5 Best Outdoor Coffee Table Reviews | Top Picks [Dec 2021]

Best Outdoor Coffee TableDrinking coffee every day is not a habit we promote, but we do promote the act of finding joy in the little things of life.

Coffee has made a special place in our lives due to the hectic nature of our daily schedules. It’s one of the few luxuries that we can still freely enjoy without going out of our way.

This is why we urge you to get the best outdoor coffee table you can find and set it up at home. A beautiful patio setting for having coffee in the morning will freshen you up and get you ready for the activities in the day.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some beautiful coffee tables that will make a perfect corner in your patio.

Best Outdoor Coffee Table Reviews

The market is filled with options – if you start looking, you won’t know where to stop. So, before you get confused with the huge array of coffee tables out there, take a look at our top favorites right here. See what you like – this might just save you many long hours of aimless searching.

1. Grand Patio Round Steel Patio Coffee Table

Grand Patio Round Steel Patio Coffee TableMinimalism is on trend nowadays. Minimal furniture is very easy to maintain, and they look good in practically any environment they are kept in. So, if you are on and up with this trend, you’re going to like this round and modern outdoor coffee table from Grand Patio very much.

It comes in three different colors. But the black one has been the top favorite among buyers. It has a design that’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

There’s enough space on this table for a decorative vase along with a book and cups of coffee for you and your company.

This table has been built to last. The primary element of construction is heavy-duty steel that can bear loads of up to 50 pounds. This solid base structure has been coated with powder to make it safe from all sources of potential damage.

Due to the protection of the surface layer, this chair is truly weather-resistant – that means it’s also UV-protected and rust-free. But besides these environmental threats, the smooth surface of this powder-coated steel is also safe against the dangers of peeling and rotting due to human damage.

Another thing that is quite unexpected but a very welcome aspect of the design of this chair is that it has plastic legs.

Yep, that’s right. The four legs of this beautiful steel tabletop are made of plastic and not just any weak plastic, of course. It’s made with heavy-duty plastic that neither gets soft nor discolored with time.

But the best part about plastic legs is that they don’t leave scratch marks on the floor. In fact, there will be no scratches at all due to the weight distribution through the table.

So, if you are looking for a minimal trendy looking table that will never age or get damaged, then you should really consider getting this chair for your patio or your balcony.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight and easy-to-clean
  • Can bear up to 50 pounds of weight
  • Resistant to UV rays, rain, and stain
  • Solid steel structure with a powder coat on top
  • Feet made with plastic to prevent scratches on the floor.

2. Tangkula 32 Inch Outdoor Patio Table

Tangkula 32 Inch Outdoor Patio TableWith a tempered glass on top, and steel legs running from the center down to the bottom in an elegant curve, this table is a vision everywhere. But you’re probably going to like it mostly outdoors, maybe in your patio or even in your backyard all out in the open.

This table truly looks beautiful and pleasantly invites you to sit around it with your friends and enjoy an evening drink.

Sunlight is no problem with this as it comes with an umbrella placement that will hold up your big canvas umbrella perfectly straight and let you enjoy a refreshing time underneath it. The high temperatures cannot harm you, and neither can rain or wind blow it away because of the perfectly sized hole in the center.

The table itself is made of premium steel – the entire frame is built carefully to withstand pressure and external forces. Even the tempered glass and the rest of the hardware are of great quality – you can expect this table to be ultra-firm, rust-proof, and weather-resistant.

There will be no wobbles to deal, no shaking either. You can fill your cup to the brim and keep it on the sturdy table without any fear of spilling or making a mess. Regardless, if you do happen to spill some, you can just use a soft wet cotton cloth to wipe it all off. The smooth glass of the tabletop really doesn’t take much maintenance to be kept in its perfect condition.

Overall, it will last you a long time.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Has an umbrella installation hole in the center
  • Can tolerate high temperatures, UV rays, and rain
  • Legs are widely spaced to keep the table firm and sturdy
  • Tempered glass and leg-design makes this a great looking table

3. Giantex Round Rattan Wicker Coffee Table

Giantex Round Rattan Wicker Coffee TableWicker rattan furniture has a special taste about them that never gets boring. No matter whether it’s old furniture or new, wicker will always feel like home and get that warm appreciation from anyone who sees them. With respect to the tradition of wicker weaving, the steel frame of this coffee table has been entirely woven with wicker.

