Best Stovetop Coffee Percolator Reviews | Top 8 Picks [Dec 2021]

Best Stovetop Coffee Percolator ReviewsEarly mornings can be pretty hectic as you rush to work or classes while having to get ready in a rush while facing traffic in the carpool lane. It is hard to imagine a house or a dorm room without a stovetop coffee percolator in such grueling times.

To make the most out of your mornings with a delicious brew of coffee while enjoying it instantly on the run, you must go through our reviews to find the best stovetop coffee percolator out there. After all, who would want to kick start their day with a bad cup of coffee?

8 Best Stovetop Coffee Percolator Reviews

Here are 8 of the most popular stovetop coffee percolators you will find available in the current market. Continue reading to find out which one will be most beneficial to you.

1. COLETTI Bozeman Stovetop Coffee Percolator

1. COLETTI Bozeman Stovetop Coffee Percolator

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable stainless steel body for high longevity
  • Follows an extraction process for a smooth coffee blend
  • Removable filters for switching between coffee variations
  • Rosewood handle to resist heat

Imagine having a coffee percolator that won’t make you have a mini heart attack every time it falls from your hand accidentally. Well, you will be getting precisely that when buying this product as it sports a stainless steel body, granting it a superior durability level than any of its competitors.

The last thing you want from your coffee percolator is coffee that states bland or unfulfilling. COLETTI ensures that you will never face this problem when using this unit as it substitutes the conventional drip method with a unique extraction process, which ensures that you get a rich flavor from your coffee.

There is a lot of dispute between coffee lovers about the superiority of grounded coffee and liquid coffee. Owning this product means that you will have the option of enjoying both as it comes with removable filters to help you switch back and forth between the two versions.

Although there’s a lot of benefits to owning this model, there are specific issues that you need to be aware of before using it. Sporting a wooden handle means that this portion of the product is bound to wear out over repeated washes and might make handling it more difficult.

2. Cook N Home 8-Cupe Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator

2. Cook N Home 8-Cupe Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Percolator

Highlighted Features:

  • Heat-resistant stainless steel cover
  • Removable filter basket for easy cleaning
  • Transparent knob to monitor product interior
  • Usable on dishwasher for easy cleaning

Brewing coffee on a stovetop coffee percolator can be a risky business if it has a body that burns up during the process. Thankfully, you will never face this issue when using this product as its stainless steel cover has the additional feature of being completely impervious to heat.

Now these devices can become dirty very quickly as the excess of the coffee beans and other ingredients stagnates on the product. Cook N Home introduced a removable filter basket made of stainless steel so that you can conveniently clean this unit and use it multiple times.

Most models typically have a metallic or opaque seal lid, making it difficult to monitor the progress of the coffee brewing and has you checking the clock constantly. However, you won’t have to keep track of time with this unit as its lid has a transparent knob so that you can quickly view its interior.

Using this one can seem very convenient; however, there are a couple of slight problems with using it. Among them, the most significant one is the rigidity of the cover, which stems from the fact that it isn’t wholly removable and tends to stick when you try to open it up.

3. Eurolox Durable Material Stovetop Percolator Coffee Maker Pot

3. Eurolox Durable Material Stovetop Percolator Coffee Maker Pot

Highlighted Features:

  • Free of Teflon and BPA for safe use
  • Stainless steel body for safely washing on dishwasher
  • Wooden handle to resist heat when handling
  • Cordless and hassle-free for outdoor use

Many coffee lovers believe that using stovetop coffee percolators is bad for health as many such products have hidden chemicals within them that can harm your body. They will be particularly satisfied utilizing this item as it is made without using Teflon or BPA so that you can safely consume your coffee.

A lot of focus went into the design of this stovetop percolator so that you can use it continuously every day for a long time without having to worry about it falling apart.

Eurolox uses stainless steel on the main body of the product, which is entirely safe for washing on a dishwasher, while the wooden handle helps you easily carry the product without feeling the heat.

