Dominican Republic Coffee

 About Dominican Republic Coffee or Santo Domingo.Dominican Republic Coffee

  • The most highly consumption coffee nation in north America.only 15%- 18% coffee produce are exported.

History of Dominican Republic Coffee ?

  • Have a history of 2 century , well known for its name ” Santo Domingo.”

Where it is grown?

  • Barahona / Baoruco /Satiago Rooriguez / Cibao

Species Of Dominican Republic Coffee ?

  • Arabica / Caturra/ Catuai/ Bourbon /Maragogype/ Neyba
  • Grown above 3000ft above sea level.

How does the Coffee taste Like?

  •  Full  body  moderate  with  acidity, rich aroma, and earthy tones.

How much is cost for a Dominican Republic Coffee ?

  • It will cost you around 10 to 20 bucks per packet.

Harvest Season for Dominican Republic Coffee?

  • September to May

World Ranking?

  • 27th Largest Coffee Producer in the World


Most of the coffee farms in the Dominican Republic are produce by small farmer , and predominantly grow organically which produce a sweet and mild taste.So if you like purely organic Coffee Try out the Santo Domingo coffee

Dominican Republic Coffee Photo

Small wet mills called ‘beneficios humedos’.are use to process coffee using the wet-processed method, cherries are de-pulped within 24 hours, naturally fermented, washed and dried under the sun.

When Finish the coffee will be dried and pack send to dry mill and being distribute out to market or export.

There is a Dominican Specialty Coffee Association  was formed in 2001.  known as Adocafes   The  main objectives are to promote Dominican specialty and organic coffees.

Another organization is the Consejo Dominicano del Café which is  a government entity responsible for enforcing the nation’s coffee policy, with the voting participation of producers, exporters and roasters.

The Organization enforced and control the quality of the coffee to ensure there are no low quality coffee being exported out.

Dominican Republic

About the Product

  • 100% Dominican Republic Coffee
  • Imported from the Dominican Republic
  • A most unique taste and one of the finest coffees in the world!
  • Remember that vacation? Have this coffee again and remember!
  • Always Fresh

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