8 Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle | Top Picks [Dec 2021]

Best Stainless Steel Electric KettleEver felt like having a warm beverage in the middle of the busy day to recharge before round two? Sure, you have! But chances are you declined a warm drink because making it is so tedious and time-consuming.

But that’s not the case any longer. Electric kettles are here to revitalize you and prepare that hot drink in less than 5 minutes.

Since there are so many electric kettles out there, picking one is tough. You want the best from the rest, and we are here to guide you. Our review of the best stainless steel electric kettle is guaranteed to provide the top products from the best brands. So, look no further, and read on!

Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle Reviews

Time for the reviews. We bring you the top 8 electric kettles out there and discuss each briefly. Read on to find your pick.

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle

Hamilton Beach Electric Tea KettleHamilton brings you their renowned stainless steel electric kettle, with its robust and highly efficient boiling system. This is a product engineered to impress.

To start off, the boiling efficiency of this product is over the roof. Boiling at a rate faster than the conventional microwave, this kettle is perfect if you need your cup of tea or coffee early in the morning, on a busy day.

The cord-free feature allows you to move it from place to place to serve, and this also adds to its safety. A cord can easily get in the way and might pose a hazard.

After a certain temperature has been attained, the kettle shuts off by itself. This prevents the liquid inside from boiling off and serves as a safety feature too.

With an easy to read display, you do not have to guess or open the lid to view the water level. The transparent scale is graduated with distinct markings to help you keep track.

With over 1.7 liters of capacity, that is the equivalent of 7 cups of coffee! It is also compatible with the standard power rating in homes or offices (120 V) and does not require any special converters to work. With the push of a button, you are set to go.


  • Graduated water level display for your convenience
  • Cleaning will be really easy
  • Safety button in place to prevent spillage
  • Has a high capacity of 1.7 liters


  • Not dishwasher-proof/safe.

2. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric kettle

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric kettleA 1500 W kettle from Cuisinart engineered for efficiency; the CPK 17 is a top contender for a kettle of choice for many people.

The amazing thing about this product is the different temperature settings that come with it. While most conventional kettles do not have a temperature setting, and you will have to wait for the water to cool, this product comes with 6 heat settings.

Hence, you can now heat the water for your tea or coffee to just the right level, and for just the right amount of time. User control is taken to a whole new level.

The warm mode will stabilize the temperature to an optimized level so that your water remains warm until you need it. This warm mode can keep the temperature constant for an astounding half an hour.

To prevent damage to the product’s interior, it will shut-off if the water levels drop unexpectedly lower than standard. It also comes with a sensor that will sound beeps to alert you in case this happens.

The handle is finely arched to make for a secure, yet firm grip. No matter how hot the product is on the inside, the handles will remain cool to the touch. This negates the chances of burns.

Since it’s so easy to open and use, it is equally easy to clean up. The removable filter allows you to get rid of impurities that may accumulate over time.


  • Pre-set heating modes available
  • Auto shutoff feature enabled to prevent damage
  • Keeps the water warm for 30 minutes if warm mode enabled
  • Easy to maintain.


  • The noise levels during operation are a bit high.

3. Ivation Precision-Temperature Electric Hot Water Tea Kettle

Ivation Precision-Temperature Electric Hot Water Tea KettleOne of the best-rated teapots out there, the Ivation K17S, is a unique masterpiece that delivers to the highest degree.

Equipped with 6 preset settings, simply use the touchpad controls to pick the desired temperature. Hence, you can ideally set the temperature based on the type of tea you are brewing, such as green tea, white tea, etc. This is not just limited to tea; in fact, you can use the same for coffee or instant noodles.

With a 1500 W rating, you can heat water faster than the conventional microwave, and you can heat enough water for over 7 cups of coffee or tea.

This product will not create a hole in your pocket due to high bills because of its efficient heating system. Once it reaches the pre-defined temperature, it will shut down to prevent overheating.

Because of its memory feature, you can remove it from the base, and it will still retain the preset heating parameters.

