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Interesting Facts Everyone Should Know About Coffee Bar

Coffee BarImagining the milieu inside a coffee bar brings to the mind the impression of a lounge décor with cozy seats, fabulous lighting, where people can sit alone or with a group of friends to enjoy Espresso servings presented with complimentary confectionary delectable items. Well, this is not the only significance of the coffee bars that attract admirers over and again. There are loads of interesting facts about the coffee bars. Here is short synopsis of some interesting facts you can see before paying the next visit to any of such venues.

History of Coffee Bar

In ancient times, there was no concept of serving coffee in a bar atmosphere. As per the official records, the public coffee serving originated in coffee shop named Kiva Hun in Constantinople city of Turkey in 1475. The Turkish preparation comprised of brewed strong unfiltered coffee serving in an Ibrik. With passing time, the style of coffee presentation changed bringing the delectable flavors, sweeteners and cream to the large coffee cups in around 1529 in Vienna. However, the concept of structuring a bar like coffee serving outlet first emerged in Italy often commonly termed as Espresso bar.

The idea of the establishment is similar to any coffee shop bearing unique facets in terms of luxurious interiors, comfy furnishings, and resemblance to the bar counter where you can avail your cup of coffee preparation at the bar counter and enjoy it while seated on a bar stool. The decors and boutique bar counter structuring is mainly inspired by contemporary European interior designing. The variance in terms of bar counter, arrangement of chairs and other assortments in various countries are mainly influenced by the socio-cultural aspects.

Food and Beverages at the Coffee Bars

At the Espresso bar counter, the barista or the bartenders offer Espresso shots to the customers. This is the most important staple drink you can find at almost all coffee bars. Besides this, you can also find other coffee preparations both local and international varieties. Different coffee bar outlets serve a range of delectable snacks and pastries along with coffee beverages. These may include sandwiches, croissants, muffins, cannoli and others. Some Italian coffee bars also serve alcoholic drinks such as Sambuca, Grappa etc.

Famous Coffee Bars Worldwide

The Espresso bar culture has revolutionized the trend of coffee serving at different cafes worldwide. Several cafes and coffee shops are now remodeling their interiors to present a new transformation to incorporate the elements of a perfect coffee bar and lounge environment. One of the famous coffee bars in Philadelphia has named its outlet with name ‘The Coffee-Bar’.

The coffee culture in Rome is deeply inspired from the traditional Italian Espresso boutique and has several coffee bars with marvelous ambiance and hospitability. Caffé Greco is a worth mention in this context with their specialty of serving strong Espresso brews. The interiors unlike other lounge boutiques is mainly traditional with high ceilings, antique paintings etc. From interiors, accessories and the dressing of the waiters, this bar has preserved the Roman tradition with a great zeal.

Café Du Monde in New Orleans is another French coffee bar is LA running its business successfully for over 150 years. Here chicory is blended with dark roasted coffee beans to enhance the flavor. The open outdoor place has seating arrangements for accommodating huge crowd that pops in during all points of the day.

If classy contemporaneous lounge interiors of the Espresso bar leave a mesmerizing impression on you, it is worthwhile to spend an evening at the La Mill in Los Angeles. The cozy and spacious white and black leather chairs encompassing black sleek glass tables give you ultimate sitting comfort. The extended bright red sofas are perfect for a reunion with friends. Apart from single serves and coffee blends, you can order a variety of international cuisine to appetizers for the ultimate enticing experience.

How to Get the Coffee Bar Experience at Home

Flaunting the ardent desire for coffee in an Espresso bar experience that too in your own home can be refreshing and give a makeover to any assorted corner space you may like. Deliberating the creative insight, this can be finely accomplished within a small budget. Here are some basic arrangements that you will need to get the same feel at home.

Bar Cart Set Up

You need to select a suitable place in the house to place the bar cart where you can store the accoutrements, coffee cups, brewing machine, kettles etc. It is preferable to choose a standard size that allows you to sit in a tranquil mood while engaging yourself on the tablet PC or listening soft music. The kitchen adjoined dining area is the ideal place for this type of set up.

Coffee Brewing Tools

Some basic inclusions into your coffee boutique cart are sufficient to have the perfect blend of savory presentation every time. The Keurig brewer is one of the best available coffee makers that can simplify the work for you giving the prefect taste. If you are very keen on bestowing the strong flavor to your coffee at home, a French press tool is what needed for the process. Creating lovely creamy layer designs on your coffee is pretty easy using the dripper. If you are keen in making your coffee to the taste as per choice, keep an electric kettle in the lounge bar so that you do not need to rush to the kitchen stoves all the time.

Ingredients and Additional Accessories

The most important part of the process is the ingredients that you need to ensure they are of top quality. Store grounded sugar, cream, coffee beans, and some flavoring agents such as almond milk. The coffee mugs are very important but for the bar area it is preferable to choose small size cups. You can also have personalized mugs in the collection to add up more touch that is creative.

Wrapping it up,

A visit to any established coffee bar boutique can be very refreshing for a hangout all alone or with some friends. The reputed lounges take great care to supply choicest snacks and interesting preparations by high profile chefs. The environment is suitable for get together, small parties, or celebrating any special moment. However, the main reason why most people love to pay visit to any of the coffee bars is the relaxing environment, the desire for the aroma of the roasted beans that you can feel in every serving and the quest for appetizers.

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