How to Pull God Shot at Home?

How to Pull God Shot at HomeHow To Pull Good Shot at home ,In contrary to the belief of many, it is possible to make an espresso even at home without the help of any professional barista and without the use of a barista level machine. It only needs to have the right control and understating the variables that are needed in the preparation of an espresso. You also need to keep on practicing and make a record of your progress in order to become an expert home barista.
Below are some of the things that you need on how to pull a god shot at home:


Make Use of a Grinder

In order to make a good quality of espresso, the first thing that you need is a grinder that can produce uniform and fine grinds. There are a number of quality burr hand grinders that are not going to break you the bank that will surely provide you the best grind so make sure that you only choose a high quality grinder. There are two kinds of espresso grinder, the blade grinder and the blur grinder. Blade grinder is that metal blade’s that are attached to a particular motor that spins and chop the beans up. The cuts of the blade can be control the fineness as well as the time on how long the grind will run. On the other hand, a burr grinder is a grinding wheel that moves in a non-moving surface. The position of the bean on the burr is the thing that regulates and controls the size of ground. If there is a distance between the burrs, a gap is being created in order to allow the particles that are crushed to pass on a sufficient grinded bean. Just imagine shaving each bean individually until it forms a uniform flake.

Make a Stable Temperature

Always make sure that your machine, portafilter, group head and cups are all clean and hot to touch. A temperature that ranges from 90 to 96 degrees is very important in creating a taste of palatable espresso. If ever your machine has controller of PID temperature, you should not be afraid to have some experiment because it will bring a good result.

Dialing Your Grinder

Things like bean age, characteristics and humidity will require you to adjust your grinder in order to make sure that you are keeping a pull of a perfect shot. On good way to start is by grinding a table salt consistency to either coarser of finer the grind from there.



There are a variety of baskets that come in different grams so if you do not have a scale, fill the basket that you have half way and level your grinds in order to break up the clumps with the use of a firm tap on particular hard surface. Fill your basket until a mound of coffee is created and tap it firmly again. After that, if there are any excess, scrape them off in a circular motion for a fair distribution in the gaps of the basket. If you already have a surface level, the next thing to do is to put a small mound on the center of the basket.

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