Can you Drink Coffee with Invisalign?

Who doesn’t love a perfect smile with properly aligned teeth? We all do! But who is willing to give up their habit of drinking coffee every morning and evening? NONE! Yes, 90% of people will not give up on drinking coffee while wearing Invisalign!

But can you drink coffee with Invisalign without any risk? No, you cannot! Keeping aside the health benefits of coffee, it isn’t good for your teeth. Then do you have to give up your habit?

Not! You can still drink coffee if you follow some basic rules! And we are here to tell you the tips and tricks of drinking coffee while on Invisalign! Get right into it!

Can you Drink Coffee with Invisalign

What is Invisalign?

We have talked enough about the traditional braces in our blog. These braces are made of ceramic or metal. However, Invisalign is a different case than the traditional braces. Yes, the work of both the braces is the same but they don’t have the same features.

It is an orthodontic treatment to keep your teeth aligned. So, can you drink coffee with braces that are traditional? The answer is NO! But there are rules that can help you drink coffee everyday!

But unlike the traditional braces, these are completely clear or transparent in color. The previous model braces have fixed wires so that they can pull your teeth to align them. On the other hand, Invisalign helps in keeping the teeth in line with molds and months. In this way, your teeth get into the proper line improving the position of your teeth.

The best part about these sorts of braces is they are more flexible in terms of use. On the other end, these are easily removable with added trays. But with traditional braces, it’s nearly impossible to drink coffee the way you used to! The same question remains here too-can you drink coffee with Invisalign? We will answer it shortly.

Drinking Coffee with Invisalign

Invisalign and Coffee

If coffee is the first beverage you drink every morning, this is going to be a little tough if you wear braces. But thanks to the Invisalign, because it gives you a little flexibility when it comes to drinking your favorite drink. Now, let us be very clear about a thing-any dark-colored drink can stain your teeth along with the Invisalign you are wearing.

If you are on decaf, planing to lose weight and you also got Invisalign, you might be confused- is decaf coffee a diuretic like regular coffee! Because with braces, if you are dehydrated, it can make you ill. But no, decaf is not diuretic! You can have it with Invisalign. 

The basic benefit you will get wearing Invisalign is you can take it off! As it is removable, it’s alright for you to remove the trays and drink whatever you want. Be it coffee or tea, you can go for anything you want. But in this case, there are some basic rules to maintain. If you follow them, you can always drink coffee.

Coffee Preference: Hot vs. Cold

Whenever you ask- can I drink coffee with Invisalign attachments, our first question to you is regarding hot coffee and cold coffee. So, what coffee are you talking about? In the case of drinking coffee, one major problem that you will face regarding Invisalign is the heat. If you are relying on coffee, never settle for too-hot coffee.

Hot coffee is harmful to the trays inside your mouth. These trays are constructed with plastic. As a result, you are going to face difficulty with hot coffee because heated drinks can easily damage the trays. If the trays get hot beverages on them, they will slowly start loosening. If the trays are loose, they won’t be holding your teeth as tight they used to.

And if they cannot hold the teeth tight, what’s the point of Invisalign? Your teeth will eventually stay in the same position as it was! So, it is always recommended that you avoid all sorts of hot beverages along with coffee. Instead, we recommend you settle for cold-brew coffee or iced coffee. Even if you are stressing over-can you drink coffee after wisdom teeth removal, we recommend the same.

Whenever you have teeth problems, we recommend you to go for cool foods and beverages. That’s not our recommendation but it’s suggested by the dentists. So, if the question is – can I drink coffee after tooth extraction, you better go for a cooler cup than the hotter one!

The Coffee Stains

None can deny that just like any other dark-colored food and beverages, coffee also leaves marks or stains on your teeth. Yes, no matter you wear traditional braces or the Invisalign; you will surely have stains on your teeth and Invisalign from coffee.

You already know Invisalign is almost invisible. But if there are stains, they will be visible to the eyes. Then what is the benefit of investing so much on transparent or clear braces! What can you do about it? Can you drink coffee with Invisalign keeping stains away?

Yes, you can! Just like you can keep hot coffee away from your Invisalign to keep them safe, you can again safeguard your teeth from stains. How do you do it? Let’s learn about it!

  • Let’s start with the easy way, if you want to play safely while drinking coffee with Invisalign, you can make the color a little light! We already told you about the dark color of coffee which is the basic reason for stains on your teeth. And if you can lighten the color a little, the possibility of stains will be reduced! For this, all you need is a little bit of milk! Add milk to your coffee and make it lighter. It will be easier for your Invisalign to deal with it!
  • Some people hate adding milk to their coffee or tea. For them, having an amazing electric gooseneck kettle, some water, and a bottle of finely ground coffee is enough for starting their day. There’s no place for milk.
  • And we completely understand your viewpoint and taste bud. But if you have Invisalign added and still you prefer coffee or tea without milk, you have to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste with you! Whenever you drink coffee, the first thing you need to do is get your brush and paste and start cleaning the teeth. If you keep the teeth clean, you can never see stains!
  • The last thing you can settle for is tooth whitening products. Keep the braces on and try on some whitening products for your teeth. There are home remedies and DIY products that you can make with a few of your kitchen ingredients. Also, teeth whitening kits are available in the market. And if you want a more professional outcome, you can always see an orthodontist and get their help to whiten your teeth!

Wrap Up

We know nothing can beat your love for coffee. The same thing is for all the coffee-freak-with braces or without! But then again, it’s your teeth and you will be responsible for them! So, keep the balance of taking care of the teeth and your coffee love through the methods we have mentioned! Though coffee is mostly not recommended during the treatment of Invisalign, you are careful enough, you can have both without any complications! Check out our blog for more info!

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