5 Best Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Reviews | Latest Picks [Feb 2022]

Best Loose Leaf Tea Infuser ReviewsTea time is our favorite time of the day. It’s when we can relax our mind and spirit.

Now, it is common knowledge that loose tea and tea bags give out very different tastes and flavors to the tea. If you are a tea lover, we know that you love loose tea more. For a real good brew with loose tea, what you need is a good infuser.

So keeping that in mind, here we have gathered 5 tea infusers from the market. Let’s keep reading to find out which among them is the best loose leaf tea infuser for you. Invest in one, and thank yourself for it every evening. Now without further ado, let’s dive into that list.

5 Best Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Reviews 2021

We are very excited to be talking about these tea makers here. Go through them; we know you’ll love them for sure!

1. Loose Leaf Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set – Glass Teapot

Highlighted Features

  • The strainer is made with stainless steel
  • Comes with 4 glasses, 1 kettle, and 3 tea bags
  • The strainer is nearly as long as the depth in the kettle
  • All the cups are double-walled
  • The kettle has the capacity to make 35 ounces of tea

Loose Leaf Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set - Glass Teapot

This is a cup that’s going to make you look more organized than you are. First of all, the set comes with an all-inclusive surprise. So, not only are you getting an infuser here but a whole set of tea necessities – there will be a kettle, four matching cups, and three bags of three different types of tea.

The kettle has a strainer inside that is made with stainless steel. You have to put the loose tea leaves inside this strainer and then add water to the container. The tea will seep out of the leaves, and once that is done, all you have to do is get the whole strainer out by pulling it out by the handle.

Using the strainer is super convenient. The capacity of the kettle is about 35 ounces, which approximates the amount of tea that is served to 4 people. The strainer reaches all the way down to the bottom of the kettle, so you can make 2 cups of tea in it without wasting any water.

The kettle is made with borosilicate, which has a high capacity for heat retention. Thus, this kettle is safe for stovetops, microwave ovens, and dishwashers. Although, as tea lovers, we don’t recommend this, in case your tea goes cold, it would be completely safe to reheat it in this kettle.

Also, the four cups that come in the kit are all double-walled. These thick vacuumed walls are going to keep your tea hot for a long time, so you wouldn’t need to reheat it anyway.  

2. GROSCHE Valencia Personal Sized Tea pot 20 oz. / 600 ml Tea maker

Highlighted Features

  • The middle portion of the teapot is made with borosilicate glass
  • The base is made with silicone, and so is the handle
  • Makes two for only 2 people
  • The diffuser is made with high quality 18/8 stainless steel

GROSCHE Valencia Personal Sized Tea pot 20 oz. 600 ml Tea maker

This is the perfect teapot for the busy tea addict. It has a capacity of only 20 ounces. We call this a private teapot because it will make tea for a maximum of only two people. If your tea urges surge up while you’re working at your desk, then this is the perfect device for you to get.

It is very small, so it won’t take up much space at all. Keeping it around is convenient because even though this teapot is made with glass, it has a super resilient design feature that saves it from shattering to bits in case it falls.

The middle part of the teapot is made with glass, but the bottom is made with silicone. The silicone bit actually creates a good amount of pressure through the pot and holds it together even if it gets hit on impacts.

Essentially, you will find that your teapot will last you a long time.

This is a great tea maker owing to the diffuser that’s inside it. The diffuser is made with stainless steel. It’s very easy to clean, and it also drops to the very bottom of the teapot so that water at the very bottom of the kettle also gets a rich diffusion of tea.

After your tea is made, pour it directly into the cups for drinking. No need to strain it separately because the lid already has a secondary filter that does that job for you. Everything about this teapot has been designed to make it easier for you to quickly make tea for yourself while you’re busy.

3. Bamboo Tumbler with Loose Leaf Infuser and Strainer

Highlighted Features

  • Free of BPA
  • Has a capacity of 17 ounces
  • Contains a small stainless steel strainer inside
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Looks very nice and can be carried everywhere
  • Will keep drinks hot for 12 hours and will keep cold drinks for 24 hours

Bamboo Tumbler with Loose Leaf Infuser and Strainer

If you are a tea lover who likes when things are super convenient and easy, then this tumbler is really going to impress you. This is a tumbler on the go that can also be used to make tea. Isn’t that the greatest thing ever? Well, we are completely obsessed with it.

