Best Double Walled Coffee Mugs | Top 6 Picks in 2021

Best Double Walled Coffee MugsBeverages like tea and coffee are best enjoyed when they are taken slowly. But it’s also good to have them hot because of their health benefits.

This is why double-walled glasses are such a blessing! They look great and can retain heat for long periods so that you can take your time to enjoy your drinks.

Get the best double walled coffee mugs for yourself. Being thick, they are designed to not break easily, so invest in them – they will last for many years.

A set of these transparent cups will look good in your collection too!

We have some suggestions for you about the most worthy of these cups available in the market right now. Check them out below!

Best Double Walled Coffee Mugs Reviews

We’ve found a bunch of beautiful double-pane coffee mugs that we’re sure you’ll like very much. Let’s dive into it and see which ones are perfect for you.

Top 8 Double Walled Coffee Mugs Quick List

# Photo Title Buy
1 Coffee or Tea Glasses Set of 4-8oz Double Wall Thermal Insulated Cups with Handle Check Price
2 12 oz Glass Coffee Mugs - Set of 2 - Clear Double Wall Glasses - Insulated Glassware With Handle - Large Espresso Latte Cappuccino or Tea Cup by Eparé Check Price
3 Sweese 414.101 Large Glass Coffee Mugs - 16 oz Double Walled Insulated Mugs with Handle, Perfect for Latte, Americano, Cappuccinos, Tea Bag, Beverage, Set of 2 Check Price
4 JoyJolt Caleo Collection Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Cups (Set Of 2) -13-Ounces Check Price
5 Sweese 415.101 Glass coffee mugs - 4PCS Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Tea Cup Set with Handle, Perfect for Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, 8 oz Check Price
6 BTäT- Coffee Mug, Coffee Glass, Large, Set of 4 (16oz, 500ml), Double Wall Glass Coffee Cups, Tea Cups, Latte Cups, Glass Coffee Mug, Beer Glasses, Latte Mug, Clear Mugs, Glass Cups, Glass Tea Mugs Check Price

1. Kitchables Coffee or Tea Glasses Set of Double Wall Thermal Insulated Cups with Handles

Highlighted Features

  • Can be cleaned quickly with water
  • Free of BPA, lead and other toxins
  • Each cup holds 8 ounces of liquid
  • Safe for microwave and dishwasher
  • Made with high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Double-walled insulated glasses keep the drink hot for longer

Kitchables Coffee or Tea Glasses Set of Double Wall Thermal Insulated Cups with HandlesThis double-walled set of glasses will keep the drinks hot for all your family and friends. You will get 4 in a set so that a small bunch of you can sit together with a cozy drink in hand and chat away freely.

And don’t worry about your hot drink getting cold, because the insulated glass will keep it warm for you no problem.

The glasses are made of borosilicate, which is a compound that is completely safe for the health as it is free of BPA, lead, and any other toxins that are regularly used in the manufacturing of glassware.

These glasses are very thick and have potentially no health hazards. On top of being insulated, the borosilicate glass naturally has a high heat retention capacity.

And if you do need to warm it up, you can just put it into the microwave straightway. The shatterproof glass is safe from the potential dangers of the oven.

Everything looks good in this cup – starting from espresso to cappuccino, tea, and even fruit-infused water! Each of these cups can hold about 8 ounces of liquid, which is the perfect amount to have at a time.

When you are done, you can put in the dishwasher if you want to. But you probably won’t find that necessary because these are quite easy to clean as well.

And no matter how long you use them for, they won’t get scratches easily. They are highly resilient and durable.

2. Eparé Coffee Mugs – Clear Glass Double Wall Cup Set

Highlighted Features

  • Glass is scratch resistant and heat resistant
  • Made of double-walled hand-blown borosilicate
  • Includes 2 in a set with each holding a capacity of 12 ounces
  • Can be put into the microwave, dishwasher and the freezer too

Eparé Coffee Mugs - Clear Glass Double Wall Cup SetThese cups are simple in design, but yet they are modern. Not only in appearance – these glasses are fine in features as well. There is no double-walled set of cups that have some feature which is not present in these glasses.

