Can You Drink Coffee with Braces? Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign

Never going to lie, everybody loves straight and white teeth! But it’s not easy to maintain that! And when you have added braces for not-so-straight teeth but you cannot give up your old coffee habit, this can be more troublesome for you!

Can you drink coffee with braces during treatment? What will happen if you drink coffee every day? Do Invisalign and traditional braces work the same way for coffee? What’s the tea?

Don’t worry if you have braces! You should avoid coffee for sure, but there are ways to drink coffee! Let us spill the COFFEE for you and tell you how as a coffee-freak you can take care of the braces!

Can You Drink Coffee with Braces

Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign: When can you Drink Coffee?

Traditional Braces and Coffee

Traditional Braces and Coffee

When we talk about braces, the first thing that comes to our mind is the traditional braces. Yes, we are talking about the ceramic braces or the metal braces that are very common. Maintaining these is comparatively tougher.

With these on, if you want to drink any dark-colored beverage, you might face consequences. As coffee is a dark-colored beverage, you are likely to stain your teeth if you drink coffee. Along with the teeth, the brackets on the braces can get stained.

As we are talking about the dark-colored beverages, tea is also dark! So, can you drink tea with braces or it will stain your teeth? Yes, it will! Coffee, tea, soda, red wine, and whatever you drink in dark color can make your teeth look worse!

Invisalign and Coffee

On the other hand, the case of Invisalign is a bit different. If you are worried that – can I drink coffee after tooth extraction, mostly, we recommend you not to. But the case of Invisalign is a bit different. These are designed in a way that you can remove them when you are drinking or eating. So, you can almost eat anything you want when you remove them.

Invisalign and Coffee

But in this case, certify that you are brushing your teeth before you go on with putting the Invisalign back. If you keep the trays in your mouth when you drink a hot beverage, the trays can be damaged. The reason behind it is the trays are made of plastic. And as you know, plastic can easily get heated up and burn.

These braces are almost invisible to people. But if you drink coffee a lot and do no clean the teeth before placing the trays, there will surely be stains. And eventually, the Invisalign will be visible to the outer world. So, what’s the point of having Invisalign or transparent braces?

Results of Drinking Coffee with Braces

We, the coffee lovers, take the conical burr coffee grinder in our travel bag and get out camping! But what about our braces! Who’s going to take care of them? No matter what you drink coffee or tea, anything of dark color will hurt the braces. These will stain the teeth along with the brace’s bands and the brackets. Stained teeth aren’t nice, right?

After the surgeries, often the stress is – can I drink coffee after wisdom teeth removal or not. In the case of Invisalign, the brace trays made of plastic can get damaged. As coffee or tea is hot, any too hot beverage will damage the brace tray.

If the braces or trays get affected by heat, they will slowly get loose. And eventually, they don’t fit the teeth tightly. If the braces are not tight enough, how can they make your teeth straight?

Easy Tricks to Drink Coffee and Avoid Stains

Now that you can answer your mind regarding – can I drink coffee with braces, you might feel a little sad. And when you are sad, a cup of coffee can heal you! That brings us again to coffee.

So, how will the coffee freaks drink coffee even if they are on braces? Let’s give you a few tricks that can help you have your brace and teeth stain-free along with have a perfect cup of warm coffee.

1. Brushing Teeth After Coffee

First thing first, brushing is a must! Yes, we brush twice a day but when you are on braces and you want to drink coffee or tea, the best thing you can do to keep the teeth stain-free is to brush the teeth. Right after you had a cup of coffee, go to your restroom and clean your mouth. Get a good brushing session and clean the mouth with water. You can rely on mouthwash for a better result too!

2. Using Straw with Coffee

Just like coffee lovers carry hot and cold brew coffee makers, we do not always carry toothbrushes and toothpaste in our bags. Yes, we should but we don’t! So, what can you do when you have no option to brush your teeth after having a coffee in the coffee shop or your camp while traveling?

The easy trick is to keep a straw with you. If you drink coffee with a straw, you can easily reduce the chance of staining. In this method, the teeth will be stained but in a reduced amount. And later when you reach home, you can brush your teeth!

3. Adding Milk with Coffee: Brace with Coffee

Another amazing thing you can do if you are into coffee, add some milk to the coffee. Yes, we know this is not what you will like but the best part about this is you can keep the braces perfect while having caffeine! As the whole stain story is about the dark-colored drink, why not make it lighter?

That’s what milk will do to your coffee. Adding milk will make the color of the coffee light. As a result, you are not anymore drinking dark-colored beverages to stain your teeth? However, you still need to brush your teeth after coffee!

4. Iced Coffee or Cold-Brew Coffee

Coffee boosts up your energy. But do you know it has power over your sexual activity? Does coffee make you sexually active if you drink it regularly? Yes, it does and that’s the reason we recommend you to get coffee-even if it is a cold-brew cup!

Hot coffee can loosen the brace trays. And to keep it away from that, you can always settle for something cooler. During treatment, stick to iced coffee or cold-brew coffee instead of hot coffee. This will provide caffeine to your body but will also keep your braces safer.

5. The Last Resort

If you have already learned how to program Cuisinart coffee market 14 cups and want to enjoy a perfect coffee with your friends every morning, even with the braces, your teeth will be stained. The last thing you can do when it comes to coffee and braces together is whitening your teeth. You can settle for home-whitening kits to do all of this work at home.

On the other hand, you can go out and make an appointment with a dentist for teeth whitening. If you are having braces, we recommend you visit the doctor frequently no matter your teeth are stained or not. This will keep the braces protected and your teeth white!

Wrap Up

So, by now, you have known how to deal with the braces no matter you have traditional braces or Invisalign. We cannot disagree that coffee has cons for your teeth from the very beginning. But we can’t agree more to how coffee boosts up our energy keeping us awake and alive the whole day! If you can’t leave coffee and cannot ignore the braces, you can have both! All you need is to follow some basic rules! Check it out!

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