The structure has been built to last – its frame is very intricately designed, and the overall appearance is also top-notch. This is the perfect outdoorsy furniture for your patio. It looks fresh, like it belongs to the open air.

It has quite a neutral color that goes with most of all types of surroundings but looks especially good around plants. If you have plants in your patio, this table is definitely going to fit right in place with them.

You’re going to love having this around. It has all the attributes of any regular steel patio table you see – it’s highly tolerant to the high temperatures that we’ve been getting recently, and it’s completely waterproof as well as rust-resistant.

Maintaining the cleanliness of this table isn’t difficult because, in the middle sits a glass that’s smooth and easy to wipe clean. However, you will have to take care to see that nothing spills onto the border of wicker around the glass – that part will admittedly be a bit trickier to clean.

One thing you are greatly going to enjoy about this table is that it has a second smaller shelf under the top glass shelf. And on this shelf, you can keep books and magazines for your guests to pick up and read while they await that beautiful cup of fresh coffee you’re making for them.

All in all, it’s a very lightweight table that can manage its weight well and withstand strong forces of wind while still being easily transportable.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a tempered glass on the top shelf
  • Lightweight and yet very sturdy due to its build materials
  • resistant to externally damaging forces like UV rays and water
  • Has a lower shelf for conveniently holding books and magazines
  • Beautiful wicker rattan open-weave patterns add character to any space

4. Rattaner Wicker Outdoor Coffee Table – Double Layer Table Furniture with Storage

Rattaner Wicker Outdoor Coffee Table - Double Layer Table Furniture with StorageRound tables are fine, but they can entertain fewer people than the regularly shaped rectangular tables. So, if you want a rectangular table for a bigger bunch of people in your patio, then go with this rattan wicker table from Rattaner.

The table has a very simple, straight-forward design. But it’s a very sturdy design that will hold up for many years and will basically never rot either. The wicker is weaved between the legs of the table so that it’s all enclosed by the structure.

The top of the table is tempered glass – it’s transparent and high quality. The thick glass will stay firmly in place upon the wicker top without budging so that you don’t have to worry about any hazards from it.

The glass is very easy to clean, so accidental spills won’t be a problem for you to dread anymore.

There is a shelf below, and this shelf is also tightly weaved with a thick layer of rattan. Being rectangular, the shelf and the tabletop are both of the same sizes. So, there is a lot of space in both places for you to keep your books and magazines.

The table is entirely rust-resistant. The steel frame underneath has been completely weaved over with rattan, and the rattan has been painted with weather-resistant paint to make sure that it’s sealed tight against all the forces of nature.

Given this design feature, you can keep this table out in the open during rain and storm. But to be on the safe side, we would definitely recommend you to bring them inside.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a thick tempered glass of quality on top
  • Completely weather-resistant and rust-proof
  • Plenty of space for storage on top and on the shelf below
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Powder-coated solid steel frame holding the table together

5. Christopher Knight Home Zion Outdoor Industrial Acacia Wood Coffee Table with Iron Frame

Christopher Knight Home Zion Outdoor Industrial Acacia Wood Coffee Table with Iron FrameThis gorgeous light acacia wood table is going to look divine in a big open space – if you have a big patio, then this is the table for you. We don’t say because of the size of the table, but because of how it looks.

The dimensions are quite regular with table – 32.5 inches in both depth and width, while it stands 18 inches high. This is pretty regular for patio tables in general. However, the top is completely made with wood, and the wood has been cut into layers – no other paint covers the top surface.

The four legs of the table point slightly outwards, and each leg is made up of three iron bars held together. This gives the table a rustic, laid down appearance that complements big spaces very well to make them feel more comfortable and relaxing.

Also, the legs end at a tiny circular plate of iron bent into shape and polished to be smooth. Due to this plate, it’s easy to reposition the table without getting scratches on the ground.

