Is Decaf Coffee a Diuretic like Regular Coffee?

Coffee is the healthiest of all beverages. If not healthiest, the most loved- you can’t deny! But what do you think about the drawbacks of coffee? Yes, we are talking about regular coffee being stuffed with too much caffeine, being a diuretic, and causing sleep disorder?

That’s the reason you must go for less caffeine. But you can’t reduce drinking at least three cups a day- what should you do? “Wanna hear a joke? DECAF!” No, not us, that’s what Mila Stauffer said! And when she said, we felt it!

And that brings us to the decaf or decaffeinated coffee! So, is decaf coffee a diuretic like regular coffee? We have all the answers! If you are going through summer dehydrating days, learn why you should switch to decaf!

ecaf Coffee Diuretic like Regular Coffee

The Basics

What is a Diuretic?

If your food is a diuretic, your kidneys will flush additional water and sodium from your body. Regular coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, etc. that you drink every day is a diuretic. And if you drink coffee a lot, you are assuredly dehydrated.

What is a Decaf?

Decaf or Decaffeinated Coffee is also known as coffee but in the coffee beans of a decaf coffee, there is a minimal amount of caffeine. In the proper method, more or less 97% of the caffeine from coffee beans is removed. Less caffeine equals more hydration!

Is Decaffeinated Coffee Diuretic: Facts to Know

If you are searching for a short answer to if decaf coffee is a diuretic like regular coffee, then NO, decaf coffee is not! As the caffeine is extracted from decaf coffee, this is not a diuretic for your body. As a result, it won’t force you to go to the restroom again and again!

But there are other facts to think about here too! As we have already mentioned above that decaf coffee is not completely decaffeinated, there is still a little bit of caffeine left. So, in easy words, decaf coffee is not caffeine-free instead, we would like to name it minimal-caffeine coffee! With several chemicals, most of the caffeine is extracted from the beans. In this case, the chemicals are not harmful to you.

The best part is, decaf coffee does not dehydrate you instead it is considered as one of the important sources of providing hydration to your body. So, your body will not be dehydrated with this coffee at all! Along with this, it helps in reducing weight just like green tea! If you want to lose weight, all you need to do is go and check the best time to drink green tea for weight loss or a cup of decaf and follow it religiously!

Benefits of Decaf Coffee

  • When you consume decaf coffee, the chances of heart diseases get lower. Also, the loss of these nutrients ensures prevention from type-2 diabetes and even cancer!
  • Your liver will be safer with decaffeinated coffee!
  • And if you yet don’t know about the benefits of decaf coffee for weight loss, you should try it once. Use them as slimming coffee beans but keep in mind that it takes time!
  • Not too much but drinking decaf has a connection with a longer lifespan!
  • Yes, compared to regular coffee, decaf is lower in acidity.
  • Decaf is easy on pregnant women and doesn’t dehydrate!

Decaf vs. Diuretic Coffee

Caffeine Volume: Decaf vs. Regular Coffee

In a cup of decaf coffee of 180 ml, there will more or less 0-7 mg caffeine. On the contrary, if you are dealing with regular coffee, every 180 ml serving of the regular coffee contains more or less 70-140 mg caffeine.

Yes, the difference between these two is very observable. And so, you can already understand that the caffeine that regular beans lose when they turn into decaf coffee. As the caffeine is low, you can easily get that decaf will contain less dehydrating element!

Other Ingredients Volume

When the decaffeination process is done, the coffee beans don’t only lose caffeine but also lose other ingredients. In this process, 15%-16% of antioxidants from the beans are losing. As a result, you get fewer polyphenols and hydrodynamic acids. Also, there is less chlorogenic and eventuallu, this is one reason for decaf not being diuretic.

Does Decaf Dehydrate You?

We know about the amazing health benefits of coffee. Yes, regular coffee will bring more justice to your everyday life. But if you are feeling dehydrated or you have diabetes, it’s better to settle for the decaf otherwise restroom will be your home! It will assuredly take time for you to adjust with decaf. But eventually, when you will form it into your habit, you will be healthier than ever!

Wrap Up

Nothing can be more annoying than going to the restroom every time you drink coffee. What can reduce it is not drinking coffee. But for the coffee freaks, it’s nearly impossible! And to highlight the possible ways, all you need to do is get a decaf coffee in your kitchen! This coffee will take care of the balanced caffeine needs keeping you hydrated the whole day and saving your heart and liver to the fullest!

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