Green Coffee

Green CoffeeWhile the phrase “green coffee” might be confusing to some, forcing their minds to conjure up an image of a carafe filled with java of the greenest hue, in reality, green coffee simply refers to the usage of coffee beans that have yet to be roasted.

Green coffee beans are those that are packaged in their purest, most raw form. From there, the pure, raw beans are utilized to create a green coffee extract. There are several nations in the world where green coffee is produced and the majority of them are located adjacent to the equator.

The  Beans

The beans used to produce green coffee are best grown in these areas, due to the climate. Countries that are located in Africa, South America, Central America and South Asia are the primary producers of green coffee beans. Nations that are hot, but also experience frequent rainfalls are considered prime locations to grow coffee. Increased humidity and altitude allow the coffee trees to thrive.

The Coffee is gaining in popularity and has received added notoriety in recent years, due to the health benefits it can provide. When coffee goes through the roasting process, many of the health benefits it can provide are burned away. The presence of chemical chlorogenic acid is significantly reduced.

This acid is said to have a number of helpful effects on a person’s health. Increased exposure to this acid can lower the risk of heart disease, inhibit the onset of diabetes and function as a powerful agent for continued weight loss.

One of the primary reasons for green coffee’s increased exposure in the public eye? Dr. Oz mentioned green coffee as a surprisingly effective means of weight loss Coffee on his nationally broadcast television show three years ago. Dr. Oz brought green coffee’s fat burning properties to the forefront and encouraged his viewers who were tired of excessive dieting and exercise to give it a try.

Green coffee is also said to have a positive impact on the blood vessels. When a person is experiencing heightened blood pressure, green coffee relaxes the vessels, so that blood pressure can be successfully reduced.

Research has shown that daily exposure to the coffee can benefit greatly from a compound that is comprised of green coffee extracts. Within one month of beginning treatment, users of the green coffee component experienced a reduction in their blood pressure.

Green coffee is primarily recommended as a weight loss supplement, however. Most of us are already well aware that coffee beans are loaded with helpful antioxidants, but did you know that most of the positive effects from these antioxidants are burned away during the process of roasting?

The  beans do not turn brown, in the manner that you are accustomed to seeing them, until they are processed for consumer consumption. Green coffee allows the user to maintain all of the health benefit that come from drinking coffee, without losing any of benefits that vanish when it is roasted.

Green coffee maintains its full caffeine content, which allows for users to enjoy its effects on metabolism. Studies have proven that coffee drinking boosts metabolism by as much as 11 percent, with green coffee ranking at the higher end of that particular spectrum.

Green coffee also has a positive impact on the body’s ability to absorb carbohydrates. One of the main causes for a continued weight gain is the heightened absorption of carbohydrates into the digestive tract. By using green coffee, not only is the absorption decreased, but spikes in insulin and blood sugar are lessened, as well.

Studies were also performed in mice and rats, regarding the effects of green coffee on the body’s fat content. Chlorogenic acid was shown to reduce the overall body weight, in addition to the absorption of fats.

The liver’s fat deposits are also decreased and the natural fat burning hormone (known as adiponectin) experiences heightened functionality.

The rats also improved their cholesterol levels and thanks to these studies, humans are able to learn more about how green coffee can help improve their own health. By taking supplements that are rich in chemical chlorogenic acid, humans are able to reduce their glucose levels.

Another reason so many people are turning to green coffee as a dietary supplement is due to the safety it can provide, as compared to other weight loss supplements. However, those who experience side effects from caffeine consumption are urged to tread lightly. Children and pregnant women are also urged to steer clear of green coffee and all related supplements.

It is also foolish to rely fully on green coffee to provide a lasting change to one’s health. Even though green coffee can help to reduce the metabolism of carbohydrates, glucose and provide short term weight loss, there is very little long term evidence to suggest that green coffee can be used in place of the proper dietary and exercise habits.

Green coffee is best utilized as an addition to a balanced, healthy diet, not a replacement. There are a number of great effects that green coffee users can enjoy, as long as their expectations are realistic.

Should you decide to add green coffee to your diet as a helpful dietary aid, be sure to consult your trusted primary care physician and follow all of the instructions, so that you are able to get the most out of your green coffee supplement. Otherwise, you could experience ill effects over the long term.

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