8 Best Tea Infuser Travel Mug and Bottle | Top Picks in 2021

8 Best Tea Infuser Travel MugTea is an enjoyable and healthy beverage. And there are so many different flavors of tea that you can never get bored of it. Tea contains natural antioxidants and a myriad of other benefits.

If you are trying to cut down on coffee, or other unhealthy beverages, then it’s a great alternative as well! We recommend that you have your tea with you at all times. Get the best tea infuser travel mug, and make it simple for yourself.

It’ll help you cut down on your bad habits of drinking caffeinated drinks, and also help you to save money when you need a rejuvenating drink.

We have suggestions for some good, leakless mugs right here. Check them out below!

Best Tea Infuser Travel Mug Reviews

If you are looking for a great tea infuser as you should be, then we have plenty of suggestions for you. We’ve enlisted tumblers made from a range of different materials, see which one suits you best!

1. Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser

Highlighted Features

  • The flat lid keeps the tumbler stable at all times.
  • Large capacity – can hold about 400 ml of drink
  • Doesn’t sweat or leak out to ruin your bag or clothes
  • Brews easily and quickly with the stainless steel infuser
  • Looks beautiful with the transparent glass in the middle enclosed by stainless steel top and bottom panels

Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with InfuserThis infuser is the perfect size for someone who likes to stay hydrated all day long. It is a large mug that can hold about 400 ml of liquid.

The biggest advantage of this tumbler is that you can keep it inside your bag without worrying about water sweating out and getting everything wet. The tumbler has double walls that hold the temperature constant inside and prevents sweating or leaking.

The lid on the bottle is flat, and this keeps the bottle stable even if you are traveling on shaky roads. No matter how many times you hit the bumps, everything else will shake and scatter, but this tumbler will keep your drink safe.

And with this high-quality tumbler, you are not only limited to tea. Along with any kind of hot or cold loose-leaves tea of your choice, you can expand to iced drinks, herbal tea, fruit-infused water, and even coffee.

The aroma will be so well-contained within the double-paned thick glass of the bottle, that upon opening the lid, you will be taken into a comfortable trance by the lovely fragrance of the fresh drink that it contains.

But beware, if you have friendly colleagues around you, they’ll become even more friendly when they see this beautiful transparent tumbler in your hand. But it’s okay because the tumbler can hold quite a lot of liquid. So if you are feeling kind enough to share, you’ll be able to make a lot of new friends.

2. The Lotus Glass Tea Tumbler Travel Mug & Stainless Steel Strainer Infuser Bottle

Highlighted Features

  • Stable bamboo lid that prevents leaks
  • Keeps liquid warm or cold for about an hour
  • Comes with a sleeve that soaks incidental sweating
  • The reinforced bottom panel makes the bottle travel friendly.
  • Made of a highly resilient double-paned borosilicate glass
  • Includes an easily detachable stainless strainer and infuser

The Lotus Glass Tea Tumbler Travel Mug & Stainless Steel Strainer Infuser BottleLotus has deep spiritual healing and soothing properties. No lotus was used in the making of this tumbler, but the theme of this peaceful flower runs through the appearance and the properties of this tumbler so that you get a soothing sensation when you look at it and when you drink from it.

The tumbler comes in a thick white sleeve that soaks up the sweating of the bottle. No liquid will leak out to make your bag wet, so you can carry it with you everywhere without worry.

For the preparation of the tea, you will find a strainer and an infuser inside. All the components are free of BPA, lead, other toxins, and any harmful chemicals.

This is a completely nature-friendly product that will keep your drink fresh all day long. The bottle is made of highly insulated, durable borosilicate glass.

The specialty of this glass is that it is more resistant to changes in temperature than regular glass. You can put any type of drink in this bottle, and be it hot or cold; its temperature will remain stable for about 1 hour.

Since you might use this portable infuser tumbler for travel, extra care has been taken to ensure that shaky roads don’t damage it. Thus, the bottom glass has been reinforced so that it’s stronger and more resilient to the bumps of rough roads.

The lid is made of bamboo, which has antimicrobial properties. It has been carefully designed to prevent leaks. Inside this bamboo lid, your tea will stay hygienic and protected.

Overall, with its chemical-free construction, beautiful design, portability, lightness, and the matching sleeve, this is a tumbler that you really shouldn’t miss out on.

3. Zojirushi SM-JTE46AD Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Tea Leaf Filter

Highlighted Features

  • Has a clean, nonstick finish on the surface
  • Available in two colors – pink and deep blue
  • Includes a detachable filter for brewing loose tea leaves
  • Made of stainless steel with high strength and durability
  • Can be cleaned easily due to the wide opening at the mouth

Zojirushi SM-JTE46AD Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Tea Leaf FilterIf you don’t want to risk traveling with a glass bottle, then you’re definitely going to be interested in this stainless steel construction of the Zojirushi mug. It has a non-stick finish and comes in two colors – blue and pink.

There is a tea leaf filter inside the mug. To make your tea, you simply have to put the loose leaves in the filter, and your leaves will seep through automatically. There is no other hassle to it.

