Black Coffee

Time For A Hot Rich Cup Of Black Coffee.

Black CoffeeMy morning always starts with a cup of strong black coffee. Most mornings my husband is up first. He makes coffee and sets it on my bedside table. Some mornings I don’t wake up until it has cooled off which is annoying. But I am not going to complain about flavourful black coffee in bed as it makes me feel spoiled and appreciated. I realize he brings me coffee because he wants me to use the bedroom TV to watch my news and leave the living room TV for his sports. I still feel spoiled and appreciated.

My husband has developed particular procedures to produce our morning coffee since I prefer much stronger coffee than he does. In our Bunn style coffee maker he starts the coffee dripping into my cup to get the first rich strong black coffee. Then he lets the rest of the coffee run into the pot. At the end he tops up my cup from the pot. My second cup of coffee is never very good using this method!

To solve this he bought a Keurig. This is fine if we use the commercial Keurig pods. We can each make our own cup of coffee controlling the strength by adjusting the amount of water. Using those pods is tough on our pocket book though so we prefer to use our own coffee. If we put enough grounds into that reusable Keurig filter to make my strong coffee the machine gets plugged. The tiny hole the hot water drips from gets plugged with the wet coffee grounds as its brewing. For this, my husband found a piece of wire that now hangs by the machine for clearing out the plugged hole.

Coffee and its preparation has quite a significant place in our home! What seems to work best now is a single serve French Press. We can each make our own coffee the preferred strength and nothing gets plugged or has to be watched as it runs into my cup first. We also have Espresso makers, but much as I like strong black coffee, I don’t drink Espresso unless it is in a Latte.

I really appreciate a good cup of strong flavourful black coffee, but I wondered if it was good for me. I did some reading by the Mayo Clinic. My conclusion after reading several pieces is that it is fine to drink some coffee. It seems like it may increase my lifespan and keep my cardiovascular system healthy. Naturally this is not true if I drink too much coffee. It may give me some protection against type 2 diabetes and liver diseases. It might even improve my mood and my brain function. Now those last two really seem true in my experience. My mood lifts and my brain kicks into gear with that first cup of coffee every morning. Sugary coffee drinks do not have a lot of health benefits due to all the sugar and fat that is added. Luckily, I like strong rich black coffee.

I have learned that only a few restaurants make a good cup of coffee. Once I know a restaurant serves weak coffee, I never try their coffee again. I may eat there if someone else chooses too, but I won’t order coffee. Knowing I can get a good cup of strong black coffee is certainly a drawing card for me when choosing where to eat.

When I am not at home and just want a good cup of black coffee I choose Tim Horton’s. If the line is too long at Timmy’s, McDonald’s is quite a good second choice. It may surprise some, but their coffee is quite strong and flavourful. We go on long road trips and coffee requires a second stop. Buying a cup of black coffee at a gas station is never an option.

Everyone has their own taste preferences. I don’t think there is one brand of coffee that could be called the best. We have bought every brand of coffee, many varieties of each brand and every grind of coffee in our quest to find the best. We have ground our own coffee beans and bought coffee from various exclusive coffee shops. Finally we settled on some super market brands that are pretty good and we watch for them to go on sale. We never forget to buy coffee. We may run out of bread, but we can always make a great cup of black coffee at home.

A few years ago this long process of discovering our favourite tasting coffee was enough. We found what we liked the best, made sure it was always on hand and enjoyed a cup of rich black coffee daily. Lately I have been reading a lot about shade grown coffee, sustainable coffee and fair trade coffee. My daily cup (or cups) of black coffee have become much more complicated. I want the people who grow my coffee to be able to make a living. I want the land where my coffee grows to be sustainable and able to produce food for generations. I want forests to remain untouched throughout the world so we all can continue to have oxygen to breath, and to prevent soils from being washed away.

I want all of these things but I have not figured out which brand of coffee is going to give me a great tasting cup of black coffee and sustain the land, preserve the forests and pay the workers.

I guess I know what my next mission is. I will research where coffee is grown in the shade and other aspects of being a responsible consumer of delicious black coffee. I hope I can still afford to be a coffee drinker once I learn this!

Of course I will also have to study what sort of package is used. That must use the least resources as well and what it does use must be recyclable.

That is enough. Time for a hot rich cup of black coffee.

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