How to Grind Coffee Beans – Ultimate Guide

How to Grind Coffee BeansEveryone loves taking a sip of coffee everyday especially when people come home tired from all the workloads that they are obliged to accomplish throughout the day. Instant coffee are almost everywhere. This product becomes highly in demand due to the fact that people are too busy to find time grinding and brewing their coffees even at home. A number of coffee drinkers want to be certain about a particular coffee bean type that will be used for their coffee time, that is why, many of which would still prefer to grind their favorite coffee beans that will just be stored in a tight jar for future consumptions.

However, there are some factors that may affect the flavorful taste and aromatic scent of the coffee beans when exposed to air and moist. When you open the jar of coffee, there’s a high risk that the aroma will be out in the open which can possibly result to a dull coffee experience in the days ahead.

You might be thinking that you just need to find a much tighter coffee jar so that the aromatic scent will be sealed accordingly but there’s still a possibility that you would have to open the jar to get some scoop when you need a drink. Do you have other options aside from storing it firmly? Well, there are other ways in ensuring that you will get to feel the luscious tang of the fresh coffee beans if you would learn the appropriate techniques on how to grind coffee beans.

You must choose the perfect type of grinder for more soothing coffee experience. 

There are several coffee grinders to choose from that many coffee lovers across the globe would surely get to own. A suitable grinder will definitely do wonders on your delightful coffee preference since you can guarantee that the texture, taste and aroma of the coffee beans would still be evident even after the grinding process. Your choices for coffee grinders may include:

Conical Burr Grinder

This type of grinder is the most commonly preferred by lots of espresso drinkers since this works perfectly in making such kind of coffee. This grinder enables you to consistently manage the grinding speed from a slower pace to a much faster one so you can be sure of your preferred coffee beans’ texture. One great advantage of Conical Burr Grinder is that there won’t be any stale aftertaste as the grinder’s mechanism has been designed not to overheat during the process.

Conical Burr Grinder Compared to Conical, Burr Grinder has a better speed since it can continuously spin from 15-20k per minute. You can surely get to enjoy grinding coffee beans since this is a bit fast and works well for personal purposes. Most coffee lovers prefer such grinder since this is quite cheaper compared to the two other grinders though the downside of this type is that you can’t expect a finely ground coffee beans as the mechanism does not allow to do so.

Blade Grinder

This type of grinder has been considered as the fastest among the three choices that you can easily find in the market. Blade Grinder is practically designed to revolve at exactly 30k a minute resulting to jagged ground coffee beans. You might notice some presence of fine powder-like particles as a result of the uneven grinding process and you must be cautious as this may come from some clogging mechanism. This grinder type can be used preferably in making brewed coffee since you can expect the right amount of ground coffee beans due to the high speed method of blade grinders.

When you are done with the grinding process of your favorite coffee beans, you must enjoy a cup of coffee right away so you can get to enjoy the most flavorful and aromatic taste that anyone would love to have a sip as often as possible. You need to make sure that the amount of ground coffee beans are just enough for your intended consumption.

Once you have extra servings to consume then it would be best to seal it with the appropriate container so that you can still get the same pleasure that you have felt right after the grinding. You must ensure that you have closed the lid tightly enough so that no other elements can get in and out of the container. If you are certain that the lid is already airtight then you can now store the coffee container in a much colder place like a freezer or a refrigerator so that the freshness of the coffee beans will remain intact. You must not use pre-ground coffee beans at any cost.

One of the best things that you can do to make the most of your coffee grinding experience is to make sure that you will perform the process with naturally roast coffee beans. Also, you must do the grinding process right after you are done brewing to secure the coffee beans outer layer are not yet open to many unwanted elements. In doing so, you can guarantee that the coffee extracts plus the essential oils will be entirely preserved during the process so you can look forward to a much pleasurable flavor that you have always love in a cup of coffee.

You must not fail to notice the exact period of time that you should grind your coffee since this is the most crucial part in ensuring the desirable outcome of your coffee taste. Once you are in the process of grinding, you have to consider a lot of factors to make certain that everything will fall to your liking after the grinding. You must incorporate your brewing method as well as the coffee grinds to the most accurate grinding time so that the end-result will have to meet the standard of your coffee preference.

You must weigh the right amount of coffee grinds that you are planning to consume for better grinding results. During the process, you can anticipate that the volume will become much lighter compared to the original value since there would be some contents that will be lost along the way. In this case, you need to be keen in observing how much weight of coffee you would need so you can get your desired output.


If you want to make certain that you will truly enjoy your cup of coffee, you must invest time, effort and patience so that you can get a pleasing end-result. You need to learn the basics on how to grind coffee beans that are presented to you in detail through this article.

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