10 Best Keto Coffee Creamers for Weight Loss to Buy [Feb 2022]

Does a cup of black coffee get you running every day? Well, we think the number of people in the ‘black coffee’ boat is quite high! But don’t you miss the flavors and aroma?

Guess what, it certainly does happen a lot. And that’s understandable, given the fact that you only a cup of black coffee to get your motor running in the morning.

But if you still need some flavor in your cup of Joe, then a creamer can certainly help out. And if you are on a diet, then our review of the best coffee creamer for weight loss will help you out a lot.

Not only we are offering the best possible solutions available, but we are also enabling you to continue with your low carb, high-fat diet routine. With that said, let’s jump in and see what we have in store for you.

Best Coffee Creamer for Weight Los

Best Keto Coffee Creamer for Weight Loss Reviews

Now that you’ve had a look at some of the offerings, it’s time to take a deep dive. We certainly hope that you will choose one of these and put it on your wishlist.

1. Nutpods French Vanilla Unsweetened Dairy-Free Liquid Coffee Creamer

Nutpods French Vanilla Unsweetened Dairy-Free Liquid Coffee Creamer

What We liked Most?

When it comes to the best dairy-free creamer, we think the French vanilla coffee creamer from Nutpods takes the cake. With such a strong blend of products alongside strong and aggressive pricing, it’s really hard to find any other alternative. 


First of all, it’s a rich and vibrant coffee creamer which suits most recipes. Although there is no dairy and added sugars, the natural flavors mostly make up for it, offering richness on a very high scale. 

Then you have the coconut-infused creamer that is packed with natural additives. The natural additives usually suit all levels of users, keeping the body rejuvenated, also helping to contain the overall body sustainability. 

For those who are dealing with a ketogenic diet routine, such a coffee creamer with almond and coconut infusion is certainly a blessing. It’s not just great for keeping your weight and vitals in check, it’s also a decent option for travelers as well.


  • An unsweetened, rich and creamy coffee creamer.
  • It’s free from dairy additives and sugar, also perfect as best diabetics creamer.
  • Offers good overall experience for both sweet and savory options.
  • Approved for ketogenic diet users.
  • Features good shelf-ready packaging.


  • It may be a bit on the pricey side, of course, depending on what you’re looking for.

2. RapidFire Ketogenic Creamer – Best Keto Coffee Creamer

RapidFire Ketogenic Creamer Best Keto Coffee Creamer

What We liked Most?

When it comes to premium coffee creamers, the makers at RapidFire certainly have what it takes to beat the competition out of the water. Although there are some disputes regarding the volume, the formulation mostly makes up for it. As a matter of fact, there are very few products out there offering such consistency. 


The key strength of the RapidFire Ketogenic Creamer is within its formulation. You don’t just get the goodness of coconuts and the medium-chain triglyceride additives, the grass-fed butter powder offers a steady boost of fatty acids as well. 

This has a two-fold advantage. You get the proper revitalization of your body. Also, it’s not hard in your stomach, so you shouldn’t even worry about indigestion. 

Also, the infused Himalayan salt is highly instrumental when it comes to keeping the electrolyte balance in your body’s metabolism. Overall, for a serious user, it should get the job done.


  • The Himalayan pink salt infusion helps with better metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Its gluten and soy-free, decent for weight reduction and management.
  • A grass-fed powder offering good digestive capabilities.
  • A decent creamer for ketogenic weight loss.
  • Offers good aromatic flavors overall.


  • The volume may not be up to the mark for some users.
  • The flavor, though decent, could have been better. 

3. Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder – Keto Creamer

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder - Keto Creamer

What We liked Most?

We all know the benefits of medium-chain triglyceride additives when it comes to keeping the weight in check. And the Perfect Keto MCT oil powder features an abundance of it while maintaining a steady boost of other nutrients and features.


Thanks to the heavy infusion of MCTs, this dairy-free creamer offers itself as a convenient solution for the best coffee creamer for weight loss. Apart from that, the richness of the flavors is acceptable compared to some of the high-end brands out there. 

When it comes to the revitalization and sustainability of the human body, we think this no-carb, no-sugar coffee creamer is a solid choice. If you consider the pricing and the convenience it offers, I guess it serves itself as a pretty potent option. 


  • Offers great purity, with close to a 100% MCT oil involvement.
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful fillers, good for people dealing with weight loss.
  • Coconut-derived formula with 70% C8, 30% C10 combination, a standard formulation for top manufacturers.
  • Helps with energy sustainability and metabolism.
  • Features zero carbs and sugar footprint.


  • It does have clumping issues at times.

4. Aspen Natural Keto Protein Powder

Aspen Natural Keto Protein Powder

What We liked Most?

If you are thinking of getting double value, then the Aspen Natural Keto Protein Powder can come to your aid. The fact that you are getting a 2-in-1 solution for the money is certainly a steal. 


First of all, you will find that this protein powder is packed with MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides. Also, the collagen peptides add additional value to this coffee creamer, offering rejuvenation and sustainability. Overall, the bodily benefits of this creamer are well worth it. 

