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Chemex Buying GuideChemex founded in 1942, the Chemex coffee maker was Peter Schumbohm’s most prosperous manufacturing design. Peter was influenced by the Bauhaus school, where form follows function in which he used his knowledge of chemistry and physics. The Chemex carafe is inspired by a temp-resistant laboratory flask. The higher portion of the flask holds the filter, heavier and thicker than typical filters, which expands the extraction time of hot water in the ground coffee. The integrated wood collar with leather tassel adds a lavish and elegant accent while making the flask easy to handle with hot coffee.

Prior to buying a Chemex coffee maker, it pays to know the pros and cons of this machine.

Pros of Chemex Coffee Maker

  • Coffee tastes very good after a little bit of practice with the grind
  • There is no coffee ground residue and sludge at the base of the cup
  • Elegant, simple as well as great looking
  • Made in the US
  • So easy to clean
  • So easy to clean

Cons of Chemex Coffee Maker

  • Chemex coffee makers are very fragile, extra care is highly recommended
  • Needs its own filters which are more costly than the typical paper filters
  • It takes time to switch to the appropriate grind.
  • Coffee cools fast provided the absence of a hot plate as well as insulated carafe
  • Slow brewing
  • Filter leaves, paper residue test without a detailed pre-rinse

Various Types of Chemex Coffee Makers to Choose From

Classic Series

If you want a Chemex Coffee Maker with a simple design, then consider the classic series. The typical classic model is expedient at its best and also comes with a polished wood collar as well as tie made of leather materials.
The wood collar acts as an insulated handle in the middle, which safeguards your finger against heat. Simple, functional operation, as well as visual style and grace, combine for the best and remarkable extraction of a full rich bodied brew.
Accessible in three, six, eight as well as ten cups, the classic series of Chemex coffee maker is both versatile and elegant.

Glass Handle Series

Chemex glass handle series of coffee maker is accessible and features a gorgeously curved glass handle which is pleasing to the eye, but a valuable feature to the unit. It is an ideal coffee maker.
Glass handle series was chosen by the IIT or Illinois Institute of Technology and included in the Top 100 best design items of modern times. It is measured utilizing 5 ounces as one cup.

The Hand Blown Series

Hand blown series is also another popular choice of the Chemex coffee maker, which is totally handmade by talented and experienced tradesmen using ultra clear glass and is accessible in 3, 5, 8 as well as 13 ounces.
If you have a large family and all of you love coffee, then the hand blown series is the best option.
The Chemex is measured utilizing 5 ounces as one cup. If you are used to today’s American style eight to ten ounces coffee cups and utilize the reference as 1 cup, it might be recommended to buy a size or 2 bigger than what you considered first.

Water Kettle

Chemex hand blown water kettle is also accessible. Made at the end of the Art Deco time and with a sense of mid century modern style, this state of the art water kettle is considered one of the classiest means to boil up to 2 quarts of water.

The steam stopper valve directs steam up and out. The neck stays quite cool to touch and acts as a knob. The state of the art Hand Blown Kettle also works as a drink server because it comes with a nonporous glass that will not pass on any taste to any cold and hot drinks. This is an elegant means to present tea and coffee products to your visitors.

Accessories Lid

Coffeemaker cover made of glass is important when keeping espresso warm. This cover keeps your coffee at the right strength through preventing evaporation. Lid is suitable to all Chemex coffee makers.


The main aspects of making the coffee maker from Chemex very functional are the included filter paper. Aside from the fact that it works effectively, it is also strong enough to be eliminated from the brewer without disintegrating as well as leaving used coffee grounds everywhere. Stronger paper is needed in order to keep its shape so that it doesn’t glide down into the vessel.

This also traps residue that other filters out there cannot do. This residue is in charge of the largeness of the tart and sour taste that is often related to other methods of coffee brewing like the basic French press.

On the other hand, the most essential reason for this proprietary paper is to get rid of oil, which oxidizes fast and becomes bad, giving a bitter taste to your espresso and that has some bad cholesterol.

Along with the state of the art filter paper, non phosphorous glass prevents flavoring and when sealed utilizing the glass coffee maker cover from Chemex, it could be stored in the fridge and can be served iced or reheated without compromising the flavor or the taste and without becoming bitter or sour.

Even if the Chemex coffee maker looks like a vase, its functionality blends wonderfully with its stylish, pleasing to the eye, natural appearance and most significantly, it brews a brilliant, lively cup that has a tasty bunch of remarkable flavors. There are many kinds of Chemex coffee makers available. This buying guide will help you choose the one suitable for your preference and budget.

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