How Much Coffee for 12 Cups Mr. Coffee?

For most people coffee is a morning must have. Don’t have time to stop at your favorite coffee shop?

Let Mr. Coffee assist in your morning routine right in the comfort of your own home. Mr. Coffee is also great for offices and gatherings.

How Much Coffee for 12 Cups Mr. Coffee?

Getting Started with Your New Mr. Coffee

There are many editions of Mr. Coffee coffee makers, but a personal favorite is the 12 cup coffee maker. Usually I brew my first cup at home. Then when I arrive to work I start another pot of coffee for the office.

The first thing you need to do when preparing your coffee is check your Mr Coffee measurement chart for the coffee to water ratio.

As you can see from the chart below, you need 11 tablespoons of ground coffee and 12 cups of water if you want to make 12 cups of coffee. This is equal to 5-1/2 scoops of coffee with the provided scoop.

Mr. coffee measurement chart

How Strong Do You Like Your Coffee?

If you would like stronger coffee you need to add more coffee, but if you like a lighter cup of coffee you can use less water than recommended.

Once you’ve decided on the strength of your coffee you now have your measurements and your coffee is ready to brew. Don’t worry if you don’t plan to make coffee for a crowd, you can definitely review the Mr Coffee measurement chart to inquire the coffee to water ratio for a smaller brewing size.

How cool is it that you can make anywhere from one cup of coffee to TWELVE?!

All The Sweetness

Once you have brewed your coffee it’s time to serve the wonderful cup of magic.

Many people add sweeteners and creamer to their coffee. Some people prefer their coffee black.

Personally, I prefer sugar and sweet cream in my hot coffee. If I choose to make iced coffee I brew my coffee as normal, then let it cool off some. While it’s cooling I prepare my cup. I start with adding caramel drizzle throughout the cup. I then add about 75% ice and pour my coffee over it leaving room for my cream. Once you have a coffee pot, especially the Mr. Coffee coffee pot, the possibilities and combinations are endless.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Mr. Coffee

Having the Mr. Coffee maker in my home and office are a delight. It’s like having a personal coffee shop with me at home and in the office. If you’re considering a coffee maker, it’s definitely worth your time to check out the Mr. Coffee coffee maker. You won’t be disappointed. Mine has become a staple in my everyday life both at home and in the office. Try it!


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