Gino Dripper Step By step Guide


  • Bring enough water to just below a boil in order to brew the coffee and pre-heat the Gino and mug/carafe.
  • Place the filter in the Gino and pour hot water gently into the center only. Pouring along the ridges could compromise the wave formation of the filter. Let the water drain.
  • Weigh out coffee and grind it medium. After you throw out the preheat water, place the grounds into the Gino.
  • Pour water, saturating all the grounds evenly, and rest for 35 seconds to allow for bloom.
  • After the bloom, pour in concentric circles up to the 1:00 mark.
  • When the slurry has drained about a centimeter, slowly pour in 50g pulses every 30 seconds or so to refill the slurry until you reach 300g total water weight around 2:30.
  • Your coffee should be fully drained and the filter removed by 3:30.
  • Sip, enjoy.

TIPS TO CONSIDER ( Gino Dripper):

If the coffee fails to sink through the grounds, your grind is probably too fine.
If your final product seems watery, your grind is too coarse, and the water is passing through the dripper without properly extracting the coffee grounds. In this case try a finer grind.
Using a burr grinder provides a uniform grind size and is one of the most important tools to making a delicious cup of coffee. Low quality grinders will have too wide of a spectrum of grind sizes which leads to over or under extraction and can make your coffee bitter or sour.

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