These glasses have thick transparent walls made with no ordinary glass but with a durable and resilient borosilicate. Borosilicate makes amazing glassware because they are non-toxic. Many cups and mugs are often made with glass that releases toxins into the food. But with borosilicate, you won’t have any such trouble of the kind.

Cleaning these glasses is super easy with just plain water. But if the need arises, then they can be safely put into the dishwasher as well.

The specialty of the glass used here is that they have been hand-blown. This means that they are thinner, stronger, and have fewer defects than machine-made ones. This is a superior glass that can resist thermal shocks to higher levels than regular glass.

Moreover, the insulation will keep your hot drinks hot for much longer. But in case you do need to warm it up again, you can just shove it into the microwave and heat it up quickly.

If you want a cold drink, you can put the glass into the freezer too.

Each glass holds about 12 ounces of liquid, and you will get two in a set. They are very glossy, and they are not such ones that lose their gloss over time. You will be able to verify for their quality yourself when you see how well they hold up as time goes by.

Not a scratch will be there to take away their elegance, and you’re going to quite enjoy having these in your collection.

3. Sweese Double Walled Insulated Mugs with Handle

Highlighted Features

  • Cleaning with the hand is recommended
  • Looks elegant and stays glossy for life
  • Can be put into the dishwasher and microwave
  • Includes 2 large cups each with a capacity of 16 ounces
  • Made with mouth-blown borosilicate that’s tougher than machine-made ones

Sweese Double Walled Insulated Mugs with HandleIf you are a big fan of coffee and tea, you may find these large mugs very suitable for yourself merely because of their capacity to hold 16 ounces of liquid at once!

We personally think that these mugs look very elegant.

They have double glasses all along the length, but the glasses are much thicker in the lower section of the mugs, and they gradually bevel into a slightly thinner layer of double-layered glass at the top. This simple detail in the design makes the mug look much more attractive and presentable.

Borosilicate has been used to make these glasses, but not the regular one – the one here has been mouth-blown, so it’s produced in thin sheets, but the sheets are much more durable and resilient than machine-made glass.

Not to mention that borosilicate is excellent at heat retention as well. So these mugs will keep the temperature of your drink stable – hot drinks will stay hot for longer and cold drinks will stay cold for much longer as well.

These mugs are very easy to clean and maintain, as well. They are so tough that they are not likely to break even if they fall to the ground. The thick panes make them shatterproof to some extent.

You can put them into the microwave and the dishwasher without fear. Also, the big handle on the side gives you a good grip on the mugs so that you can comfortably hold the mug even when it has a piping hot espresso inside.

4. JoyJolt Caleo Collection Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Cups

Highlighted Features

  • Free of BPA, lead, etc.
  • Easy to clean – dishwasher safe too
  • Oven safe for up to 350 Fahrenheit
  • The thick double-walled glass structure is shatterproof
  • Has a uniquely curved body that will stand out in any glassware collection

JoyJolt Caleo Collection Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee CupsIf you are a bit eccentric, this eccentric mug will be to your special liking because it has a curve to it that’s not commonly seen in glassware. There is a slightly concave curve to the mug that goes away from the handle.

The mug is made of double-layered glass, and you can hold it very comfortably in your hands without any trouble. No heat will reach your hands even if the drink inside is very hot. There is a layer of air trapped between the glass panels, and this will provide deep insulation to the mug so that it can keep your tea or coffee hot for a long, long time.

You don’t have to gulp down the beverage quickly anymore. Wind down and relax with the mug in your hands.

When you are done, wash it right away by just using water. The borosilicate glass is shaped to perfection into a flat, even surface that is very easy to clean.

If you want, you can put it in the dishwasher as well, but that is not recommended.

You can put this mug in the microwave as well. This is completely safe because the glass is very durable and has a high resistance to thermal shocks.

The glass is very safe to use since it has a low hazard value – the thick panes of the mug make it unlikely for the glass to shatter even if you happen to drop it on the floor.

On top of that, no toxic chemicals were used in the construction. Thus, you can rest assured that this mug will not contaminate your drinks.