So this is one of those popular bamboo tea tumblers that you see everyone raving about.  The bamboo helps to retain the initial temperature of your tea for a long time. Hot tea will stay hot in it for about 12 hours, whereas cold tea will stay exactly at its first temperature for about 24 hours straight.

Due to the bamboo covering the entire perimeter of the thermos, there will be no spills either. The tumbler is entirely spilling and splash-proof.  

The whole thing is entirely free of BPA, which makes it safe for your health as well. There is a strainer inside that can be pulled out very easily because of the thin handle attached to it.

Please note that the strainer is quite small, so when you are making tea in this tumbler, you need to pull it with water all the way up to the top; otherwise, the tea won’t seep through into the water.

The tumbler has a capacity of 17 ounces, which will nicely last you the entire day and will also let you share with friends.

Another good thing about this tumbler is that it looks gorgeous; it’s lightweight and easy to hold. You will be able to carry it along with yourself wherever you go.

4. Paracity Glass Tea Tumbler Glass Infuser Bottle

Highlighted Features

  • Made with borosilicate glass
  • The lid has a silicone seal in it
  • Has a mesh filter inside to separate the tea scatters
  • Very easy to carry because its lightweight
  • Looks good on the outside and works well too

Paracity Glass Tea Tumbler Glass Infuser Bottle

Here we have something that will catch your attention no matter what! This is a transparent tumbler made with borosilicate glass that doesn’t shatter easily and can resist a huge amount of heat energy. This glass really is safe for storing hot drinks, and it can also withstand the pressure created from cold drinks as well.

The tumbler is double-walled so that heat doesn’t escape it too quickly. This tumbler will keep your drinks fresh for a long, long time.

It has a filter mesh for holding the tea leaves and distributing their flavor into the water. The filter is made with stainless steel and is easily washable.

The lid of the tumbler is leakproof. It has a stainless steel lid that needs to be threaded into the tumbler. The lid also comes with a silicone seal that will keep the threading tight and save your tea from spilling out at all. 

You can keep the filled tumbler in your bag all day without any worries. This is the perfect hassle-free tumbler for someone who appreciates tea very much and is always on the go. 

5. bonVIVO TEMPA Loose Leaf Tea Infuser – Removable Stainless Steel Strainer

Highlighted Features

  • Can hold about 51.2 ounces of tea
  • Comes with a big stainless steel strainer
  • Makes many cups of tea all at once
  • Has a handle which makes it easier to use
  • Many spill-proof features have been built into it

bonVIVO TEMPA Loose Leaf Tea Infuser - Removable Stainless Steel Strainer

This here is another gorgeous loose leaf tea infuser bottle that is going to make your life look more sorted out while also supporting your tea drinking habits.

The whole pot is circular except for the base and lid. There is a big strainer inside it, which is made of stainless steel.

This strainer will let you keep a lot of tea leaves inside, and you will be able to make a very strong tea with it. The strainer is bigger than the other infusers we have discussed here. So if you are a fan of strong tea, then get this for yourself.

You can remove the strainer any time and clean it after you’re done so as to avoid the perforations clogging up.

The lid of the teamaker is copper in color. This is going to make your teapot stand out even more. All the guests are going to ask about it, so be prepared for that!

Speaking of guests, you can invite many of them over for tea now because this tea maker can make many cups of tea all at one go.

You cannot put this teapot on the stovetop even though it looks a bit traditional by design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should loose-leaf tea be brewed for?

You can brew it for about 1 to 1.5 minutes in general.

2. Does tea have an expiry date?

Well, technically, it does. Tea will lose its flavor and taste when it has been kept for too long a time.

3. How to know if tea leaves have expired?

Their smell will smell to have disappeared or reduced to tiny hints.

4. Is loose tea leaves more expensive than tea bags?

Yes, of course. First of all, it tastes better, and secondly, it can be used to make tea more than once.

5. Do loose tea leaves have better quality?

Yes, it does. The tea and the aroma also seem much better than tea made with bags. 


So that’s all from us today. Hope you had no trouble finding the top loose leaf tea infuser for yourself from this list here that we have curated so carefully. Experiment with many different flavors, and you will soon enough find your favorite tea of all time. Until then, cheers! Have fun drinking the best tea ever.

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