Cuba Coffee – Cuban Culture

 About the Coffee?Cuba Coffee – Cuban Culture

  • Cuba first coffee plant was brought in by French
  • At  once, Cuba was the Largest Coffee Bean Exporter in the world.Due to political unrest , the industry has been staying stagnant for many years.

History of  Cuba Coffee ?

  • The first coffee plant was introduced to Cuba by Jose Antonio Gelabert in 1748.
  • After the Haitian Revolution , the French Colonies abandon the land and the locals took over the Coffee production.

Cuba Coffee

Where it is grown?

  • Siera De Los Organos / Siera Del Rosario /Escambray /Guamaya
  • Sierra Maestra / Sierra Cristal

Species Of Jamaica Coffee ?

  • Arabica / Robusta
  • Grown above 3000ft  to 7000 ft above sea level.

How does the Coffee taste Like?

  •  Nutty , Sweet , cedar and mild acidity,spicy taste.

How much is cost for a Cuba Coffee ?

  • It will cost you around 40 to 50 dollar per kg

Cuba Coffee

Harvest Season for Cuba Coffee?

  • August to March

World Ranking?

  • 40th Largest Coffee Producer in the World

Cuba Coffee Coffee Facts?

  • The natural environment with ample rainfall and High Altitude provide a nourish environment to grow Cuba Coffee
  • Turquino Peak at the Height of 1975 m  provide a conducive environment to grow premium Coffee type.
  • Coffee holds traditional value and historic cultural Valuefor Cubans.
  • Dated Centuries Back when Cubans their origins as “campesinos” as peasant or slave for sugar and coffee plantation.
  • Cuba was once the Highest Coffee Exporter during the nineteenth Century.
  • Exporting 20 000 Metric Tonnes per year , majority are to Europe  and Spain during the nineteenth Century.
  • During Cuban Revolution , the government nationalization the coffee farms and cause a decline of the coffee industry.
  • The emerge of Cold War during the 60th to 70th caused a devastated impact to the whole Coffee industries until now it had never recover.

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