Also, if you look past the beautification and rejuvenation, you will find that this coffee creamer does adapt to various recipes without leaving any bad taste behind. So, this product should be enough to keep you rejuvenated while keeping your weight in check. 


  • Features a high-quality concoction that allows better gastrointestinal functionality.
  • A convenient creamer for on-the-go coffee brewing.
  • It helps with Ketosis and rejuvenation.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of recipes.
  • No bad aftertaste.


  • May get a bit chalky while mixing.

5. Califia Farms Hazelnut Almond Milk Coffee Creamer With Coconut Cream

Califia Farms Hazelnut Almond Milk Coffee Crea

What We liked Most?

The folks who are anxious about their weight, but don’t want any compromise with taste can certainly go for the Califia Farms coffee creamer. When it comes to overall convenience, especially while keeping the taste intact, then there is no better alternative. 


Before taking any other feature into account, let’s consider the flavor first. For a coffee creamer that is free of hydrogenated oils and other artifacts to produce such natural flavors is truly remarkable.

The creaminess and taste can even beat some of the top tier products out there. Other than that, you are getting a pretty standard dairy-free creamer which can also adapt to various recipes.

All in all, if maintaining a low carb diet is a priority while getting a splendid taste, then this is an option for you. 


  • The creaminess and the hazelnut-infused taste are top-notch. 
  • Offers good aftertaste in a wide range of recipes.
  • Only a 15-gram calorie count per serving.
  • No added sweeteners or chemical additives.
  • A flavorful dairy-free creamer.


  • There is a mild lumping problem. 
  • Smoothness is an issue.

6. Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer Unsweetened

Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer Unsweetened

What We liked Most?

The makers at Laird Superfood have implemented a different type of formulation when it comes to the best coffee creamers for weight loss. So if you are looking for something different that can make a drastic change in your life, then this is the option to choose. 


When you think of low-carb diet, basically collagen peptides, MCTs and coconut milk comes to mind. But Laird Superfood has something else going on in their coffee creamers. 

For starters, the inclusion of Aquamin algae makes this coffee creamer much more robust. It’s not just packed with minerals, it also binds itself to the formula, adding an extra dimension of taste.

And that’s basically it. Other than the addition of sea algae, you are getting a pretty balanced creamer that keeps your body in tip-top shape.

And that’s without compromising much of the taste of course. So, if you are looking for something different, yet effective, then you can certainly go for it. 


  • Features plant-based fuel ingredients e.g. extra virgin coconut oil.
  • A gluten-free coffee creamer with satisfying flavors. 
  • Features sea algae packed with healthy minerals.
  • Helps with sustainability and rejuvenation.
  • A decent choice for low-sugar diets.


  • A better balance in taste would have been better.

7. Nutpods Hazelnut Dairy-Free Creamer

7. Nutpods Hazelnut Dairy-Free Creamer

What We liked Most?

The Nutpods Hazelnut creamer is more of a value-oriented product. So, if you are someone who is on a tight budget, but needs a touch of taste, then you can certainly go for it. 


When it comes to Nutpods, then you can expect something that makes sense. And this hazelnut creamer is no exception. You are getting all the necessary things you’re looking for like MCT infusion and presence of natural additives. 

Well, you are getting all of it in abundance, without breaking the bank of course. So, if you are thinking of getting a base level coffee creamer that gets all the basics right, then you should probably save it for consideration. 


  • An acceptable coffee creamer with balanced flavors.
  • Compatible with various recipes.
  • Helps with a low-sugar diet.
  • A decent value product overall.


  • The richness of the flavor is questionable.

8. Quest Nutrition MCT Powder Oil

Quest Nutrition MCT Powder Oil

What We liked Most?

The Quest Nutrition MCT powder oil is known for its abundance of fatty acids, offering better digestive capabilities. Overall, this MCT powder oil is well-suited for those who are looking for a solid creamer that doesn’t hurt digestion. 


First of all, the integrated fatty acids infused within the formula does make a very good for this best weight loss coffee creamer. Due to the boost of fatty acids, your digestion system remains fully functional, keeping your body metabolism in perfect order. 

Other than that, you are getting all the basic functionalities that you will probably get with some of the high-end brands out there. It should be more than enough for the average consumers out there. 


  • Features good compatibility with various coffee brews.
  • Features a hefty amount of fatty acid boost.
  • No difficulty with digestion whatsoever.
  • The flavor is acceptable nonetheless.


  • There is a hint of dairy additive, which is a letdown for most people.

9. MCT Oil Powder for Ketogenic Diet

MCT Oil Powder for Ketogenic Diet

What We liked Most?

The MCT Oil Powder from Opportuniteas is one of those rare options for the best coffee creamers for weight loss that can also maintain bodily vigor. The formulation along with the added usability factors make it a very healthy option to go for.


First of all, if you are looking for a solution that takes care of your weight loss criterion while also keeping your body in complete working order, then this option should be plenty for you. 

