Guide to Buy Brewing Equipment

Guide to Buy Brewing EquipmentOne of the most obvious questions for the first time brewers is on how they are going to get started in making a good tasting espresso coffee. The setup of brewing equipment in our home requires a particular degree in the rocket science and some of the equipment needed is possible on your hand already. The cost of start-up will depend on the things that you already have as well as on how elaborate you desire to have. Take a look on the guide below that you can have in buying brewing equipment.

Brewing Equipment


There are a number of airlock styles that are available today in the market. A good airlock is filled with water in order to prevent potential contaminations that come from the outside atmosphere.

Boiling Pot

A good boiling pot should have the capacity to hold 3 gallons—the bigger the boiling pot, the better. High quality of boiling pot is those that are made from stainless steel, ceramic-coated steel as well as aluminum. A canning pot used at home that can handle 5 gallons is the less expensive and it is a good choice in getting started making an espresso coffee.


You need to have 48 recappable bottles that are 12 oz in size for the usual batch of 5 gallon. You can also make use of a larger bottle with 22 oz in order to reduce the capping time as an alternative. Yu should twist it off and you should not re-cap it because it can be prone to breakage. The most ideal way to find them is by making use of champagne bottle.

Bottle Capper

Bottle capper has two styles that are available, the bench capper and the hand cappers. Beach cappers are those bottle cappers that are more versatile and mostly needed for the bottles of champagne but it is more expensive compared to hand cappers.

Bottle Caps

The best bottle caps are those that are standard and can absorb oxygen of the crown caps.
Bottle Brush
The best bottle brushes are those that are long handed and with a nylon bristle brush that is very important for the hard-core cleaning of the used bottles.


A 6 gallon of a food-grade pail that is made of plastic materials is highly recommended for the beginners. These are the easiest way to work with. There are also carboys that are available which comes in 3, 5 and 6.5 sizes and gallons. A good carboy can show a blow off hose that comes with a bucket of water.

Measuring Cap

A large or a quart size of measuring cup cab becomes one of the most invaluable tools used for brewing espresso. A glass that is having a resistant to heat is the best one to have because it can be used in measuring the boiling water and it is also easy to sanitize.


Siphon is available in a number of configurations which is particularly consist of a plastic tubing that have a racking cane as well as an optional filler of bottle.

Racking Cane

A racking cane is a rigid plastic tube that has sediment of a stand-off which is used in leaving the trub behind when the siphoning occurs.

Bottle Filter

Rigid plastics or the metal tube often comes with a spring that is loaded valve at the tip of the filling bottles.

Stirring Paddle

This is a plastic paddle for food grade or a spoon that is used in stirring wort that occurs during the boiling process.


Having a good thermometer can provide safety in immersing the wort. It comes in the ranges of at least 40 degree F up to 180 degree F. The best thermometer is the floating dairy because it works very well. On the other hand, a dial thermometer can read fast but it is more expensive.

Bottling Bucket

Bottling bucket is a food grade plastic kind of pail that comes with the minimum of 6 gallons. It also has an attached spigot and a fill-tube. The beer that is already done can be racked into this for the priming in line to bottling. Racking the bucket of bottles will provide a beer that is clearer and with a less sediment in the final bottle. The spigot is also used as an alternative instead of using bottle filler. It is highly recommended to use because it allows a greater control on the level of fill and there is no hassle situations with a siphon during the process of bottling.


Hydrometer is optional brewing equipment. It measures the specific and relative gravity that can be found between the pure water and on the water that have sugar dissolved in it which floats high when it is immersed. Aside from that, hydrometer is also used to gauge the progress of fermentation by measuring a certain aspect of it and that is attenuation. Hydrometers are important in making a beer out of scratches as well as on designing recipes. It is also known for its extract quantities that usually need none but it serve as a useful tool.

Turkey Baster and Wine Thief

Turkey baster and wine thief are very useful in withdrawing the samples of wort or samples of beer that come from the fermenter without any contamination of risks as a whole batch.
The things stated above are some of the things that can help you in choosing the best brewing equipment. Most of the time, you will usually find brewing equipment at coffee shops that have a supply of these equipment.
So if you are a coffee lover or you just want to have an experiment in doing an espresso coffee, it is very important that the brewing equipment that you will buy is of the best and of the highest quality. It is in order for you to make sure that they will last long and so you can make use of it for a long time and enjoy an amazing taste of espresso coffee that you made at home.

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