What is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea for Flat Tummy & Weight Loss?

Green tea, all-natural, can help you impeccably if used properly. However, along with the other benefits, green tea can be highly helpful for your weight loss. But if you keep drinking green tea without knowing about the best time to drink green tea for a flat tummy, it will not provide you the required output.

So, today, we will deal with the ideal time for drinking tea and how it can help you reduce your weight and extra fat within months!

Drinking it more and more won’t help you. But drinking it wisely will sure make it work for you. Be patient and check out how you can make the best use of your green-tea love! Let us begin!

What is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea for Flat Tummy

When to Drink Green Tea for Flat Tummy?

Here are some specifically mentioned times for drinking green tea to get a tight and perfect tummy. People often confuse it but from now on, you won’t.

The Day

The best thing you can do when it comes to losing weight and getting a flat tummy is to get the drink for your morning. In the morning, we stay drowsy and don’t want to wake up. And if you do not wake up, you will sleep more which will eventually result in more weight gain.

On the other hand, caffeine has the power to get you up from the bed and send you to work. This is what green tea will do! The best part is it provides the required amount of energy boost. If you are concerned about why you are not picking up coffee over green tea then you must know this one will provide amino acid L-theanine.

So, you will never get a caffeine rush! And the sustained energy will help you get a boost in the lazy morning. On the other hand, not all sorts of coffee provide you caffeine rush. If you don’t have a flat tummy, you can pick up the weight loss coffee beans too. These can save you from both fat tummy and morning drowsiness.

The Evening

Another incredible time when green tea can do magic for your tummy and weight is the evening. In the evening, when you are home from your work, you can also try this tea. However, keep in mind that the amount of caffeine you are consuming might have an adverse effect too.

Do not pick up any green tea that includes more caffeine than black tea. In the evening, you should be more careful about it. If you want to make your tummy flat, you have to go for the old and mature leaves of tea. Also, you can settle for the roasted ones.

Go for only a few leaves inside the loose leaf tea infuser and make the perfect cup of evening green tea. At times, doctors suggest having less caffeine. In such situations, you must settle for cool water. If you lessen the steeping time, it will benefit you more.


We have talked about the time but whenever it comes to workouts, people get confused about when it is the best time to drink green tea for weight loss. Some people also will tell you not to drink green tea if you work out regularly.

Don’t listen to rumors. Moreover, one of the best times for drinking this drink is when you workout regularly. However, there are confusions regarding if you need to drink it before or after the workout. The correct answer for this question is you have to drink the tea before you start the workout.

No matter you get one cup or two, it will work incredibly. You can read on surveys that if you combine caffeine with EGCG and drink it before more or less 90 minutes before you start the exercise, it will help you in weight loss. It will increase the oxidation of the tummy fat when you exercise. However, the rate also depends on the amount of EGCG.

The higher amount will help you see the result sooner. On the other hand, for this, you can also make the water a bit hotter. And, increasing the steeping time can help you a lot too. Nevertheless, the coffee that you are going to have before the workout will surely taste bitter. But it’s okay to compromise with the taste if you get a perfectly shaped flat tummy, isn’t it?


Another confusion that often rises among chubby people is when exactly should you drink green tea keeping the meal times in mind? To begin with, when the stomach is empty, green tea can do magic. The studies are a bit confusing here.

Some say that if you drink tea during eating food, it will hinder EGCg absorption. And then, there is also a saying that green tea can hinder the absorption of iron too. But we suggest you drink green tea before meals to avoid weight gain if you are completely healthy.

In cases, you might have liver problems or stomach issues. In such rare cases, we will recommend you to drink tea after the meals. Green tea has amazing power to lessening the need for food when you start eating.

When you will have green tea beforehand, your hunger will be reduced and this can be a trick to stop weight gain. Another trick that you can use is paring the tea with the right food after consulting with your doctor. It will provide an escalation to your weight loss journey.


If you want to improve digestion, green tea can be super helpful. With improved digestion, the metabolism will boost. And to do it, you can also get the tea after your meal.

After eating your food, give 30 minutes to 60 minutes for the food to get inside the body, and then you can enjoy your green tea by losing weight at the same time! According to the doctors, 3-4 cups of green tea will change your life for the best.

Wrap Up

Green tea has always been a natural element that helps you in many ways. But if you want to learn when it the right time for drinking green if you want a flat tummy, our tips, and tricks and help you out!

Go through the right time we have mentioned and you will get a flat tummy soon. Green tea with a proper workout will boost it more! All you need is a little patience! Check out our blog for more about the beverages you love! 

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