With its sleek design and sturdy build, it is incredibly long-lasting. It is also internally protected from scaling or dirt accumulation, making it all the easier to maintain.

To keep your tabletop dry during serving or pouring, the spout of the kettle has been specially designed to minimize spillage. Hence, your surroundings will remain dry and spotless.


  • Designed to minimize spillage and has a large capacity
  • Automatically shuts off if water levels drop too low
  • Is cordless and easy to move around
  • Will keep water warm for more than an hour.


  • The desired temperature must be set every time the kettle is turned on

4. Secura Stainless Steel Water Boiler And Warmer

Secura Stainless Steel Water Boiler And WarmerSecura brings you a multifunction stainless steel water boiler, with all the right functions, guaranteed to give the best performance.

To start off, the temperature controls are all computerized, and thus are easy to control. With the push of a button, you can boil water in a matter of minutes at most.

The large capacity of 4 quarts makes it ideal to have around the home or office. To make it easier to use, it comes with a dispenser switch, so you can pour yourself some coffee without having to even touch the boiler.

Built of the highest quality stainless steel, it is sturdy, strong, and of course, long-lasting. It is also engineered for safety because it has an automatic shutdown mechanism in place.

If you are worried about smudges or handprints ruining its look, then worry no more. The body is coated to ensure that it resists any type of smudges or prints, and keeps it looking in pristine form.

With its nightlight feature, it is safe to use when lights are dim, and you can dispose of the water inside easily.

Finally, cleaning and maintenance are also very simple. It has its own cleaning cycles to get rid of any scale or dirt accumulations inside.


  • Easy to remove the lid
  • Automatic cleaning to save you time
  • Resistant to smudges and handprints
  • Nightlight enabled to use in dim light settings.


  • Runs on 110 V only, thus cannot be used outside the USA.

5. AICOK Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

AICOK Stainless Steel Tea KettleOne of the most durable and long-lasting electric kettles you will find, Aicok’s 1.7-liter product, will make tea making a better experience.

With 6 predefined settings to choose from, you can pick just the right temperature for your needs. For instance, green tea and French press coffee have different brewing temperatures, so you can now make both using one kettle.

Furthermore, it can keep the water warm if you enable the warm settings on the keypad. This will make the product retain the warm temperature for over two hours, so you can run your errands before making that cup of tea or coffee.

The 1500W rating is powerful enough to provide rapid and efficient heating in under 5 minutes. Because of its memory settings, it can retain the set temperature for 90 seconds as well.

The 304 stainless steel body is the epitome of quality. This product is more long-lasting than its other steel counterparts due to the 304 steel alloy. It is even corrosion and rust-resistant, so its looks will not wear off.


  • Made of high quality 304 Steel
  • Has memory function to retain temperature settings
  • Heating achieved in 5 minutes
  • Auto shut off feature to prevent damage.


  • The plug needs to be grounded for safety.

6. Electric Kettle 1.7L with Temperature Control & Keep Warm Function

Electric Kettle 1.7L with Temperature Control & Keep Warm FunctionBonsenkitchen brings its 304 stainless steel kettle with boil-dry protection. This is a product truly worth the money.

With a temperature range between 104 and 212 Fahrenheit, this product allows for precise and accurate temperature control. You can adjust the temperature based on the type of drink or beverage you are preparing so that you can get the best out of it.

The safety feature of this product has been well-engineered, and this has been done to maximize safety. It will shut off once the desired temperature you set has been reached and will do the same if there is no water inside. This prevents any dangerous situations from arising.

With its 1.7 liter capacity, boiling water takes a little over 3 minutes or at most 5 when full. The filter traps impurities in the water, and the mouth passes clean filtered water through to the cup.

The clear display on the side of the product will ensure that water levels can always be monitored. Furthermore, the scale is graduated to help you make out exactly how much water needs to be added.

It has been endorsed to be free of BPA, and since it is made of stainless steel of grade 304, it has premium quality steel in it.


