How To Store Coffee

How To Store CoffeeMany individuals buy larger amount of coffee, open the packaging and make their own cups of coffee and then the unused portions are instantly stored on the fridge. These individuals may not know it, but this is actually the worst means of storing coffee. If you are investing on gourmet or premium coffee, you definitely want this to last and continue to taste delicious and fresh. In order to do this, you need to store your coffee properly. If you are interested to learn proper ways on how to store your coffee for ultimate freshness results, you better keep on reading.

Proper Ways of Storing Coffee Beans

One of the numerous pleasures in the world is the smell of freshly roasted coffee. The delicious aroma that people got to small when opening a new bag of coffee seems to be one of their favorite moments. However, freshness is the key for the coffee’s full awesomeness and delicious. To keep them fresh, proper coffee storage is vital.
One of the ideal ways of keeping whole beans or ground coffee is to keep them on pantry shelf in an airtight container away from heat, moisture and light.
How to Store Coffee Beans

The following ways can be undertaken when storing beans:

  • Avoid heat and sunlight.
  • Keep the beans in a dark and airtight container.
  • Avoid steam. Be mindful about the place where you store your coffee beans and keep these away from stoves, brewers, etc.
  • Get rid of moisture. Keep in mind that storing your coffee beans near the sink would accidentally allow water to reach the beans.
  • If you cannot brew the coffee beans within the optimum time, you better keep them first inside the freezer.

More Helpful Storage Tips

The fridge is not always the best place where you can store coffee, be it whole beans or ground even you put this coffee in an airtight container. It is not cold enough to keep the freshness of your coffee and since coffee is considered as deodorizer, this will absorb all aromas in the fridge. This will therefore display negative impacts on the coffee’s final taste.

Ground Beans

Though some considers storing their ground beans, it is more advisable not to store ground coffee. Keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Whenever possible, it is best to grind coffee just before you brew it.
  • Make sure that the particular type of grind you actually use complements your brewing system. If the coffee beans are too coarse or too tight, you will fail to obtain maximized flavor.
  • Make sure that the grinder is properly and regularly cleaned.
  • If you want to have your coffee pre-ground, you are advised to keep it at room temperature whenever possible placed in a vacuum-sealed and durable container. Make sure that the container is made of materials that will not impart unwanted flavor to the coffee.

Ground coffee is said to be dramatically affected by the humidity that also adversely affect the coffee’s flavor. You are therefore advised not to store the ground coffee beans for over a week.

Whole Beans

Ideally, to make sure that you will get the freshest cup of coffee available, avoid storing over one week worth of the beans’ time. This is not always practical, therefore if you are certain that you will have your beans longer than week, storing them in your freezer is an option. In order to prevent your whole beans from being freezer-burned, the following storage tips must be considered:

  • Storing the beans on deep freezer is a better option than storing them on fridge’s freezer because this does not get opened frequently.
  • Do not store coffee in a paper but store it on original packaging instead.
  • Put every bag on its own re-sealable and freezer-quality bag, container or jar. You can also use airtight container to prevent freezer burn. Remove air as much as possible.
  • To ensure that coffee beans are fresh, never let them stay in your freezer for two weeks upon purchase.
    Proper storage of coffee is vital in maintaining its flavor and freshness. It is highly essential to always keep coffee away from excessive moisture, light, heat and air so that the roast-fresh flavor will be maintained.Coffee beans are beautiful and decorative to look at however; you will put the coffee’s taste in compromise if you will just store coffee beans in glass and ornamental canisters found in your kitchen countertop. Such act will just let your coffee lose its delicious and fresh flavor and become stale. The most suitable storage canisters for your coffee with airtight seal are worthwhile investments.

It is also smart enough to purchase amount of coffee that is proportionate on how the coffee will be quickly used. Coffee starts to lose its freshness instantly after roasting. It is therefore suggested to buy smaller quantities. Buy freshly-roasted coffee often and purchase only the amount that you will use within the next one or two weeks. Since exposure to excessive air is the worst enemy of coffee, it is certainly a good idea to divide the coffee supplies to several small portions, keeping unused and larger portions in air tight containers.
In case you have purchased larger quantities and realized that you will not actually use it immediately, wrapped the unused portion in airtight coffee bags and store them in the freezer. Once you removed them from the freezer, it would be best not to return them. Move the coffee to a durable airtight container and then store them in a dry and cool place.

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