5. Sweese 4PCS Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Tea Cup Set with Handle

Highlighted Features

  • Scratch-resistant and heat-enduring
  • Can be put into the microwave and the freezer
  • A set contains 4 mugs, and each mug can hold 8 ounces
  • Recommended to be washed manually but can be put in the dishwasher as well
  • Fits into coffee makers
  • Has double-layered walls that make the mug resistant to accidental trips to the floor

Sweese 4PCS Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Tea Cup Set with HandleThis is a very lightweight mug for your espresso, cappuccino, and any other drink you like that requires to be kept at a certain temperature. You will get 4 cups in a set for a nice addition to your collection of glassware.

If you have broken a lot of cups before, then you will be relieved to some extent with the knowledge that the glass used for this mug is designed quite meticulously to be shatterproof.

First of all, mouth-blown borosilicate glass has been used to make this, and the special thing about this particular type of make is that the glass comes out thinner than usual, and yet it remains extremely resilient to heavy force. The result is that your glass will look very glossy and quite fragile from the outside, but if it falls, much to everyone’s surprise – it won’t break.

It’s a delicate-looking glass mug that is not delicate at all. We adore this combination and believe that you will too.

Each of these mugs will hold about 8 ounces of liquid when filled to the rim – the size is convenient for your coffee maker. There is no hassle of transferring the drink – it’s a one-step preparation process that is simple to comply with.

The double-walled glass not only makes the mug shatterproof, but it also maintains the temperature of the liquid that the mug holds. It will keep your coffee hot for a long time, and let you enjoy it at your own comfortable pace.

6. BTäT Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug Set of 4

Highlighted Features

  • The capacity of 16 ounces
  • Elegantly curved design with an ergonomic handle
  • Safe for the microwave, freezer and the dishwasher
  • Perfect for making nice fancy drinks with decoration
  • Made with borosilicate glass that can resist thermal shocks

BTäT Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug Set of 4If you are looking for a set of large mugs for your coffee, well, there you have it. These mugs are large, and there will be four in a set to share with 3 of your favorite people. The mugs are simple, and yet they are different – there is a curvature to them that gives them a touch of greater elegance.

Each of these mugs can hold about 16 ounces of liquid. These are the perfect mugs for decorating that big cup of hot mocha or for making your favorite ice cream sundae too. The point is, you can keep both hot and cold drinks in these glasses, and they will stay protected in their proper temperature due to the double-layered walls of the mug.

The layer is thicker near the bottom, and they thin out a bit at the top. This helps it to maintain the temperature perfectly so that your drink can retain its original flavor while you take your time to relax and sip slowly to your heart’s content.

As usual, the borosilicate glass has been used to make these mugs. We can find no negative with this especially durable and resistant glass. It is everything you want in your glassware. It’s scratch-resistant, shatterproof to a large extent, it has a high heat retention capacity, and it can also endure thermal shocks to a great degree.

If you want to warm up your drink or keep it in the freezer, then you are welcome to do both without fearing damage to the glass, because there won’t be any.

You can also put this in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning, but we recommend you wash it right away after you’ve finished your drink. Going with a manual wash is a much better alternative, according to us – it will add years to the lifetime of any glassware.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the safest way to wash double-walled mugs?

Ans: Put soapy water into the mug, and then use soft cotton to scrub the inside with slow circular motion.

2. What is a complete no-no with these mugs?

Ans: You should never submerge these mugs entirely in water. Wash them by pouring water from the outside.

3. Why are double-walled glasses good for coffee?

Ans: The double paneling of the glass allows the mug to have two different temperatures – the interior glass is to keep the liquid in its original temperature, while the exterior glass stays at room temperature so that you can pick it up and sip your drink while it’s properly hot/cold.

4. Are double-walled glasses-less fragile than single-pane ones?

Ans: Yes, the double layer of glasses makes the mugs safer in case of sudden force.

The space between the walls absorbs some of the impact force while deflecting the rest of it away.

Thus, such mugs are less likely to smash to pieces if dropped.

5. Why are these mugs so resilient to heat?

The borosilicate glass used to make these mugs are chemically adopted to resist thermal shocks.

On top of that, the double layer traps heat in between and helps to maintain the temperature.


If you are a coffee or tea enthusiast, we’re pretty sure you are very excited by now. We hope you found the best double walled coffee mugs for yourself and are already halfway through the ordering process at the moment.

Well, we get it. Our love for coffee keeps us alive too. And we hope you come across many different flavors of coffee and tea in your life. Enjoy!

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