How to Decorate a Round Coffee Table | Step by Step

How to Decorate a Round Coffee TableDecorating tables are fun. And when it comes to the round table where you are going to enjoy your every morning coffee, it must be exquisite. But working with a round platform is not so easy. Do you know how to decorate a round coffee table?

If you have around coffee table, today, we will help you out embellishing it with proper method and objects. So, let us begin!

Step by Step Decorating Coffee Table

No matter you have a round coffee table made of glass or just a rustic coffee table in round shape; we will help you make it gorgeous!

Divide the Layers

If you want to know about how to decorate a round coffee table, the first thing you have to do is to divide it into different parts. As your table is round, if you keep the elements here and there, it will look chaotic. Dividing the rectangular or square tables is easier because you can simply draw a line. However, round tables are complicated because you cannot divide it into equal parts drawing a line.

But that’s what makes it more attractive. So, when you plan to decorate the round coffee table, to divide the table equally, you have to settle on triangles. Dividing it in three equal triangles, you can easily start decorating every triangle.

These triangles will provide you the dimension you need on a round table. It is amazing to get triangles on a circle platform and work it with, isn’t it? All you have to do now is get the objects ready to place them in its right place!

The Major Highlight

To decorate the table, first of all, you have to start with the major highlight of the table that is going to take most of it. You can start with adding a vase on your coffee table. As the table is round and not to large, you can go for a small vase. Fresh floral with give a vibe of aesthetic. On the other hand, the greenery will bring back the nature inside the house!

It will end up making the whole table look lively and fresh. It also will provide you the space to work around it beautifully. If you are not a vase person, adding a jar can also help you here to make it pretty. People that are into art will love to add sculptures on their coffee table to make them feel alive. However, we always recommend adding flowers because it can provide you the breath of life while enjoying your morning coffee.

Go Layers after Layers

If you add too many stuff on your coffee table, it will look chaotic. Would you like to have a coffee on the table that has too many stuff on there already? You wouldn’t like it! As so, keep only the necessary and artistic things around you so that you can enjoy the view without feeling chaotic. Here, it is better than you rely on dividing the place into three different parts.

As we have talked about the triangle before, you already know about the three parts. Now you have to work with the three parts and place the objects you want to for making the area look wonderful. You can break the parts with the help of stacking books too. If you do not ready books much, you can settle for a rectangular tray. We recommend rectangular tray here because the coffee table is already round. And if you go circles in circles it might not look good.

However, if you are confident enough, you can add whatever you want. From this tray or the books, you can layer your coffee table with bowls and beads to make it prettier. You can also rely on some other textured accessories to add textures here. All you have to do is focus on filling the blanks of the table. Also, don’t forget to play with the height of the objects. For this, attaching some sculptured objects will be an amazing thing to do!

Decorate the Bottom Tire

Bottom tiers of a coffee table can provide you more space to work on the art. As you get more space, you can use other objects to decorate that place too. However, keep in mind that you have to keep the balance between the bottom tier and the upper portion of the table. If you add too many objects on both of the places, you might end up having a very messy round coffee table.

So, it is better to avoid chaos and confusion and focus on keeping things organized and reasonable. Also, turning all the objects into one art is a tough thing to do. If you do not keep balance between the objects you use here, all the things on the table will float around keeping no synchronization. So, when you are here to decorate the bottom tier, you have to be very creative.

Go for groupings of objects that will be considerable enough to ground the round table. To avoid the disarray, you can simply divide the bottom part of the table into two different parts. These large two portions of the table will include objects that are larger than the previous ones. Select the ones that are large enough to be visible. Small objects can make it look more chaotic.

Move and Observe

Now that you are done with adding all the objects you wanted to, you can simple take a look at the whole thing. The best thing you can do is to observe the whole setting and check it is looking like one art or not. If you end up seeing that the things here do not synchronize together and it is not looking like a whole art, you have to add and reduce objects you have added in your round coffee table.

Also, it is necessary to rearrange the same objects again and again so that you understand how they are looking better. You cannot come up with the ultimate result unless you have rearranged it again and again and seen what’s better. Better things never come easy, my friend. Take your coffee cup and set it there to look if it is looking better or not.

If you don’t find it nice, you won’t feel it nice too! So, take a walk and check again. Once you have the spiritual satisfaction, you are ready! All you need to do is go to the kitchen, make a cup of hot coffee and come back to the place to celebrate your victory. A little appreciation doesn’t hurt, does it?

Wrap Up

Now that you have learned how to decorate a round coffee table, you are ready to go for it and try it! If you have one, clean it up and redecorate it. It will surely create a new-fangled aura. Don’t forget to comment below what you add more to the coffee table. Also, share your experience after trying these steps.

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