Best Coffee Scale Buying Guide

Coffee is the oldest all-time favourite beverage. In fact millions of people all over the world love to drink coffee because of its delicious taste and tempting aroma. Drinking coffee is not just a passion but it has also become people’s way of life. Many individuals, regardless of age, gender and status in life usually start and end their day with a cup of coffee. Drinking coffee has certainly become an intrinsic part of life of many especially those who are coffee lovers.

Coffee Scale Buying Guide

Weight Matters so you need to have a Coffee Scale

For many years, you have probably relied on table spoons when brewing or when simply making your own cup of coffee. You probably thought that what you get is actually the right amount of coffee only to find out that this is actually not. This can therefore spoil your early morning coffee habit. Doing this for years is perhaps something that you regret. Doing this tablespoon style does not really help you drink better coffee. You need to use a coffee scale. This simple change can definitely set a big difference in your brewing routines or coffee experience.

There are many valid reasons to consider weight rather than the volume and this statement is particularly true not just for coffee beans but also for other dry ingredients use in your kitchen. However, in the case of coffee beans, density and size are all important matters. When you take a closer look on coffee beans, you will notice that they are not all of the same size. Some are flat and some are round. These will never lay perfectly uniform in one coffee scoop, measuring cup or table spoon. This means that those given measures are not really accurate. If you wanted to ensure accurate measurements, you therefore need to use a coffee scale.

Good Reasons why you need to Use a Coffee Scale

It might sound a bit pretentious but each and every coffee expert or connoisseur needs a coffee scale to accurately measure ingredients. If you happen to visit a coffee shop take takes pride on their expertly crafted and prepared coffee, you will notice that they always use a coffee scale. Though this is considered by some as least important equipment to brew coffee, the value of coffee scale remains great.

You perhaps have all these common questions in mind and you are also thinking if coffee scale is really necessary. Some may be skeptical at first in getting a coffee scale and using them however, the following reasons may just change their minds:


There are given ratios which are considered excellent when brewing coffee. Most coffee brewing guides suggest using the 1: 15 ratio. Without having coffee scale to measure perfect amounts, you are actually missing out a well-balanced coffee.

Too little amount of coffee or too much amount of water will lead to over-extraction. The coffee will therefore taste bitter and you may not want to drink it. The same applies to under extracted coffee where there is too much amount of coffee and too little water. The perfectly made cups of coffee you purchase at the shop are actually made with precision and care. If you have the desire to enjoy a great cup of coffee yourself, purchase a coffee scale.


If you are fond of using table spoon, then you are a victim of a not so delicious and inconsistent coffee. The first day, the coffee would taste fine, and then the next day, it would taste bitter. What really keeps the taste changing? Well, it is the coffee-water ratio. You are either putting excessive or too little coffee which results to the inconsistency of the final cup. Being able to obtain precise measurements will make sure that the ratio of the coffee to water will not be in conflict again.


Coffee can sometimes be expensive most especially when you buy beans which have been roasted with utmost care. If you are only tossing scoops of coffee beans in the grinder, you can definitely go all through the bags more quickly using a coffee scale. Guessing does not really harm however, with precise measurements using a coffee scale, you would definitely go a long way especially in terms of the consistency of every cup and the taste of the coffee. Many individuals are probably looking for ways to ensure that their coffee experience is both responsible and enjoyable. Using a coffee scale is necessary for this helps eliminate waste by making sure that you are using the exact amount or volume of coffee that you need.

How to Buy a Coffee Scale?

Generally, weighing scales are categorized based on styles, capacities and prices. There are actually numerous types of scales presented and offered in the market today and one of these is the coffee scale. Though there are many different options to choose from, getting the best coffee scale is never that easy but with the help of this coffee scale buying guide, individuals can now easily end up with the best coffee scale.

There are certain things to be considered when buying this scale and the most common ones are as follows:
Types of coffee-your choice for a coffee scale must be complementary to the type of coffee that you would like to brew.

Manual or automatic-this somehow depends on the level of effort you wanted to put in your coffee. There are coffee machines available today that comes with a built in scale with an integrated timer. This one is ideal for manual brewing of coffee. You can upgrade your scale anytime if you wanted to make ratios and measurements regular parts of your kitchen.

Quality-nothing beats a scale with guaranteed superior quality. Be mindful about the quality of the scale to ensure that you got a product with unsurpassed performance. Check on the product manufacturer and see if this is reliable enough.

These are just few of the vital factors you need to keep in mind when buying a weighing scale. Other deciding factors are efficiency, durability and most of all, the price.

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