How to Make Pour over Coffee without a Scale | Ultimate Guide

If you don’t have the right scale for making a perfect cup of coffee, what can you do? In this case, you must learn how to make pour-over coffee without a scale. Is the process too tough? Does it take too much time?

All your answers are here! We will tell you the ins and outs of making pour-over coffee and that without any scale! Check it out for easy coffee making ideas!

How to Make Pour over Coffee without a Scale

Measurement of the Coffee

If you have a scale, an electric gooseneck kettle, and a pour-over coffee filter you are blessed! But if you don’t, even then your morning coffee can be incredible! While making the perfect pour-over coffee, the first job is the measure the coffee. In this case, as you don’t have any scale.

It is usually tough to measure coffee according to the volume as the coffee that we buy has different shapes and densities. However, we always recommend you get grinding fresh coffee. For this, we will tell you how to measure coffee for a perfect cup of pour-over coffee.

Coffee Beans

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Let us know how to make pour-over coffee without a scale with coffee beans. When you plan to go for the medium roast coffee, you can settle for five grams of coffee. In this case, we recommend going to whole-grain coffee for every tablespoon. In terms of measuring in a tablespoon, try to keep the measurement as close as flat to the spoon.

In either case, you might love super-light roasted coffee beans. In such situations, settle for a little more than five grams of coffee beans. When it comes to dark-roasted coffee beans, you have to be very careful about the amount of the coffee beans you are using.

Here, the difference is larger. For every tablespoon, you have to go for an average of 4 grams or so. Though it depends on your taste, this is the regular measurement of the coffee according to the roast type of the beans.

Pre-Ground Coffee

In some cases, we often settle for pre-ground coffee. In that case, things will be a little different than the usual. When you get pre-ground coffee, it is easy to decide the volume measurement of the coffee more than the previous one.

For every tablespoon, you have to get four grams of pre-ground coffee. This is the measurement of medium-roasted coffee. When you switch to the dark roast, the measurement will be a little less. It will be more or less3 to 3.4 grams. If you go for this measurement, make sure you keep the coffee leveled to the spoon and not more.

In this method, you can turn the brew recipe into a tablespoon recipe and make it perfect. However, keep in mind that the measurement mentioned here will not give you the exact result. However, this is almost the same or close volume measurement to the measurement you were asking for.

Measurement of Water

Measurement of water is pretty easier than the measurement of coffee grounds. All you need is measurement cups and you can easily measure the amount of water for the pour-over coffee! Again, we always mention that you cannot expect the exact result for volume measures compared to the scale.

And if you want plastic cups or glasses, you can easily do this job without any scale! In cases, we don’t have glasses or plastic cups. If you are going through this situation, take the cup where you are going to drink the coffee.

Fill up the cup with water and pour the water inside the kettle for making the coffee. When you will brew the coffee, a bit of water will stay in the coffee grounds. So, we suggest you get a bit of additional water inside the kettle than the coffee level you want.

First of all, you have to saturate the grounds. For this, take a bit of water on the grounds and let it stay there for about 30-45 seconds. After this, add a bit of extra water and let it drop. Keep repeating the process and pour the whole water there. All you have to do is keep doing it.

In this case, you must keep a timer around you. After pouring water for the first time, check the timer. If the time is near 2 minutes, you have to brew slower the next time. Go for a smaller amount of water in the next part. If the time is about five minutes or close, you have to pour water quickly.

Step by Step Making Pour over Coffee without a Scale

Step 1: Boil the Water

Firstly, get your hands on 400 ml of water and pour it inside the kettle you are using. The amount of water depends on the process we have mentioned above. Go through and recheck if the water you want is enough or not. Now, set the water to boil for some time.

Step 2: Measure the Coffee

If you are settling for medium roast coffee, pick up five tablespoons of coffee beans. Keep in mind that you have to keep the coffee equivalent to the upper part of the spoon; go flat and don’t add extra. Start the grinding process here.

Make sure the setting is set to medium and you are constant. When you settle for coffee ground, you have to add an extra tablespoon and another teaspoon of coffee ground. To be precise, you have to get six tablespoons with an additional one teaspoon of coffee ground for making a perfect cup of medium roasted coffee.

Step 3: Prepare the Water

Now that you are done with the measurement of the coffee, you can move towards making the coffee. Take a pour-over mug and set it over another mug. You can go for a vessel too. In this situation, you have to certify that one is larger than the other.

On the other hand, have a look at the water of the kettle. Wait for it until it is boiled. When it boils, you have to switch off the stove. Let it rest for a few seconds. It will only take 20-25 seconds, wait for it.

Step 4: Pour the Water

Now, you have to get your hands on the timer and start it. Take the water and start pouring water. First, you have to pour water to saturate the coffee beans or grounds. After this, you have to wait for about 40-45 seconds and then start pouring the water on the coffee beans or grounds again. Start pouring water slowly and fill the brewer. Make sure that the ¼ part of the brewer should be empty and the other part should be filled with water.

Step 5: Keep Pouring

You might need refilling the water if the water level drops. While refilling, make sure that you are not forcing the grinds peak out of the container. Now, you are almost done with the coffee, all you have to do is complete the whole water.

Check the timer, if the timer says that it is 2 minutes or close, all you have to do is start pouring the water inside in an aggressive manner. Pour all the water inside the kettle. Make sure the time is about 2.30-3 minutes. Now, the water will drip and your coffee will be ready! Enjoy your coffee!

Wrap Up

So, you have already learned the process of making pour-over coffee without a scale. All you need is a bit of practice now!

Comment below on how you make your pour-over coffee without any use of scale! Share your secret recipes with us!

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