The filter will help brew the tea and also hold the leaves so that they don’t get mixed in with the liquid.

Stainless steel has the best heat retention capability. So your drink will stay hot for long hours. However, you can prepare cold tea in this tumbler as well. The opening of the bottle is wide enough, so you can pour ice cubes into it without any trouble.

The lid has to be threaded into the opening – it will provide a tight seal on the bottle, and keep all the liquid inside no matter how rough the roads are that you travel on.

This bottle will definitely stay with you for a long time. The reasonable price of this tumbler and its usability are both impressionable.

And when it comes to durability, no questions need to be asked. Stainless steel is known for its durability and strength, so there’s no chance you can break this bottle.

You are safe with this leak-free bottle, and this bottle is safe with you – enjoy your drinks hot or cold and be at peace knowing that your drink will always be by your side.

4. Teabloom All-Purpose Beverage Tumbler Infuser Travel Bottle – Rose Gold

Highlighted Features

  • Has a large capacity of 480 ml
  • Perfect for coffee, tea, or flavored water
  • Comes with a 2-way infuser for hot and cold drinks
  • Stainless steel tea infuser with a chic brushed metallic finish
  • The lid closes with a vacuum seal that prevents leaks and spillage

Teabloom All-Purpose Beverage Tumbler Infuser Travel Bottle - Rose GoldIf you are into chic designs, then you’ll fall in love with this stylish two-way tumbler. It’s the perfect bottle for all occasions.

Whether it’s on-the-go coffee for the hectic morning, a calming tea for relaxing your spirits, a cold drink for those hot days, or simple fruit-flavored water, this bottle can contain it all.

The bottle can hold about 480 ml of liquid. It is made of stainless steel, so it won’t shatter. It comes with a two-way filtering infuser that will help you to make both cold and hot drinks.

Also, it’s not your standard 1mm infuser. It’s better than that – it has holes of 0.5mm, which will help you to get a finer brew than any other tumbler.

The bottle is safe and hygienic due to the strict use of harmless chemicals in its construction. No BPA or toxic chemicals were put into this bottle; it’s made purely of stainless steel that has been given a beautiful brushed finish on the surface.

You’ll get this bottle in 5 beautiful colors that won’t fade. The bottle has a streamlined design that is easy to hold and can be easily stored in the cup holder of your car.

The lid closes in on its mouth, opening with a vacuum seal that is impenetrable and inescapable. Your drink will be safe inside this bottle, and you won’t have to fear any leaking.

It’s a clean and chic system with a beautiful brushed metallic exterior that will elevate your mood every time you look at it!

5. Vibrant All in ONE Travel Mug – Tea Infuser Bottle 

Highlighted Features

  • Very durable – doesn’t break or get dents
  • Comes with a strainer and a mesh infuser
  • Has been made with toxin-free stainless steel
  • Double-walled vacuum that helps heat retention
  • Keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 32 hours

Vibrant All in ONE Travel Mug - Tea Infuser BottleYou can make your coffee/tea in this mug and also drink from it. It is the two-in-one travel mug for lovers of coffee and tea. You can also look at this mug if you like flavored water because it’s very easy to make a quick fruit infused water in this bottle.

It comes with a steeper and an infuser, and it can help you to make your drink very quickly on the go. To drink from it, you simply have to remove the attachments, and then you can simply use it as a cup.

This is a very comfortable mug to carry around. It has a powdered matte finish on the surface, which lets you have an incredible grip on it. The shape fits perfectly in the hands and makes it very convenient for casual use in the office, gym, etc.

The body of this bottle is made of stainless steel, which has a very good retention capacity. It is a double wall glass tea infuser that helps it to further maintain the temperature of the liquid.

Thus, you can trust this bottle to keep your drink at its proper temperature for about 12 hours if it’s a hot drink, and up to 32 hours if it’s a cold drink.

Also, no harmful chemicals were used for making this bottle – it is BPA free, free of lead, and any other toxic chemicals. Your drink will stay fresh for long hours, and you won’t have to throw out any of it. This is a properly sealed and safe vessel that is perfect for long journeys.

6. DOUNGURI Bamboo Tea Tumbler Mug with Strainer & Infuser

Highlighted Features

  • Clean, earthy and strong
  • Available in various sizes
  • Has a double-paned stainless steel interior
  • Free of toxins and other harmful chemicals like BPA
  • Keeps drinks hot for up to 14 hours, and cold for about 24 hours
  • The bamboo exterior gives a solid grip on the bottle even with a hot drink inside

DOUNGURI Bamboo Tea Tumbler Mug with Strainer & InfuserIf you aren’t a fan of glass or the stainless steel tumblers we have discussed so far, then this bamboo tumbler will be just right for you. And no, the whole thing isn’t not made of bamboo – that’s why it’s even more desirable!

The interior is made of stainless steel, which has a good retention capability. But with the bamboo on the exterior,  you don’t have to worry about burning your hands while carrying the mug. You don’t have to hastily throw it into your bag only to find it leaking into your bag.

The double-paned interior stainless steel can keep your drink hot for about 6 to 14 hours, and cold for about 16 to 24 hours.  The bamboo stays cool and adds to the insulation of this tumbler.

