How To Make Loose Leaf Tea Without A Strainer?

How To Make Loose Leaf Tea Without A StrainerHave you ever wondered how to make loose leaf tea? How about how to make loose leaf tea in a teapot?

Learning how to make loose leaf tea, or learning how to make loose leaf tea in a teapot is far more simple than others imagine. And for all of you thrifty folk out there, here’s a few ways on how we can make that tea without even using a strainer. We’re that much closer to the Earth that way!

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Checkout the methods below:

1. The Chinese Method of Gaiwan.

Simply brew your preferred tea in a mug by pouring hot water over your loose leaves. Once your tea has brewed, apply a small plate over the top of the mug and drip your tea into your favorite serving glass. While it’s not the traditional way to brew tea, it helps in a pinch when you don’t have access to a Gaiwan. A Gaiwan gets its name from the Chinese instrument used to brew tea in ancient Chinese times.

Not to be confused with a Chawan, which is a bowl used to drink tea with. Using a Gaiwan allows you to re-invigorate your leaves over and over, so this method very much lends itself to green and ginseng leaves.

2. The Coffee Filter Method

If you have a few coffee filters handy, the spare papers can act as a makeshift tea bag. You can even use your coffee maker as a tea brewing device! Load your loose leaves into the top of the machine’s filter as if you were preparing your favorite cup of coffee.

Once brewed you just remove the filter with your tea leaves inside, and all that remains is a soothing cup of tea to consume. While it may seem antithetical to use a coffee making device for your tea, the ritualistic aspect remains largely the same.

3. The French Press Method

Yes, another coffee styled method. Make sure your French press has been prepared properly by cleaning all coffee grain residue from your instrument. Remove the plunger and drop your leaves into the beaker. Pour your heated water and allow your tea to brew.

Once ready to drink, place the plunger in the beaker and squeeze the leaves down as if you were preparing a mug of coffee. Remove the plunger once more, and sip slowly. Enjoy yourself.

So that’s all from us today. I hope you have fun drinking the best tea ever!

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