Another great thing about this thing is that you can use it in an outdoor environment without worrying about any form of external factors. Since this product has no cords, you won’t have to worry about looking for a power outlet every time you want to use it, making it the perfect companion on camping trips.

In a bid to make this stovetop percolator perfectly functional in just about any scenario, very little thought was put into the finish of the product. This problem has resulted in the handle of the product being rough and requires sanding before using it.

4. Primula Today Aluminum Stove Top Percolator

4. Primula Today Aluminum Stove Top Percolator (1)

Highlighted Features:

  • Light, compact body for superior portability
  • Simple structure for convenient ingredient input
  • Sturdy aluminum body to increase longevity
  • Even heat distribution for consistent coffee quality

Imagine having a coffee percolator, which you can easily carry around just about anywhere and can serve large amounts of your favorite java. Well, you will be getting exactly that as it has an extremely compact and light body while also having the capacity to provide nine cups of brew at a time.

Typically, these coffee machines can be challenging to use as it has a very tricky ingredient entering procedure which can consume quite a bit of time.

However, you won’t face this issue when using this aluminum coffee percolator due to its extremely simplistic lower chamber and filter combination structure, which makes brewing coffee achievable in a matter of minutes!

A great feature of owning this product is how beautifully it is built so that you can achieve the perfect coffee blend. Having an aluminum body ensures that the heat will get even distribution across the entire unit so that you can get a delicious coffee flavor from every serving!

Although this one might seem like a nifty product to have around, a few inconveniences arise from using it. Cleaning out this product can be an annoying experience as it gets stains quickly and will require you to maintain it regularly.

5. GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker

5. GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker

Highlighted Features:

  • Total capacity of carrying nine cups of liquid
  • Highly compatible with various stoves for more convenience
  • Smooth ingredient integration to carry a wide variety of coffee
  • Beautiful aesthetics with a silicon gasket

Craving a cup of espresso in the morning can seem like pain as espresso makers can be pretty expensive, and you’ll have to drive over to the nearest café to get one for yourself. If you’re someone who faces this problem, then put this issue to rest by getting this model as it can make nine cups of coffee in an instant!

You will love using this product simply because of the superior convenience it provides to its users. GROSCHE ensures that you can use this thing anywhere due to its high compatibility with stoves and the wide variety of coffee you can make with it.

Another incredible perk of using this item is its build, which will allow you to make coffee in a plethora of variations. Making mocha, latte, and espresso will never be more comfortable as you can easily add all necessary ingredients in the unit and watch it make your favorite brew at varying capacities.

Most of the issues that come from using this model are its exterior. This product sports a very flimsy cover, and you will need to use it with extreme caution as a small fall is enough to create dents and scratches in its body.

6. Copco Brushed 4 to 8-Cup Stovetop Percolator

6. Copco Brushed 4 to 8-Cup Stovetop Percolator

Highlighted Features:

  • Transparent knob to monitor percolation process
  • Usable on dishwasher for fast cleaning
  • Secure handle for convenient navigation
  • Able to carry 6 coffee cups in total

Monitoring the interior of your coffee percolator can be taxing because most of them are closed off, and it isn’t easy to understand if the brewing is complete.

You won’t have to worry about this issue when using this product because it features a beautiful BPA free knob on the lid so that you can view the percolation process.

Cleaning out your coffee percolator is typically very tough because the metallic interior gets stains instantly, and wiping them out can put a strain on your hands. Copco ensures that you can solve this problem without any hassle as you can pop it into the dishwasher with ease and leave the cleaning to it.

Managing a percolator can be a tricky chore because most brands do not seem to put much thought into these units. However, this product is quite exceptional in this regard as it features a comfortable handle so that you can easily pour coffee without having to worry about spillage.

Although this one is an excellent product to have as a part of your kitchen, it does have a significant flaw. This unit’s components are flimsy, and they barely fit into the product, which might require you to make early replacements.

