Clever Coffee Dripper Step By Step Guide

Clever Coffee Dripper Step By Step GuideThe Clever Coffee Dripper is a full-immersion pour-over device that yields around 4 cups of coffee. It consolidates the full-immersion usefulness of a French press with the cleanliness of a filter paper from a pour-over procedure. For lovers of the French press, it yields a cleaner cup with the same full body experience. The Clever Dripper is an incredible home brewing device that is easy to prepare, simple to clean, and takes standard filters that can be helpfully available at your nearby market.

How to Brew Coffee in a Clever Dripper

  • Pre-heat your water to between 195° and 200°f.
  • Take a filter and place it into the Clever Dripper. For better positioning fold a couple of creases along the perforated seams.
  • Pre-wet your filter with hot water, evenly covering it entirely. Leave about half of the water for brewing.
    Measure your coffee and grind it coarsely during the boiling process.
  • Drain the Clever Dripper by placing it on top of a carafe or mug.  The flavor of the paper filter is now gone, and your carafe or mug is nicely warmed up.
  • Add coffee and shake the Clever Drip to level-off the grounds.
  • Check your water temp, and slowly pour, making sure there are no pockets of dry coffee.
  • Wait about 3:00 minutes for the coffee to infuse. Total brewing time is about 4:00
  • Remove the lid, and give the brew a few gentle stirs. Place the Clever Dripper on top of your carafe with about 1:00 minute left, and keep the lid on top.
  • Pour your coffee from the carafe into the mug of your choice.
  • Time to enjoy! Give your clever drip a quick rinse.

TIPS TO CONSIDER (Clever Coffee Dripper):

Time, temperature, coffee quantity, and grind are all variables you can play with to assure your final cup of coffee is where you want it to be. There are some important tips which will be helpful to make your brewing more easy and worry free.
Never pour the coffee directly on the edges or onto the filter paper.
If you find your extraction time is longer than anticipated, coarsen your grind. If it drains through too quickly, make the grind finer.
While using clever dripper it is important to keep the lid on top for heat retention.
Don’t stir too aggressively. Stirring increases agitation of the grounds, and too much can over-extract.

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