How to Clean Stainless Steel Coffee Pot with 6 Easy Methods

How to Clean Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

A coffee lover will have a separate time dedicated to his or her drinking sessions, exploring different bean options, trying new flavors, and of course, maintaining the equipment that helps them get their regular coffee supplies.

Those who own a stainless steel made coffee pot will look for cleaning ways that do not degrade the material’s quality. And at the same time, ensure longevity. Unless you are okay with spending money on buying new coffee pots every year.

I’m guessing you don’t want that. And so, here’s something serious to know about how to clean stainless steel coffee pot.

Let’s Talk About Some of The Best Ways on How to Clean Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

Cleaning the stainless-steel coffee pot isn’t rocket science for sure. However, there are certain things that are good to know for better results and long-lasting service of the pot. Below we will focus on various solutions for cleaning stabiles steel made coffee pot. So that you can have the freedom of choosing which solution fits best for your case. Here We Go!

1. Get the Burnt Coffee Gunk Out

Often the gunk inside the coffee pot is very hard to get rid of. It comes from excessive burning and so, the stainless-steel carafe gets stuck with this. You can use this method that requires only half an hour to clean the trouble off.

You’ll need dishwasher pod and water for this. Bring a tea kettle and pour water into it. Now put it over stove and set the high flame. You want to get the coffee pot and place it over sink with dishwasher pod inside.

You can use a cascade for this. As soon as water starts to boil, bring it off the stove. Now you need to pour hot water inside the pot until it is all full. Let water sit inside the pot for half an hour. Next swish soap and water around the pot. Finally, pour soapy liquid out and rinse the pot with clean cold water. All the gunk that was sticky should be gone.

2. The Mild Cleansing of Baking Soda

You can use power of a very common household ingredient to clean the stainless-steel coffee pot. I’m talking about baking soda. It’s an excellent agent to break down the dirt as well as grime. Also, it’s going to be the perfect mild abrasive thing that will act gentle enough for stainless steel.

You can use this for thermos and mugs as well. Here you’ll need a bottle brush, some warm water and one cup of baking soda. First, pour the ingredient into pot. Then fill it with water completely.

Use a bottle brush to provide a nice scrub inside the pot. You want to focus on all parts while doing so. Finally, rinse the dirty liquid inside with clean water. And your pot should be ready to use again.

3. Salt Scrubbing Method

For this method you will need table salt from your kitchen and some white vinegar. A few ice cubes are also going to be necessary here. Simply place the cubes inside pot. Next, you want to add the salt as well as the vinegar.

Now in a swirling motion, let the coffee pot move around using your hands. Do so until the ice melts of completely. This motion and method will let salt to gently scrub inside the pot. At the same time, vinegar will help to break down any hard stain. Finally, let the mess come out into sink and rinse your pot with clean water.

4. Using Regular Detergent with Water

For this cleaning method, you need the most basic stuff. Usually, you can go with this formula for regular cleaning up of stainless-steel coffee out. Your dishwasher detergent and some water are all you need.

A few squirts of detergents mixed with water to scrub the coffee through a brush is all you need to do. This should also help with hard water stains. Once you are satisfied with the cleaning, rinse it with cold clean water.

5. Get Some Denture Tablets

This method targets the hard water mineral deposits basically. These deposits are often troubling to get off when you let them to build up on coffee pot. You will need a denture tablet to easily remove the stains from pot. Bring the pot into sink and fill it half with water.

Now use one denture tablet to drop inside. Let the tablet sit inside water for a few minutes. You now need a bottle brush. Use this to scrub the problematic areas where stains are residing. Don’t forget to scrub outside and bottom parts as well. Now dump the dirty water out. Use clean water to rinse the pot well. And that should be enough.

6. Commercial Cleaners

Often manufacturers of the coffee pot will suggest you some specific cleaners to keep it maintained well. You can try buying those suggested cleaners if the pot is having a hard time with a lot of dirt and gunk inside. However, if you are choosing a commercial cleaner manually, then make sure to go with something that will not scratch the surface. It also needs to avoid any discoloration risk.

Commercial grade cleaners will be helpful to get rid of the oils that build up inside a stainless-steel coffee pot due to regular usage. Some may require you to scrub for effective cleaning. And others will require simply a coffee pot cycle to clean the whole thing nicely.

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Wrap Up

To cut it short, you have more than one method to try when it’s about cleaning a stainless-steel coffee pot. Hopefully, your concern about how to clean stainless steel coffee pot is now not there anymore and its replaced with some effective ideas.

Try these methods out according to whatever ingredient you have in your house. Or simply buy a commercial cleaner that will provide satisfying results. Good Luck with Restoring the Shine Back of Your Stainless-Steel Coffee Pot!

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