5 Best Electric Coffee Percolators | Expert’s Recommendations

Best Electric Coffee PercolatorsWhat is the first thing you need every morning? Are you the type of person that cannot function without a cup of coffee? Maybe, you need more than one cup to get through a busy day.

Percolators are a classic device that stood the test of time across generations. It was invented even before your grandfather’s time, but it is still a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.

If you’re searching for the best electric coffee percolator, we’re delighted to tell you that you’re in the right place. This is where you will find all your questions answered.

Take a look below to find out which of these percolators on our list is suitable for you!

Best Electric Coffee Percolator Reviews in 2021

Now we will dig into all the advantages and disadvantages of each product on our carefully curated list. Here are our reviews of the products:

1. West Bend 54159 Electric Coffee Percolator

Highlighted Features

  • Caters to both small and large number of people
  • Light indicates when the coffee is ready
  • Keeps coffee warm even after it has been unplugged
  • Handle and base are heat-resistant
  • Dishwasher safe and some parts are removable 

West Bend 54159 Electric Coffee PercolatorOne of the amazing products in West Bend’s collection of kitchen appliances is this stainless steel electric coffee percolator. What does it have to offer? Most importantly, it is capable of making 12 cups of coffee in one go. But don’t worry if you don’t need such a huge volume of coffee because only two cups can also be made.

When it’s time to serve, just unplug it from the switch and pour the coffee into a cup. You’ll know when to turn the percolator off because the indicator light automatically turns on once your required cups are brewed. Make sure to then turn it off.  It will keep your drink warm for a while.

Both the handle and bottom part of the percolator can withstand high temperatures. So you can touch them and transfer the liquid safely without any fear of getting injured. The coffee level is marked on the handle for you to understand how much coffee you need for a certain number of guests.

Just add your preferred coffee grounds to the filter basket, and the rest will be taken care of by the device. Since it is quite powerful, it takes very little time to brew coffee. It is dishwasher safe, but if you want to hand wash it, that is also possible as some of the parts are removable.

2. Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator Coffee Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Serves 12 hot and delicious cups of coffee
  • The detachable cord is added for portability
  • The glass lid can be twisted off easily and used to see the coffee-making process
  • The light indicator is available to notify the user when the coffee is ready
  • Can be used for both making coffee and heating water

Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator Coffee MakerA top-notch product from Hamilton Beach is its coffee percolator that can prepare 12 hot cups of coffee that tastes incredibly delicious. The sleek, heavy-duty stainless steel construction is a nice touch and classy addition to your kitchen. It has a long lifespan, so it will keep on serving good coffee for a long time.

For the user’s convenience, there is a detachable cord so you can carry it from place to place. The gentle warm heater keeps the coffee warm even after it is done brewing. The lid is made of glass, so you can watch as your coffee brews, then twist it open for serving purposes.

You can easily pour the drink out of the percolator by holding the cool touch handle. The no-drip spout ensures that the coffee pours without any hassle instead of spilling everywhere.

The light indicator is activated when the percolator has finished brewing your coffee. So you don’t have to stand near, check multiple times, and worry about burning it.

On the viewing window, coffee and water measurement markings are included, which means you can also heat water in it for other drinks such as tea or hot chocolate.

Cleaning is the easiest task of all as it is dishwasher safe. There is no possibility of any residual dirt or discoloration to occur even after repeated washes.

3. Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Electric Percolator

Highlighted Features

  • Brews 12 cups of coffee at maximum
  • The bottom part stays cool so that it doesn’t stain your countertop
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel and weighs less than 3 pounds
  • Indicator light notifies you when the coffee is ready
  • Makes a subtle percolating sound

Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Electric PercolatorA regular cup of Joe in the morning is refreshing. But bold, percolated coffee served hot in your favorite mug? It will help you start any day on the best note! Bearing that in mind, Cuisinart brings you a fantastic coffee brewer- the PRC-12 to keep your caffeine cravings in check!

To begin with, this Cuisinart percolator has a simple look on the outside and barista-style finesse on the inside. It brews 12 cups of coffee in one go. This one by Cuisinart is a versatile percolator you can either keep on your kitchen countertop or bring along family trips for non-stop servings of your favorite hot beverage!

Only a high-quality coffee maker can brew original percolated coffee that brims with flavors. While a cheap percolator will over-extract both the bitter and fruity notes of your coffee, good ones like Cuisinart’s find a beautiful balance. And truth be told, it’s one of the things that set Cuisinart percolator apart from average drip-style instant coffee makers.

Most users love this coffee maker for the boldness of the brew and the soft percolating sound that it makes while preparing your cup of coffee. When you keep the percolator plugged-in, the coffee stays hot for long hours without an issue. There’s also an indicator light that lets you know as soon as your coffee is ready to serve!

