Can I Drink Coffee after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Coffee freaks can never spend a day without coffee. But what will you do when you remove your wisdom teeth? Is it okay to drink coffee after the surgery? A very common question of the coffee-lovers is can I drink coffee after wisdom teeth removal?

Apologies my friends, you cannot! If that makes you sad, let us tell you why you cannot drink it! Also, we will tell you what you can do when you cannot drink hot coffee after the extraction.

Let’s learn what to do when a coffee lover cannot drink from his cup in the morning anymore! It won’t take long to get back the hot cup, trust us!

Can I Drink Coffee after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Is Drinking Coffee after Wisdom Teeth Removal Safe?

After you have your wisdom teeth removed, we recommend you rest and recover. Recovery is not a one-day process (although it was for me when I had mine removed). It takes time and you have to accept that. For the first few days, your teeth are not normal. So, you cannot drink just anything you want! That brings us to the question “can you drink coffee after wisdom teeth removal?” We will answer it shortly with the reasons.

Any oral surgery including wisdom teeth removal, there will be blood clots and stuff preventing bleeding. And where there is a clot, there is a factor in healing. Now, if you consume a hot drink, it will agitate the area. And eventually, the clots could be affected.

And if the clots are affected, it will take more time for you to heal than normal. Only cool foods are suggested by the dentist so that you can keep calm and get through the healing process fast. So, in short, hot coffee is not what you should go for when it comes to wisdom teeth removal. Once your teeth area is completely healed, you can have any hot beverage you want!

Results of Drinking Hot Coffee after Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • When you ask us- can I drink coffee with Invisalign or after any sort of surgery, we say NO to hot coffee. Hot coffee will enlarge the vessels of your muscles. Now, when the vessels are enlarged, as your teeth area is not completely healed, you can bleed. Along with the removal of wisdom teeth, this wound will also take a lot of time to recover.
  • Drinking coffee will boost your blood pressure and eventually, you will have high blood pressure along with the teeth removal process. And when your blood pressure is higher, the empty socket could start bleeding. You don’t want a long healing process, do you?
  • If you drink hot coffee and the clots are damaged, you could have severe teeth pain. As the wisdom tooth is just removed, your teeth area is yet not ready to get the heat. And so, it will result in extreme pain in the muscles.

Is Cold Coffee Recommended after Wisdom Teeth Removal?

As we have stated, you cannot drink coffee right after wisdom teeth removal. If you love coffee so much, this will be hard for you.

But don’t forget that you cannot go for hot coffee. But often we come to questions like- can I drink coffee after tooth extraction if it is a cold-brew coffee? YES, you can! In this case, the best option to settle for is a cold brew coffee. If you do not have sensitivity, you can easily get a cup of iced coffee and have fun enjoying the caffeine. Doctors suggest cool foods and cold brew can be amazing for your caffeine needs.

Another interesting fact is, as caffeine is not so good for you when you had surgery, the cold brew takes the advantage here. Cold brew coffee has less caffeine compared to regular hot coffee. However, we recommend you wait for a few hours before you have your first cold brew cup after the extraction.

Rule of Thumb: Beverage after Wisdom teeth Removal

By now, you already know that hot coffee is not recommended after any tooth surgery. Even if you are thiking- can you drink coffee with braces, then no, hot coffee is not suggested! If you want, you can settle for a cold brew cup or a cup of iced coffee. But even if you go for the cold brew coffee, there are things you need to keep in mind.

When you are drinking it, the rule of thumb is, you must make sure you are not using any straw. We recommend you sip the coffee directly from your cup. If you suck the straw, the action results in damaging the cloth. It will end in an opened wound which you don’t want at all! And eventually, you will face the same consequences like bleeding or teeth pain.

This rule of thumb is not for only cold brew coffee but also for all the other beverages you are going to drink. For a while, keep the straws on one side of your kitchen and forget about them. Drink directly from the glass or cup and you can heal the wound quicker!

The Right Time to Drink Coffee After Wisdom Tooth Removal

You can drink cold brew coffee for a while. But how long can you keep a hot coffee freak away from his cup? And that’s the reason; you must know when is the right time to get a cup of hot coffee after you have your wisdom tooth removal surgery.

According to us, it completely depends on your tooth condition and when you feel right drinking hot beverages. But for any person, the average time to wait for the hot beverage is more or less 5 days. You can have severe pain or just the mild one after you have removed the wisdom tooth. But within 5 days, your muscles and the whole tooth area will recover.

The inner part of the mouth recovers faster than any other body part. So, 4-5 days are enough to deal with any wisdom teeth recovery. Your tooth area will start the recovery process within 24 hrs. However, in some cases, it might take 72 hrs. After 24-48 hours, you will be ready to drink cold coffee. To drink hot coffee, you have to wait for 4-5 days at best.

Is Coffee Bad for Teeth

Whoever has a habit of drinking coffee, once in their lifetime, they ask- is coffee bad for teeth? In short, every drink that is not water can cause your teeth little to more negative effects. Coffee is incredible when it comes to health benefits. However, for your teeth, you cannot rely on coffee.

If you go for coffee, there can be bacteria growth inside your mouth. And eventually, you will fact tooth and enamel erosion. On the other hand, if you are a caffeine lover and you see the teeth getting thin and brittle, the reason behind this is coffee. As coffee is acidic, you have to understand this before you start drinking coffee every day.

The acidity can cause the enamel of the teeth vulnerable. But you cannot deny that coffee is great in boosting energy, reducing the risk of stroke, cancer resulting in weight loss, and many more amazing benefits! Make sure that after you drink coffee, you brush your teeth properly and take care of it!

Final Verdict

You can never have enough coffee if you are a coffee lover. Drinking coffee gets into your habit but when it comes to wisdom tooth removal, you can always find it tough to stay away from coffee. Don’t worry; you just have to do it for a while! We have discussed when to avoid coffee after the tooth surgery along with when to drink it and what to drink in its substitute. Your all questions are answered here; all you need to do is follow them as you heal!

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