All the materials used to make this table are superior in quality – the legs are made of iron, and the top is made of acacia wood. This wood is very dense, and it doesn’t get scratches easily. The color and the grain are both classics, and they look very stylish, no matter where they are kept.

Another great thing is that this wood doesn’t soak up water that easily, and therefore, you can keep this table outdoors in the sun and rain without having it deplete in front of your very eyes.

Moreover, the table has been given a weather-resistant finish on all surfaces, and that goes a long way in protecting it against external damage.

Highlighted Features

  • The iron legs are sturdy, firm, and strong
  • Great looking table that makes any outdoor space look amazing
  • Water-proof and damage-resistant wood has been used for the top
  • A circular plate caps the legs and makes it easy to reposition the table

Buying Guide For Outdoor Coffee Table

There are a few more factors that go into consideration after the appearance of the table is kept aside.

You can get the most beautiful table in the market, but if it doesn’t last, it’s of no use. So, let’s take a look at those much-needed factors to help you find the best outdoor coffee table sets.

Size Matters

Buying a coffee table is not as random experience as it may seem at first thought. In fact, you have to take its size into account in relation to the size of the patio, and the size as well as the height of the chairs you’ll set up around it. So, there are three kinds of sizes that you have to keep in mind.

The Shape of the Table

The most popular coffee tables are rectangular in shape. They have been in our grandparents’ houses for the longest time, and they probably bring very comfortable feelings to all of us. So, you might opt for a rectangular one – in that case, you’ll definitely have a lower shelf to keep your books on. There’s a convenience for you.

But it might also be a bit mundane for your house, and if you do feel that way and want to trend it up a bit, then you have to get yourself a funky shaped tabletop.

There are all kinds of polygons that are now being cut out for making tabletops. They would add a lot of character to your house for sure.

However, if you want the best of both worlds, then you can also go for tables that have a circular top – these ones are not outrageously funky, and neither are they boring.

We think they’re a safe middle ground to be on, and a lot of these tables come with lower shelves as well. So, look at a lot of different shapes and before you finalize your decision.

Feet Support

By this, we mean sturdiness, the number and quality of legs to the table, and their strength in balancing the weight of the tabletop and its shelves.

Another awesome thing that you must never, never, never overlook is the underfoot. Well, a table without side stretchers or a center brace is quite frankly, nightmarish. Especially if you want to sit and relax there for a long time.

Your feet need to rest, and it is also medically suggested that keeping your feet resting on the center brace will give you posture and health benefits.

Basic Core Framework

Other than that, you should also look at the basic framework of the table. The core structure is usually made of solid steel with these tables. But sometimes, they are made with iron – and that’s even better.

Make sure that you check all the individual materials that went into the making of each part of the table. The wood, the wicker, the glass, the iron, and steel should all be separately strong enough – otherwise, your table won’t last you long.

FAQs About Outdoor Coffee Table

1. Is aluminum a good material for the main frame of an outdoor coffee table?

Ans: Yes, aluminum is lightweight but very strong – this is a winning combination for outdoor furniture.

2. Should I take my outdoor furniture inside when it rains?

Ans: Yes, we would advise you to do so even if your furniture is rust-free and weather-resistant. It’s not a good idea to test the quality of furniture by letting it soak in the rain.

3. Is powder coating on steel or iron reliable enough?

Ans: Yes, powder coats usually stay on for about 20 hours on average. So, we think it makes a worthy difference to your table.

4. Is powder-coated steel better than painted steel?

Ans: Yes, and especially for outdoor furniture. Powder coat bonds and clings to the surface of the table tops, whereas paint starts peeling too quickly under heat or rain.

5. What are the most trendy coffee tables right now?

Ans: Rustic coffee tables are very much in right now. The nice and timeless look of a rustic coffee table just seems to compliment most households at the moment.


Coffee is not just a luxury anymore but also a necessity.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to buy the best outdoor coffee table, create a separate sacred place where you can sip on your favorite drink, and start your day the right way.

We hope this article was able to help you get some good home decor ideas as well!

Hope you enjoy your coffee and your coffee table even more!

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