4. Gastrorag Electric Coffee Percolator

Highlighted Features

  • Quickly makes 12 cups of flavorful coffee
  • Keeps drink warm and avoid turning it bitter
  • The no-drip spout is a great feature to ensure easy pouring
  • All the surfaces are heat resistant

Gastrorag Electric Coffee PercolatorWithin one minute, 12 cups of delicious coffee will be brewed. The indicator turns blue to show that your coffee is ready to be served. All you have to do now is pour it and enjoy! What more can you ask for?

The stainless steel grade construction ensures that it possesses durability, and the item weight is made to be compact. It is an excellent match for any type of interior design.

One of the striking features is its ability to keep the drink warm and ensure it does not burn or lose its taste over an extensive period of time. There will never be a chance of a bitter coffee unless that’s what you prefer.

The no-drip spout is engineered to be precise when it comes to pouring. In addition, the handle does not get affected by the changes in temperatures; it is always cool. The detachable cord allows you to moves its position anywhere in the house or carry it outside.

Besides that, all other exterior parts also remain cool and made with great attention to quality. They can withstand heat and resist slippage, discoloration, and scarring. Furthermore, no paper filters are required to minimalize waste.

5. Euro Cuisine PER04 Electric Percolator Coffee Pot Maker

Highlighted Features

  • Very aesthetic looking percolator that serves 12 cups of coffee
  • Glass knob allows you to monitor the process
  • Keeps coffee warm for a long time
  • The removable cord makes it possible to carry it elsewhere other than the kitchen
  • Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe

Euro Cuisine PER04 Electric Percolator Coffee Pot MakerIn terms of functionalities, this particular coffee percolator checks all the boxes. Unlike the conventional percolators, this one has an appealing copper look. Impress your guests with this coffee percolator that has the capacity to brew 12 cups at a time.

The cord can be detached, so you can take the percolator anywhere with you and serve hot coffee. The base and handle remain cool at all times, so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers when you touch it.

Both the knob and lid are constructed from glass so you can see how much coffee is left. The brewing indicator at the black bottom part turns blue when your coffee is ready. Hence, there is no need to set a timer or get frustrated about when the right time is to serve the drink.

Your drink is kept warm for a long time so you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee that has been made in the morning at night. The premium quality stainless steel coffee filter components are extremely easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe. The manufacturer has really prioritized comfort and convenience above all.

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Buying Guide for Electric Coffee Percolator

There are so many aspects that make a super electric coffee percolator. Here, we have narrowed it down to the most important ones:


This is on top of the list because it determines the volume of coffee that can be served by the device at a time. Depending on your daily needs, you can opt for a smaller or bigger capacity percolator. The minimum capacity is 2, and the maximum stands at 12.

Brewing Speed

It varied from one device to another, but the standard time is 4 to 5 minutes for the entire process. Any more is a sign of a bad quality percolator. There are some remarkable ones that can brew the coffee as fast as one minute. If you’re always in a rush, that is a must-have for you!


By now, you know very well that nothing beats a stainless steel percolator construction. It ensures durability and has the ability to resist corrosion, heat, and discoloration. Sometimes, the inside of the percolator is made of plastic and aluminum metal, which gives the coffee an unappetizing taste.


Usually, coffee makers are tough to clean, so people may avoid doing so frequently. That is not the case with percolators, as most of them are dishwasher safe. There are other models that allow you to remove certain parts for easy cleaning. You can then enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at any time of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best coffee for percolators?

A coarse grind coffee is ideal for percolators as the filter squeezes out the juice from the beans to give a rich tasting coffee. Using whole beans is not a good decision as the filter won’t be able to extract the flavor from them.

2. What is the difference between a coffee maker and a percolator?

Percolators are a classic way to brew coffee. They use pressure to push steam through the coffee beans, and then the piping hot water brews it many times for a flavorsome taste. On the other hand, coffee makers have a constant water cycle going on to ground the coffee several times.

3. Can the percolator only make coffee?

No. They can also make other hot beverages such as tea, milk, hot chocolate, or any other ones that can be made with a coarse grind and liquid solvents.

4. How does coffee make in a percolator taste?

As the coffee is brewed twice, it tastes stronger than your standard cup of coffee.

5. Why is the coffee from the percolator so hot?

In order to avoid a minimal extraction of the beans, the water used to brew the coffee is optimized to be hotter than normal. If you’re not a fan of that, we suggest you add boiling water into the device instead of depending on it to heat up the water.

Final Words

If you love coffee so much, why not get a percolator that brews the best tasting one on its own in a matter of minutes?

We cannot stop singing praises of the aforementioned top electric coffee percolators. You’ll know why when you get one of them. Now that you know all the things there is to learn about it, you can decide which one you want.

Get an electric coffee percolator today and enjoy a good cup of coffee!

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