Can I Drink Coffee After Tooth Extraction?

A warm cup of coffee in the morning takes away all the weariness of the previous day and kicks you from the inside for a new beginning! But what will you do if you had a tooth extraction the very previous day? It takes us to a common question- can I drink coffee after tooth extraction?

Without any detailed discussion, we cannot tell you the direct answer as it depends on so many factors! Here, we will mention all the details on why and when you can drink coffee and why and when you can’t, depending on the tooth extraction condition!

Take a look because nothing is more important than your health!

Can I Drink Coffee After Tooth Extraction

Coffee after Tooth Extraction

As we have told you before, we are going to talk about if you can take coffee after your tooth extraction or not. Yes, the question might seem easy but the answer cannot be simply expressed in binary. Here, so many factors matter when the topic is your tooth.

Tooth extraction has a different level of severity. And depending on that, today, we will chat about if you can drink coffee after the extraction period or not! If you check the replies of the dentists, they investigate the complexity of your situation and according to that, they suggest you food.

So, here, we will go through an in-depth discussion on the complexity of your situation after tooth extraction. And then, we can answer the question –“can I drink coffee after a tooth extraction.”

Mild Tooth Extraction vs. Severe Tooth Extraction: The Differences

Severe Tooth Extraction

After having severe tooth extractions, all dentists recommend you not to drink coffee. Yes, you might be a coffee freak and you cannot deal with a day without it. But can you lead the day with severe tooth pain? No! And so, we do not recommend you having coffee if you are dealing with severe tooth pain. Here is a dentist that says the same thing.

Especially, if you are fond of hot coffee, we will tell you not to go near hot coffee! When your coffee is hot, the caffeine reacts stronger than in other situations. On the other hand, if the coffee is hot, it can easily break the pre-formed clots and dissolve them!

This can harm the tooth condition you are having. Apart from this, another fact here is the healing process after tooth extraction. In the healing process, the wound of your tooth is open. Imagine a wounded part of your wrist. If you are going to pour hot water there, would you feel comfortable? Not! It’s the same with the tooth.

You cannot pour hot water on the wound inside the mouth. It will eventually affect the healing process of your tooth. In this case, wait for 24 hours or more to ensure that the wound is completely healed. Also, keep in mind that the wound should develop blood clots.

If it fails to develop the blood clots before the healing process, there is a chance that you are going to develop a dry socket. If you drink coffee, chances are, you are going to confront dry socket and then naturally, make the healing process lengthier than before.

Mild Tooth Extractions

In the case of mild tooth extraction, things are a little easy. Here, the pain is less and the chances of improving or healing are fast. Also, you do not have to face a lot of consequences if you drink coffee. But, then again, we do not recommend you to go for hot coffee.

It is better to keep away from coffee. In case you cannot start the day without a cup of coffee, you can always go back, get the dual coffee maker ready and prepare cold coffee! In such coffees, the caffeine inside it doesn’t bother the tooth much.

Even if you have passed surgery immediately, the minimal caffeine of the cold coffee will not irritate your tooth or slow down the healing process. However, consult with a doctor if you confront any difficulties. You can always settle for a cup of cold coffee after you have spent 48 hours or more after tooth extraction.

Why Not Coffee?

There are several foods and beverages. Then why are we specifically talking about coffee? Coffee is important because most people cannot spend their days without having a cup of coffee. It keeps them feel alive and work the whole day!

But the vital fact here is coffee affects differently depending on the person. Common problems of the coffee covers are- when I drink coffee after tooth extraction, I take time to heal! Yes, we can’t agree more on this! There are reasons why coffee is not recommended! Let us learn why you should avoid coffee in such situations.

Iced Coffee Compilation

So, hot coffee is prohibited already! And this is what takes us to the next question- Can I have iced coffee after tooth extraction? The answer is yes! Yes, you can drink iced coffee or cold brew coffee. As we mentioned earlier, it has less caffeine to stop the wound from healing.

Another vital point is, unlike hot coffee, it won’t dissolve the previously formed clots. So, your wound is safe, and will keep recovering! Another fact you have to keep in mind is the method of drinking coffee.

As you prefer iced coffee or the cold brew one, you must ensure that you are avoiding the use of a straw. The sucking motion of your mouth, while you are using a straw, can take off the blood clot and will get you right back to the wounded situation. To avoid it, throw away the straws from the iced coffee.

Can Coffee Harm the Health?

  • Though coffee has a lot of health benefits for athletes and workers, you can go through cavities for coffee. So, if you have tooth problems already, we recommend you not to settle for coffee
  • Coffee can make the blood vessels thin. Eventually, it will end up in high blood pressure
  • And if you are too stuffed with work, you might get too stressed or anxiety issues for not having proper sleep. These will encourage your tooth pain surely

Projected Period

So, you already know that you cannot have hot coffee right after you have your tooth extraction. So you might ask-“When I drink coffee after tooth extraction!” Yes, here, we will answer this question too! We understand that you are missing coffee a lot.

However, this also depends on the tooth condition you are having. No matter you had a severe extraction or a mild one, all you need to do is wait for about 4 days to 5 days before you start drinking coffee again. These days, the wound inside the mouth will heal. And eventually, you will be ready for drinking coffee once again.

If you drink coffee after this period, no matter it is cold or hot, you will face no troubles and your wound will not be affected at all! If you ask when your tooth is going to recover, according to us, it will take a minimum of 24 hours. In rare cases, it will go for 48 hours to 72 hours. However, if you are having a bleeding issue, you have to wait for 5 days at least to get healed first and then go for your hot beverage!

Wrap Up

Now you have known all the details about your favorite coffee and the tooth extraction process. We know it’s tough for you to wait for that long when it comes to coffee. But they say health, is wealth! Don’t forget to keep your dentist posted always. More than any of us, they can help you out. And when you cannot, come to us, you will surely get a solution!

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