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The Story Of Coffee Club SocietyCoffee Club Society

Having been founded in November 1989 at Brisbane’s Eagle Street Pier, in Australia, the Coffee club would be 26 years old in November 2015. The Coffee club is said to be one of the biggest and most successful organizations in the world as it has opened over 380 cafes worldwide. Although it is known as Coffee club, it provides not just coffee to its ever increasing customers. It also provides great food. Although it was founded in Australia where it has its highest number of stores, it has a presence in several other countries like UAE, Malaysia, Maldives, Egypt, China, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand and several others. But its two major countries of focus are Australia and New Zealand where it has over 290 and 55 cafes respectively.

Over the years, the coffee club has been able to carve a considerable international niche for itself and gained worldwide acceptance in its major service of providing coffees to its customers. This is why the company can boast of over 6,000 employees worldwide. And statistics show that coffee club now serves over 40 million cups of coffee in a single year worldwide.

The successful coffee conglomerate began between two friends Emmanuel Kokoris and Emmanuel Drivas who are both the co-founders. The first café actually opened on 2nd November, 1989 before it gradually grew into a coffee empire. These two friends smartly left their venture under the management of a trusted hand in the person of John Lazarou who is said to be a businessman and a former hairdresser. Needless to say this singular decision paid off so much.

Not long after John Lazarou took over the management of the venture, six other cafes were opened one after the other. This was what made it obvious that coffee club needed to extend its tentacles of coffee services. Due to the successful stunt John pulled in the rapid growth of the company, he soon became a co-director of the coffee house.

In October 2007, the coffee club achieved another milestone of success when Minor International, a big Thai company acquired 50 percent of the total stake in coffee club. This acquisition is not just an expansion, it also paved way for the company to break into Middle East and Asia. However, the first coffee store in Thailand was opened in December, 2008 and the first in Asia was opened in Guangzhou in 2011.

In September 2011, the company achieved yet another milestone when it acquired another big company in Australia. Disappointments are said to be opportunities in disguise while inspirations come from any situation or occurrence. This is the best way to describe what led to the big brand name, coffee club. A failed effort at getting a late night cup of coffee was all the inspiration and feasibility report Kokoris and Drivas needed to establish The Coffee Club. And the venture paid off so much that the coffee club has become a household name.

Part of what led to the rapid growth of the organization is that it does not only provide coffee to its customers, it also provides a conducive place for people to meet, relax and chat at a very affordable cost. At the time the company was established, it was a new area of hospitality that was yet to be fully exploited in Australia. And that was exactly what both Emmanuel Kokoris and Emmanuel Drivas did.

Like every successful organization, Coffee club has been fulfilling its social obligations for many years. It always offers full supports for local schools and communities by massively funding them and it also contributes its quota towards all environmental initiatives on a regular basis. Annually, The Coffee Club donates a total sum of $2.7 million to charity organizations like Children’s Hospital Foundations, KidsCan, Blue September … etc.

In spite of its name, The Coffee Club prides itself not only in the provision of great coffee but also in offering a range of fantastic breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time of the day. So, whenever and wherever Coffee club is open, you can always get their full menu. Presently, Coffee club offers 12 categories of meals in their menu. The Healthy Start Breakfast, All-Day Breakfast, Omelette Bar, Sensational Salads, Ultimate Sandwiches, Sandwiches Wraps & Grills, All-Day Favourites, Kid’s Meals, Entrees, Mains, Let’s share and Sweet Treats. Whatever your choice is, you will get it in any of their cafés. Apart from great meals, you will definitely get a great variety of coffee drinks in any Coffee club cafes. These varieties range from the well-known cappuccino to a not-so popular “Ristretto”.

The company has divided its drinks into two main categories – hot drinks and cold drinks. The drinks under hot drinks are cappuccino, flat white, café latte, mellocccino, short macchiato, hot mocha, affogato, Vienna coffee, hot chocolate, Turkish delight hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, white chocolate mocha, liqueur coffee, chai latte, long black, short black, ristretto and premium leaf teas.

For the cold drinks, they offer iced coffee, iced chocolate, iced strawberry, iced mocha, iced caramel or vanilla, iced frappes, spliced iced frappes, real fruit smoothies, milk shakes, thick shakes, spiders, iced Americano and drinks ready to go

The Coffee club has achieved tremendous success over its few years of existence and this success can be attributed to its five core values of customer service, teamwork, accountability, positive relationships and continual improvement. The organization became so successful that when it announced franchise openings, thousands of applications rolled in.

The company took yet another giant stride when it began to offer franchise. Somehow, coffee club found a way to ensure that all its partners and franchisees maintain the standard the company is known for. This is where it moved from being just a club to a society. So far, with the success achieved over the short period of existence, there is no doubt that The Coffee Club Society has actualized its vision of being a global leader in retail food, coffee and franchising.

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