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The Evolution Of Coffee Mate!

Coffee MateNestle’ began making Coffee Mate in 1961 and forever changed the way we drink coffee. Coffee Mate is a non-dairy creamer. It stays fresh unopened for two years and once opened will remain fresh for two weeks. From the beginning, people loved the convenience of being able to enjoy a creamy cup of coffee and not needing to have a refrigerator available to maintain it. Coffee Mate is also a great choice for the coffee drinker who is lactose intolerant and doesn’t handle dairy products well.

In 1961, Coffee Mate was available in powder form and tasted much like cream. Nestle’ followed up with liquid Coffee Mate. The liquid Coffee Mate does not require refrigeration and will stay good up to 30 days after opening it. If you do store it in the refrigerator, it can stay fresh for up to two months. Next Nestle’ introduced the concentrated liquid formula. This required much less coffee mate to achieve the same great taste. It also made Coffee Mate much more convenient and portable.

Over the next few years, the coffee industry exploded. Coffee became the most popular drink in the world. Specialty shops began to emerge with coffees blended with flavors, whipped creams and sweeteners. Places like Starbucks and Duncan Donuts (and others) not only sold their specialty coffees in shops but also bottled it, canned it and began to market it in the grocery stores. They were selling their coffee, their creamers and their brand at extreme prices. Nestle’ was already the manufacture of one of the best-selling coffees in the world under the name Nescafe. They were the trail blazers for the non-dairy creamers. Nestle’ began producing flavored Coffee Mate. Nestle’ knew if they could produce a non-dairy creamer with unique and wonderful tastes, people would buy it. While the other name brand specialty coffees were being sold, they were high in caffeine, fat and calories. Consumers could choose the flavor or flavors they wanted. They could brew their coffee stronger or weaker to taste and control how much non-dairy creamer and sugar was added. They could have a different flavor coffee every day if they chose. Flavored non-dairy creamers insured Nestle’ would continue as the industry leader.

In America, Nestle’ manufactures and distributes more than twenty five different non-dairy creamer flavors. Due to different food administration laws in Europe only the original and a select few flavors are available. Never the less, Coffee Mate sales in Europe remain strong as the product has a great base flavor and needs no refrigeration.

Some of the flavors available include:

Parisian Almond Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Cinnamon Vanilla Cream
Mexican Chocolate
Coconut Cream

They also produce specialty flavors like, Girl Scout Cookie Flavors, (Snickerdoodles, Thin Mints, Sugar Cookie, and Caramel Coconut). During fall and winter (and holidays) you may find specialty limited addition flavors. For example, Pumpkin Spice is the perfect fall flavor for a cool October morning.

For the health minded consumer, Nestle’ makes an all-natural creamer in various flavors. They also produce a low fat and sugar-free line.

Nestle’ does not stop there. Coffee is their mission. They have an incredible website that offers free recipes, tips and mixtures. They show you where you can purchase their non-dairy creamers in your area. They also encourage feedback and suggestions from the public. Their teams of flavor specialists are always available to answer your email. However, between eight in the morning to eight in the evening, Nestle’ provides live chat options for their customers to speak with a highly trained Coffee Mate specialist.

Nestle’ latest addition is the Natural Bliss. It comes in three flavors; Caramel, Sweet Cream and Vanilla. All three have received wonderful reviews. The Natural Bliss line is made with nonfat milk, sugar and heavy cream. Many coffee drinkers remarked that the heavy creamy sweetness made adding additional sugar unneeded. This Coffee Mate is low calories at only thirty-five (35) calories per serving. It is also low carbohydrates at five (5) carbohydrates per serving. It is both kosher and gluten-free. This line is found at the dairy section of the supermarket. Since this is a new line, you may not find it in every supermarket as of yet, but by visiting the Natural Bliss website you can inquire which supermarkets in your area are purchasing it. Natures Bliss is the perfect choice for the health conscience coffee drinker.

The price of Coffee Mate is usually $2.89 for a 16 ounce bottle. Consumers agree you get a great value. The non-dairy creamer last for a very long time (2 years unopened) without refrigeration. This is enough to flavor approximately 224 cups of coffee at 1 teaspoon per cup. However, the cost of the entire bottle is less than half of one pre-bottled specialty coffee, or a gallon of milk which will expire quickly and is hard to transport and needs to be refrigerated.

Coffee Mate also has small packages of powdered or liquid coffee creamers to go. The “To Go” line is perfect for dropping in a pocket or handbag.

No matter what a consumer’s dietary preferences and requirements are; there is a Coffee Mate to satisfy their needs deliciously. Nestle’ has been serving coffee lovers for decades, with inexpensive, easily transported and extensive flavor lines of creamers. Based on the evolution of their fantastic line, we expect they will for decades to come.

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