This best non dairy coffee creamer is more than suitable for the mainstream user to keep working on a ketogenic diet without any afterthoughts. And this is all that sums up this product.


  • A good option to burn body fat and increase sustainability at the same time.
  • Features a good blend of MCT oil and food fibers.
  • Easy on the stomach, helps with rejuvenation. 
  • A great option for travelers as well.
  • The creaminess is right on point.


  • It may feel a bit high-end for some folks.

10. RapidFire Ketogenic Fair Trade Instant Keto Coffee Mix

RapidFire Ketogenic Fair Trade Instant Keto Coffee Mix

What We liked Most?

For the folks who are looking for a quick and easy solution, the RapidFire Ketogenic Coffee Mix is probably one of the best solutions out there. Apart from having all the necessary knick-knacks, you are getting a proper solution that can keep your body and taste buds happy. 


With this great ketogenic coffee creamer from RapidFire, you can pretty much expect features with a hint of professionalism. You are getting a healthy dose of coconut and MCTs. 

Also, the grass-fed butter powder and Himalayan salt make all the difference- as they offer better rejuvenation and digestion capabilities. And that’s all that matters.

You see if you are looking for a best weight loss coffee creamers that keeps your body weight stable while improving your metabolism, then it is probably nice to go with it. And that’s the case we are trying to make.


  • It’s rich with MCTs along with a healthy boost of fatty acids.
  • One of the quickest coffee creamers out there.
  • Instrumental in keeping the body energized.
  • Keeps the creamy organic taste alive.
  • Perfect for the folks on a diet.


  • The volume isn’t great for the price.
  • The flavors could have been better.

Factor To Consider Before Buying a Coffee Creamer for Weight Loss

This section in the the best creamers for weight loss review deals with a few key pointers that may help you in making a better purchase decision. You see, with products like these, you can’t go with the typical way of suggesting things. 

When it comes to coffee creamers, it’s better to keep an eye on the ingredients themselves. So, let’s have a look at the ingredients you should be focusing on:

Going with coconut is wise

Coconut oil doesn’t just aid in weight loss alone. As a matter of fact, it has medicinal properties to reduce heart diseases. And we are talking long-term here. 

MCT oil helps with sustainability

MCT oil, although a derivative of coconut has superior capabilities when it comes to your overall height. Not only does it help you keep your weight in check, but you also get a good boost in increasing your immune capabilities. 

Other than that, not only are you getting the assurance of good brain functionality, you also gain the ability to sustain energy better throughout the day. 

Peptide additives and natural extracts are a bonus

Collagen peptides come as a catalyst that induces faster protein synthesis. And this plays a major role in the rejuvenation of the human body while maintaining weight. 

Natural flavors are more appreciable when it comes to weight loss coffee creamers. They concede no harm and keep things in proper business order. So far we’ve seen what helps. Now let’s look at the ingredients when you are dealing with a ketogenic diet routine.    

Things to avoid at all costs

Non-dairy creamers can certainly mess with your digestive system, compelling you to change course in your diet plan. Also, skim and low-fat milk can play a role in storing fat, something you should avoid at all costs. 

Last but not least, keep your sugar levels as low as possible. You must pay special attention when it comes to sugar and sweeteners. Avoiding sugar will result in less fat storage. And this will allow less fat storage, keeping you on track with your diet plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s have a look at some common questions when it comes to the good coffee creamers for weight loss.

1. Are non-dairy and dairy-free creamers the same?

It all depends on the lactose content. If your coffee creamer is lactose-free, then it is non-dairy, not dairy-free. You see, with the dairy-free product, you find plants and nut-induced products. It is clearly important for those dealing with dairy allergies and relevant health conditions.

2. Is frothing easy with Nutpods?

It depends. If you store and cool the Nutpods properly, then it is certainly possible to have a nice flavorsome cup of cappuccino while maintaining a diet routine.

3. Can I use my creamer with a cold beverage?

You certainly can. But you may want to use a creamer with a hot cup of coffee instead. With hot coffee, mostly any creamer you deal with will dissolve quickly.
With cold coffee, you have two disadvantages. First of all, the creamer often takes time to dissolve. Second, you are going towards weight gain if you’re not careful.

4. Why is the ‘natural’ tag so important?

Natural products with no added chemical has two advantages. First of all, they generally don’t cause any sort of indigestion problem. In short, there’s no problem with suitability.
Also, there’s also no risk of additional weight gain. All in all, it is a must to go with a natural coffee creamer rather than one with too many chemical additives.

Final Verdict

Managing your diet and having a sense of taste in your daily cup of coffee is like having your feet into two different boats. But, from this review of the best coffee creamer for weight loss, you will find that it is certainly manageable. 

Throughout the review of the best weight loss coffee creamers, we’ve offered you an abundant number of options. Each has a set of features, with some minor snags of course. 

And that is where you come in. You need to choose which of the offerings is best for you. Good luck and happy hunting!

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