The bottle comes in three sizes – 12, 14, and 18 ounces. All of them have the same body, and all of them come with an infuser built into the strainer that is itself built into the stainless steel vacuum lid of the tumbler.

This is a very safe tumbler – it won’t produce any of those weird odors that are so often produced in such bottles. The reason for this is simply that it is completely free of BPA and toxins. On top of that, the bamboo exterior keeps the bottle free of bacteria on the outside as well.

This is an incredible tumbler that’s stylish and does its duty well.

Oh, and we forgot to mention it before, but you’ll get two long and adorable wooden spoons with it for free. They are to help you scoop up the loose tea leaves or stir honey into your tea effortlessly.

Now with all that said, we are pretty sure that you’ll love using this bottle very much!

7. Thermos 16-Ounce Drink Bottle with Tea Infuser

Highlighted Features

  • The capacity of 16 ounces
  • Free of BPA, lead, and toxins
  • Comes with an infuser built into the lid
  • Body made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Durable and strong body with proper mechanisms for smooth operation
  • Double-walled vacuum insulation retains the original temperature of drinks.

Thermos 16-Ounce Drink Bottle with Tea InfuserIf you are looking for a simple thermos to keep your drink in and have it with you all day long, then this is the bottle you need. There’s no fanciness about this bottle. It’s a plain and simple performance from here.

This thermos has double-walled vacuum insulation that can retain temperatures for a long time and keep your drink exactly how it was when it first went in.

But not for eternity – this thermos guarantees to keep hot drinks hot for about 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours.

There is a built-in infuser inside the bottle, and this is what keeps the operation so simple. The infuser is installed into the lid of the thermos. So you have to open the lid and put the loose tea leaves in and then thread it back to close the opening at the mouth.

If you are making a cold drink, you can put ice cubes in the bottle too.

The insulation will keep the temperature and all the aromas locked in so that your drink stays fresh inside.

Getting your drink out of the bottle is easy as well. The lid has a button operation, and this button can be opened and closed with a single-handed pushdown system. Upon triggering it, the liquid will swiftly flow out without any leaky liquidy mess.

8. UEndure Glass Tea Infuser Bottle & Strainer 

Highlighted Features

  • Can retain liquid temperature for 90 minutes
  • Easy to clean due to the double-ended openings
  • Comes with a black sleeve to help with portability
  • Double-paned glasses that insulate the drink from the inside
  • Simple and beautiful design with an elegant tree logo on the front

UEndure Glass Tea Infuser Bottle & Strainer This is a beautiful glass infuser bottle with an adorable logo on it. The simple yet beautiful logo will grab your attention instantly, and make you fall in love with it, and you won’t regret buying it because it’s a stylish bottle that will never age.

And this is not just a looker; it is an environment-friendly, lead-free, BPA-free bottle that will last you a long time and replace your need of paying for beverages that come in disposable cups. Now you can make your tea, coffee, and flavored water right at home and carry it with you everywhere.

Don’t worry about your tea getting cold, this bottle may look simple, but it has a solid construction. It has a thick double-walled glass that is highly insulating and will lock in all the flavors, the temperature, and the aroma inside so that none of it escapes until you open it yourself.

Your drink will stay fresh, and help you get rejuvenated all throughout the day.

There is a stainless steel infuser at the bottom. It will hold the tea leaves while it steeps through to make you the perfect tea without any hassle. You can carry your smoothies in it as well.

And this bottle is also perfect for flavoring your water with fruits inside. The transparent bottle will become extra beautiful with big colorful fruit pieces inside it.

You’ll get thirsty just by looking at it, and at the end of the day, you’ll find that you are drinking more water than usual simply because you reach out for the bottle so many times! It’s a win-win situation in our eyes, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

To top it off, it also comes with a pretty black sleeve to help you carry it around in your bag without sweating out water and getting your bag wet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way of brewing tea?

Ans: Put the loose tea leaves in the strainer and then add hot water to it, keep it for a few minutes, then remove the strainer with the tea leaves to leave the tea in the mug.

2. Are there any side effects of having tea?

Ans: Yes, having more than 800 ml of tea can cause headaches, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

3. How long does it take to steep tea?

Ans: On average, it takes about 3 to 4 minutes to steep the tea leaves completely. But this duration will depend on the type of tea leaves you’re using.

4. Should I press on the tea leaves before taking them out?

Ans: Squeezing the leaves will make the tea more bitter, so don’t do it, it will become unsavory to drink.

5. Will I get a stronger tea if I let the tea leaves steep too long?

Ans: Yes, it will be stronger, but that is because the leaves will release tannins into the tea. So, the end result will be that the tea becomes distasteful, so even though it will be strong, you won’t enjoy it.


Well, that’s the end! We hope you found the best tea infuser travel mug for yourself from this list. One that will keep your thirst quenched and your money in your pocket.

No longer will you have to spend an unreasonable amount of money for your favorite beverage when you can so conveniently carry it around with yourself.

So, get the tumbler that suits your personality best; get steeping and get sipping!

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