can include one ounce of regular syrup with around 2 ounces of Starbucks concentrate. And then pour it into around 8 ounces of soda water.

Go for some ice as well. Give all of these a good mix and you’ll love the blend especially during hot weathers. The flavored syrup can be of your choice. It’s simply there to add some extra oomph to the drink.

You can try other sort of inserts as well. Some like to add fresh mint leaves to glass at the bottom. And then pour the drink on top. If you love the lemony citrus flavor, then squeezing a fresh lemon juice is also a great idea.

Basically, be creative and create that unique tang you love. If you want some recommendation, then just know that cold brew soda with cream and peaches taste delicious.

Turn It into a Caffeinated Mocktail.

And the fun starts from this point, as I tell you about consuming your caffein doses in a form of mocktail. Yes, because the Starbucks cold brew concentrate is usually quite smooth, there’s no issue with other ingredients getting mixed with it. And so, you are free to experiment with a slew of other items to make something interesting. Basically, make a delicious mocktail type of beverage.

To give you some idea and the list of ingredients to try here’s what I think goes best for this purpose. Raspberry ganache and dry ice are two of the most appropriate options to go for.

Now don’t become completely insane with the mixing game. You want to enjoy that good cold brew mocktail, and being too creative might end up making a weird flavor that won’t be fascinating at all.

A very popular recipe uses 2 ounces of concentrate, some lemon juice (half of the lemon would be enough), and one ounce of regular syrup. This sour taste is just the right amount to make a cold brew taste amazing.

Not To Forget Cold Brew Cocktails.

Finally, you can try the concentrate for making some cocktail style drink with it. The specialty about cocktails is that it basically blends all sort of taste and balances them together. From being sour, sweet to spice and spirit, cocktails are loved for being a unique style of drink craft. And you can try something new with the Starbucks cold brew concentrate by using it for a cocktail recipe as well.

Coffee cocktails are not new things. If you’re into it, Irish coffee and espresso martini should be some common names to you. However, using a cold brew for the cocktail recipe isn’t a very old concept, in fact pretty new. And people are loving it!

Cold-brew coffee negroni is a complex taste that is also very addicting. And the boost of a perfectly made cold brew hot toddy is also incredible. Basically, you’ll have lots of options to try when combining cocktail and cold brew together.

Wrap Up

So, you see, using the Starbucks cold brew concentrate is possible in so many ways. The possibilities and creative touch to the concept are immense. If you love trying different zest of caffeine, then exploring multiple recipes and combinations will be a great discovery no doubt.

And if you are someone who loves bare basic taste of a cold brew alone, then the regular recipe is always there for a rescue. You Can Try Whatever Suits Your Caffeine Taste Buds!

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