French Press vs Pour Over: Which is The Best?

French press and pour over brewing methods are the most popular methods of making coffee all over the world. Most of the people use these methods. But they are confused about which method is more appropriate.

In this guide, we have written about the French Press vs Pour Over method in detail which will help you to purchase the perfect one for you. So, here we go.

French Press vs Pour Over

French Press vs Pour Over: Best Manual Coffee Brewing Method

A. French Press

make coffee with French Press

People are using French presses for many years. This is an old and popular coffee brewing method all over the world. This method follows the trend and provides a bold taste of coffee. Here are some advantages of the French press method.

Benefits of French press Coffee Brewing Method

If you brew french press coffee successfully, you will get some benefits that are:

  • Rich Taste
  • Satisfying
  • Thicker
  • Strong Brew
  • Easy to Use
  • Trendy

Rich Taste

This Coffee Brewing method will provide you with a rich and bold taste. In this method, the coffee bean is put down on the ground of the carafe and then water is poured into it. To make it rich in taste it is left to steep. In order to separate the brewed coffee, a plunger is pushed down. It makes the coffee bold and tasty.


The texture of the French press coffee is more satisfying than the typical pour over coffee. It is because of its making process. It is quite different from the making process of pour over coffee. It makes the taste of the coffee satisfying. The amount of sweetness remains balanced in French press.


The French press coffee is thicker than the typical pour over coffee. The texture of the liquid is quite thicker. It will create an elegant feel inside your mouth. You will understand the difference between general coffee and French press coffee. And you will be satisfied and happy to have it. It will create an appetite inside you.

Strong Brew

People who love to have strongly brewed coffee, French press coffee is the best choice for them. It is appreciable and preferable.

Easy to Use

The making process of French press coffee is very much easy. All kinds of people can use it and using the French press makers is very easy​. This press pot requires a little bit of babysitting though it is not so difficult. The customization of the French press pot is more comfortable and you can easily control over the brewing.

​Many people think that the making process of French press coffee  is quite temperamental. But this is an incorrect idea. If you know how to put the ingredients into the carafe in a perfect ratio, the taste will amaze you.


French Press is an old brewing method and People are using it for many years. So it is a popular method all over the world. Since French press coffee has a number of advantages, you can easily consider it as the best brewing method. But is pour over method is not considerable? Let’s discuss it.

B. Pour Over

How to Make Pour over Coffee without a Scale

You cannot but appreciate the advantages of pour over method. Though French press coffee gives us a rich taste, the using process, popularity and cleaning process of pour over brewing method is quite better than the French press method. You cannot in appreciate or ignore the benefit of pour over method.

Benefits of Pour Over Coffee Brewing Method

When it times to make pour over coffee, you must get numbers of advantage like french press coffee:

  • Easy to Use
  • Cheap
  • Light Brew
  • Smooth
  • Easy to Clean

Easy to Use

Most of the general people use this method for brewing coffee all over the world. People are using it for a hundred years. The making process is fast and efficient.


Pour over brewing pot is inexpensive. Previously we have told that this method is popular among all kinds of people. This is great because of its price. In the market, you will find different size and designs of pour over coffee maker at a reasonable price.

Light Brew

The making process of pour over coffee is quite similar to the French press method. You will find the difference in making when you notice the coffee ground. In the pour over coffee makers, coffee ground sit in the coffee filters. It doesn’t come into the touch with the crowned brew. So the texture of this coffee is not strong. But its flavor is lovable. You will feel a light taste in your mouth.


If you take a cup of French press coffee, you will find a grit in taste. It is thicker and bold. But pour over coffee is a smooth flavor. Though the flavor is less bold. But many people like to have it because of its smoothness. This choice is depended upon the taste and appetite of people.

French press coffee is bitter. But pour over coffee is not bitter at all. Its texture is smooth and lighter. Pour over coffee is the best choice for you if your purpose is to brew one or two cups of coffee every day. This coffee is very much refreshing.

Easy to Clean

The grittiness of pour over coffee is eliminated. The cleaning process of the pour-over coffee maker is quite easy. You don’t need to effort much to clean the pour over makers. You can easily reduce the dirt from the coffee maker in a few minutes.

Comparison: French Press vs Pour Over Coffee

If you are thinking that which brewing method will be beneficial for you, read the above advantages of both methods properly and make a decision. Your decision should be based on the taste priority. French press coffee is strong and bold in taste.

If you have an appetite for thicker texture chooses French press method. On the other hand, if you love to have a more subtle taste, you should choose to pour over brewing method. You don’t have to brew much in this method.

Wrapping It up

From the above elaboration, you can clearly have a good idea about the difference between French Press and typical pour over brewing method. If you know the advantages and disadvantages of these popular methods, you will be able to get the best coffee in an easier and likable way.

We hope that this guide helped you to know details about the French Press method and pour over method. It will surely help you to know which one is better and appropriate for you. So, choose the best process for you. Keep a clear idea about the French Press vs Pour Over method. Use these coffee makers properly and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

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