7. Stovetop Espresso Maker – Classic Cafe Maker

7. Stovetop Espresso Maker - Classic Cafe Maker

Highlighted Features:

  • 430 stainless steel body to resist rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with all sorts of furnaces and cookers for convenient use
  • Cylindrical body for smooth handling
  • Two chambers for easy deconstruction

Usually, these devices have poor longevity as most of them tend to get rusty or corrosive over time and can deplete in performance. However, you won’t ever have to worry about this problem as 430 stainless steel goes into making it, which prevents corrosion development and is resistive to rust.

Most low-budget stainless Steel coffee kettle aren’t made of safe materials and can be harmful to your health. You won’t worry about this problem as all the components of this problem are safe for making coffee and are also usable on a wide variety of induction cookers and furnaces.

Aesthetics isn’t something you will see these devices to have as most of them focus on durability and efficiency. Godmorn is exceptional in this regard, as this product has a beautiful cylindrical body with two different chambers and a safety valve for a convenient breakdown.

Even though you might like this product because of its convenient use, it does come with its own set of problems, which might make it seem like an unsatisfactory purchase.

The most significant issue of using this unit is that it takes relatively more time to brew coffee than most of its competitors, which might feel annoying when in a rush.

8. Aluminum Italian Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

8. Aluminum Italian Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

Highlighted Feature:

  • Wooden handle for smooth use
  • Two-story structure for fast deconstruction
  • Mish filter to extract coffee appropriately
  • Lightweight for superior portability

Think about getting a stovetop coffee percolator that doesn’t merely look like something you will find in a cabin but also a product you can easily bring out in front of guests!

This product brings your wish into reality as it has a beautiful hour-glass body with soothing green colors and a wooden handle so that you can proudly make it a part of your kitchen.

You will particularly like the interior components of this product as it is specifically made to retain the appropriate coffee taste and quality.

Liusujuan makes this product in a two-story structure with the bottom part being eligible for boiling water and the top portion sporting a mesh filter for perfect coffee extraction. This means you can enjoy delicious coffee ceaselessly.

Another great feature about this product is the fantastic portability it provides. Having an extremely lightweight of a mere 1.1 Pounds, you can easily carry this thing without having to strain out your hands or spike up the weight of your luggage too much.

Regardless of how beautiful this product might look, it has a few minor issues you need to know about. The most significant problem with using this unit is how the knob of the lid is wooden, making it difficult to keep track of the percolation process.

FAQs About Stovetop Coffee Percolator

1. What is the coffee brewing process when using a stovetop percolator?

Brewing coffee with a stovetop percolator is quite easy as all you will have to do is add all the necessary ingredients in the correct chambers and heat it up. Once the heating process is over, let it rest, and you’ll have delicious java in no time!

2. What is the ideal time to let coffee brew on a stovetop coffee percolator?

Although most brands claim that their stovetop coffee percolator can have steaming coffee ready in 6-8 minutes, we recommend waiting a bit longer. Allow the coffee to percolate for 10 minutes, and you will get the perfect cup of coffee.

3. Are stovetop coffee percolator superior to drips?

In terms of the brew, you will get an earthier and stronger flavor from using stovetop coffee percolators than drips. However, if you’re looking for a cleaner and smoother batch of coffee, the drip is the better choice.

4. What is the best way to understand if the percolation process is complete?

The best method of identifying if your brew is ready on the stovetop coffee percolator is by keeping an ear out for the sputters. The more rapid the sputters, the stronger the coffee will be.

5. Are filters usable on a stovetop coffee percolator?

Ideally, you won’t need a filter when using a stovetop coffee percolator as most of them come with a filter basket. However, some designs will allow you to add an additional layer of filter to get a weaker brew.


Getting a delicious brew of coffee to start our day is something a lot of us look forward to. Now that you have gone through our reviews, you, too, will be able to enjoy a steaming pot of coffee every day by buying the best stovetop coffee percolator for yourself!

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