Coffee Culture

Coffee CultureCoffee is a brewed drink prepared from coffee beans and is one of the most sought after beverages all over the world. It is cultivated in 70 countries across the world, but Africa, Southeast Asia, India and Latin America are the major production houses of coffee. Coffee culture is the social phenomenon where people bond over cups of coffee. On social occasions, coffee is served to help people feel more comfortable. In the late twentieth century, espresso became the most dominant coffee form.All over the world, coffeehouses have remained the social hubs for intellectual interaction. For example, Les Deux Magots in Paris, once upon a time was a coffeehouse frequently visited by leading French intellectuals like Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. In the late 17th and 18th centuries, coffeehouses in London became popular meeting places for artists, writers, and socialites and were also the centre for much political and commercial activity. However it started in 14th century Turkey, coffeehouses have travelled a long way as in Kolkata, India, the Coffeehouse was and still is a symbol of intellectual and socio-political discussions and a meeting place of the man of letters.

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America Coffee Culture

The United States of America has its own unique coffee culture going too. There are endless number of espresso stands and coffee shops in many places, Seattle metropolitan area being one of them. After the coming of Starbucks, the coffee culture has slightly changed in the US. Starbucks centres are now prominent access point for the businessman and recognised as sites of a lot of commercial action. Usually, people sit there for an hour or so, in the free WiFi zone and get their business deals sorted out. However, in Australia, Starbucks was a major fiasco as Australians were more accustomed to the existing cafe style coffee culture.

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USA is so far seen to have the biggest coffee-market in the world followed by Germany and Japan. Australia, New Zealand and Sweden are other mega consumers of coffee. However, Finland is the highest consumer of coffee in the world, with a measure of 10kg per Capita. In UK, there is a constant increase of coffee drinking. Turkey, again, has its own recipe for the Turkish coffee. So far, it is seen that different parts of the world exhibit different coffee cultures.

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The power of mass media as an influential mode is obvious and efforts can be made to trade different ideas of coffee culture with the help of television. Television shows like Friends and Frasier has already proved to be effective. Tempting marketing strategies can be adopted to turn coffeehouses into glamorous places. In certain places of India like Kolkata, Cafe Coffee Day is now a place which the couples choose to romance in private. Following the footsteps of Northern Europe, coffee parties can be held, where besides coffee, the host will also serve cake and pastries. Like Germany and Sweden, the practice of free refills can be tried out to attract new customers as well.

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