Hawaii Kona Coffee – Best Coffee

Heard About Hawaii Kona Coffee?Hawaii Kona Coffee – Best Coffee

  • Its the Most Expensive coffee in the world,and the most premium coffee liken by coffee connoisseur around the world.

History of Hawaii Kona Coffee ?

Where Hawaii Kona Coffee are grown in Hawaii ?

  • Kauai – Located at the northwestern isles , at the altitude of aproximate 1550m above sea level.The Coffee are grown on the plateau at approximate 150m . 50% of of Hawaiian Coffee are produce from here.
  • Maui  – Mountainous area with high allevation grows natural organic Coffee.
  • Kona – Grows the most famous and expensive Kona Coffee,the Coffee plant are grown in an area call the Coffee Kona Belt ,a very small area barely 30 mile in area size. Coffee Plant are grown  550ft or more above sea level along the Steep Volcanic mountain which provide fertile black soil for the growth of the famous Hawaiian Kona Coffee,

Species Of Hawaii kona Coffee Grown in Hawaii?

  • Arabica / Caturra/ Catuai/ Mundo Novo

How does Kona Coffee taste like?

  •  bright and vibrant,  mild and smooth taste.
  • Taste are subjective depend on different likes of individual.

How many Varies of Hawaiian Kona Coffee and how much it cost in open Market?

  • There are 2 varieties. The 1st is the 100% Pure Kona Coffee will cost you 20 to 50 bucks per pound
  • The 2nd is a mix of 10%Hawaiian  Kona Coffee and 90% imported Arabica that will cost you maybe around 5 bucks to 20 bucks per pound depending on the process and quality.

Harvest Season for Hawaii Kona Coffee?

  • End Of August to Start of January.

World Ranking?

  • 40th to 43th Largest Coffee Bean Producer in the World.


The  ideal climate (local atmospheric climate) of Hawaii with a sunny day light and cloudy enclose provide a conducive habitat for the growth of quality Kona Coffee.This include fertile volcanic mineral on the land and fertile clay soil make it nutritious enviroment to grow Hawaiian Kona Coffee.  Even at a premium high pricing is worth buying for its exquisite quality and taste of Kona Coffee.

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About the Product

  • Blend of select coffees from Kona Moku on the Big island of Hawaii and Latin America
  • Delicate body, vibrant acidity and a soft, subtle aroma call sundrenched tropical flora to mind
  • Convenient for busy mornings or when you need an on-the-go treat
  • Kosher certified
  • Single serve cups compatible with all 1.0 & 2.0 Brewers

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