Cafe solo step by stepAre you a total coffee nerd, always on the hunt for the newest and best blends? Café solo is arguably the best way to make coffee.

Using a Cafe Solo is a quick and reasonably easy approach to make good brewed coffee at home. The sleek design of the Eva Solo Coffee Maker provides a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee through the use of total immersion brewing. The removable neoprene sleeve helps keep the coffee hot while brewing.  This is truly a unique and exceptional specialty coffee brewer.


  • Boil water you’re going to need about 1.3 liters of water.
  • Once the water has boiled you should add about 0.2 liters to the brewer and swirl to preheat. This guarantees optimal extraction. If you’re using a thermal carafe, do the same with this. This also will result in the boiling water cooling for the desired 45 seconds before being added to the coffee.
  • Add coffee to brewer. You’ll need about 1 tablespoon of coffee for each 4 oz. of coffee (as with a French Press) though you should feel free to adjust this based on your personal taste. For the 1 liter brewer this will work out to 10 level scoops or roughly 62 grams of coffee.
  • Do not fill the brewer entirely. With many fresh coffees you will see significant expansion of the coffee in a sort of loam’ at the top of the liquid once you add water. This is known as “bloom° and is the result of the off-gassing of CO2 from the coffee. Adding too much water can result in a very messy counter top.
  • Start the timer. You’re going to want to have a timer that counts down from 4 minutes and has an alarm at 4 minutes.
  • Stir pot after 1 minute, you should stir the grounds in the brewer. If you need to add water to top off the brewer, make sure it is again right below boiling. Stirring the brewer guarantees even and optimal extraction of all the coffee. In addition, it breaks down the “bloom° and allows you to combine the correct amount of water and coffee without spilling all over the place.
  • Put top on brewer put the filter funnel top CAFÉ SOLO on the brewer. At this point you should also zip up the °jacket” on the brewer.
  • Pour the coffee into the cups. Do not simply leave the coffee in the brewer — it will get nasty tasting. If you want to avoid any stray grounds and sediment, you can pour the coffee through a mesh basket filter.


It is important that the coffee be ground correctly and that it be ground with a quality burr (rather than blade) grinder. The grind should be reasonably coarse also.

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