  • Does not leech out harmful chemicals when boiling water
  • Large temperature range facilitates accurate temperature control
  • Can be taken off the base easily
  • Easy to clean after use


  • Lack of memory function means you have to set the temperature every time you use it.

7. Electric Kettle Temperature Control 1.7L Double Wall Keep Warm

Electric Kettle Temperature Control 1.7L Double Wall Keep WarmThe 120V fast boiling electric kettle from Kiket has been engineered to suit the needs of today. If you are having a busy day, this kettle, with its amazing features, will revitalize you and give the push you need.

Coming in with very precise and accurately calibrated temperature controls to enable you to set the perfect temperature to brew your tea or coffee.

With its double-walled design, it is well insulated against heat loss or transfer. Hence, no matter how hot the water is inside, your hands will remain unscaled and cool to the touch.

This product can keep the water inside it warm for an astounding six hours! This is because it is equipped with the latest keep warm function, a type of setting optimized to hold the temperature constant.

Since it is made of 304 stainless steel, it is completely safe and will not leak toxic or harmful chemicals into the water. This guarantees the safety standards of the highest caliber.

If you need to take it off the base, the memory function allows it to store the predefined settings for up to 3 minutes. Once returned, the old setting will be restored, and the product will act to stabilize the temperature.


  • Automatically shuts down when the desired temperature is reached
  • Made of material that has been endorsed for safety
  • Can retain heat for 6 hours
  • The double insulation layer cuts down heat loss significantly.


  • Heavier than usual, weighing in at 2 pounds.

8. OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle

OXO BREW Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over KettleThe electric pour over kettle from Oxo Brew blends a classical teapot look with the latest temperature control technology. Now, you can have a piece of classical and technology fused together right in your kitchen.

With a range of 41oC and a scale of 40 to 100 degrees Celcius inclusive, you will have the option to set any temperature between moderate and boiling.

The spout of the kettle is exquisitely curved and arched, so that the waterfalls in a neat, uniform column, with no spillage.

The base that heats the kettle is detachable for the product, so you can carry the kettle around the room to refill it or empty it.

Because it is equipped with a timer, it will shut down once the desired temperature has been attained. This will prevent overheating from occurring, and thus protect the product from damage.

With a 30-minute heat retention period, you can run your errands after heating the water and still come back to find warm water for your tea or coffee.

Finally, the cleverly designed handle is well insulated and easy to hold. The grip is firm without being uncomfortable or rigid.


  • Large heating scale for your convenience
  • Comfortable handle for grip
  • Can prevent itself from overheating
  • Detachable from a heating pad.


  • The water level cannot be monitored from the outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time to answer any questions you may have. This section has been tailored to be informative yet succinct.

1. Can I wash my electric kettle in a dishwasher?

Ans: The majority of electric kettles are NOT dishwasher proof. Since they are easy to clean by hand, do not put them in a dishwasher.

2. Are electric kettles economical?

Ans: This depends on the brand. But most are made to comply within standard electricity consumption regulations and will not strain the grid.

3. Is there a chance of leakage?

Ans: Leakage may occur due if the body has any cracks. This may happen if the kettle is handled roughly or carelessly. So be careful to use it safely.

4. Are there any health hazards associated with boiling water in electric kettles?

Ans: Not at all! They are tested rigorously for hazards, and no harmful chemicals are used as a coating inside or out.

5. How can I safely dispose of a broken or old electric kettle?

Ans: Take it to a recycling center or any place that is specialized to handle the electric waste. Don’t throw it in a trashcan, as there is a chance of explosions.


Over 15 billion dollars are generated annually from the sale of electric kettles globally, and this number is expected to rise. Because of their efficiency and user-friendliness, they have replaced conventional heating methods.

After reading this article, you no doubt realize their usefulness and why getting one is so beneficial. Hence, don’t hesitate any longer; go get yourself the best stainless steel electric kettle you can find, and brew that overdue coffee! Until next time!

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